Saturday, February 10, 2007

Curry & Onion Skin Dyed

Today while I was cooking for dinner, I have dyed the cloth again!
This time I used Curry Powder and Onion Skins to dye. Sounds strange???
I have done this before I've got an e-mail about the detail of dying from my French friend Domy, so this process was just my own way, though!

Here it is, Curry Powder Hand-dyed,
How is this?

Actually it's more deep Yellow.
I'd like to ask you again, what kind of design suit this yellow cloth?

The process is the same as yesterday, and I soaked the cloth for about 10-15 minutes this time.The cloth I used is Ivory Aida...

And here is Onion Skin Hand-dyed,I really really like this, am very satisfied with this result!!!
What do you think about this color? Beautiful isn't it?! I didn't expect this turned out beautifully like this!

The process is the same as yesterday, and I soaked the cloth for about 10-15 minutes.
The cloth I used is very light beige Java-Cloth.

It's really fun to dye cloths, I was very excited to see the result!
From now on I can dye cloths for myself, and don't need to order from overseas anymore!
Wow, sounds great! Yeah!


Kim said...

I LOVE your hand dyed fabrics! I have tried tea dying before but never got good results like you have. I will have to give it a go again. :D

I would NEVER have thought of using curry powder to get that beautiful yellow color. But I have to ask about the onion skin, is it a powder??? I wouldn't have thought that onion could translate into a color. I am dying of curiousity. And I am definately going to give your tea and curry dying techniques a try for myself. Thanks for sharing!!

Domy said...

Congratulations !!! It's very nice !!!
As my post arrived, you ran in your kitchen to dye your fabric !! My explanations were correct waouh !!! I'm very proud of that !!!! I'm sure you will translate my receips for your Japanese friends, they'll love it !! Imagine with all the money you'll win doing your hand dyed fabrics, you 'll buy more and more charts !!!! hi,hi,hi !!!
Be happy ! !
XXX Domy

Shell said...

your dyed fabric looks great,just think of all the money you will save to spend on other stash.

Rosa Tom said...

Nicely done again!!!
I love the onion skin fabric.
you can see my blog at

Joei said...

Thanks for sharing. I love the results of your own hand-dyed fabrics. Keep it up!