Friday, March 06, 2009

Finally arrived and some gifts

Hello all, how are you doing?
I still have been unwell, but have been visiting doctors and have been having many tests to find out what's wrong in my body.
But when I feel better, I am stitching a little by little, although a few lines a day!

By the way, finally I received my threads and linen for Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler SAL!
I don't know when I will be able to start it, but I'm so happy to have them with me!
Here are my threads and linen!

Silk threads of Vikki Clayton (Yellow Spice #4167) from Hand Dyed Fibers and the linen is from Silkweaver 36ct Edinburgh (Sandcastle).
I hope this combination will look like the sample photo of the chart! :)

And here is the photo of the Giveaway gift from Susan. She sent me so many lovely charts as her giveaway gift!
Already my son found one from Just Nan and asked me to stitch hedgehog!
Thank you so much, Susan! I really appreciate for your kindness!

And here is a beautiful postcard from Zirzyle in Lithuania!
I sent her an information map of my hometown and she sent me this beautiful Lithuanian Castle's postcard!
I love to see the castles in other countries, and this beautiful castle made me so happy!
Thanks Zirzyle!

And here is another photos of my son cross stitching!
Now he can say "Cross Stitch" clearly, not "Cnoss Sketch" anymore, he asked me to let him stitch some last night.

Lovely chubby cheeks! I love his face line so much!
His cheeks are always prime target of my kiss kiss attack! :) So sweet!
He was very serious and concentrated on stitching.

And here is the result! Oh this time sweetie couldn't make "cross ( x )"... shame!

Nowadays, I'm trying to teach English to sweetie a little by little, but he exactly know the difference of Japanese and English.
So when I was talking on the phone with my friend Fiona in English, he asked me not to speak English because he can't understand what we were talking!
So actually I tried to teach him English some times before, but he refused...

But today I found a good way, as he loves Mickey Mouse so much, I tried to copy Mickey's voice as having Mickey's doll, then he was so happy and started to try to learn English with me (Mickey?)!
And told him, if he could speak English, he can speak to Auntie Carol (Carol R.) and Fiona who he loves so much!
It's so funny, but he always listen to Mickey, although when he doesn't like to brush his teeth, if Mickey asked him to brush them with him, he soon listen to him and do it!
Thank you Mickey Mouse for helping me a lot! lol

I have finished my dear friend's birthday present, and now am trying to start to work for SWAP.
Both are secret presents, so I can't share them at the moment...
So for a while, I won't be able to show you my stitching works, though I'm happy if you would visit my blog as always!
Thanks for stopping by!
Take care and have a lovely weekend.


Sheila said...

Those photos of your son learning to stitch are just adorable - he is concentrating so hard...and done such a good job too.
I do hope the doctors soon find out what is making you unwell and you will be back to feeling 100%.

valerie said...

Yuko, hope you start to feel better soon. The photos of your son cross stitching (or trying to) are just too cute!

Melissa said...

Yuko, your little guy looks so cute stitching. I think he might've inherited something from his mom!

I hope you feel better soon. And having lovely stash arrive in the mail must help a little! I hope Spring is starting to show up in Japan - do the cherry blossoms bloom yet? Maybe still a bit early?

Carla said...

Cute pic of your boy stitching :) He looks so concentrated!
Hope you're feeling better. take care!

Theresa said...

Your son is so cute!!!
I hope you can get well soon!!!!

Margaret said...

Yuko, your son is so cute and sweet! I can understand your wanting to kiss his cheeks -- they're wonderful! lol! I love your color choices for Beatrix Potter! And your stash - how lovely!

Hope you're feeling ok -- take care of yourself!

Laura said...

The picture of your little stitcher stitching is so adorable!!! I can't wait to see if he keeps it up as he grows older. Your giveaway prize that you won looks like fun! Glad you won!

Carol R said...

What lovely photos of sweetie doing his cross stitching - I'd like to kiss that sweet little face too - he is so adorable!

Love your fabric and thread choice for BP SAL!


Brigitte said...

What a nice give-away package from Susan. Enjoy all the wonderful goodies you've received.
Your BP will be very beautiful. I love the thread colour you chose for it.
Cute pictures of your little son showing his attempts on stitching.
I hope that the test will bring forward what's wrong with you so that the doctors can find the treatment that can make you feel better.

Nancy said...

Your linen and thread for Beatrix Potter are beautiful Yuko, and such lovely things you received from friends. Little Stitcher is hard at work making his x's!

I hope they find out what is wrong soon and you feel better!

Tammy said...

Great gift, and your boy is so adorable!!

Nina said...

:)) Your Sweetie is so cute and a talented boy :))

I love the color of the Vikki's thread you chose, your Quaker will be so beautiful!

The gift is adorable!!


angelasweby said...

Yuko :>)
You take the nicest photos and Tas is so photogenic. I can see why you want to keep kissing that gorgeous sweet cheek. In Cyprus, all the little old Greek ladies would be pinching it and smiling...haha! It's a sign of affection but the little children hate it...haha! He is concentrating so hard on his stitching. I'm sure his English will develop really quickly as it's a good age to pick up a second language!

I love your choice of colour for Beatrix. It really looks close to the original colour. It will look so lovely on that linen too.

Yuko I do hope that your health problems will begin to improve. As soon as the results come out the doctors will be able to prescribe the right course of treatment. I hope it will be soon :>)

You received a wonderful package from Susan. What a real treat.
Sending lots of warm wishes.

Julie said...

A lovely pic of sweetie stitching, he is concentrating so much.

Von said...

Sending you more good thoughts as the doctors try to find a diagnosis. May you be feeling better very soon.

Can't blame you for kissing that sweet plump cheek - it's irresistible!

Dovilė said...

your son just new stitcher, you'll have a help to you:)
I'm so surprise to seeing something from my country:)

Susan said...

Your son is adorable!

I'm glad the charts arrived safely!

Doris said...

your soon look so cute,and concentrate :D.
i hope you do feel better.

Jeanie said...

Hope you feel better soon. Your little boy is such a cutie ! Those cheeks !! Makes me want to kiss kiss them too :)

boci said...

Hi Yuko,
I have found you blog in Nina's list and trying to work (because I am in the office now), but can't stop reading you :)
I always loved Japanese culture (when I was a child I wanted to have Asian-looking baby later, when I will become a mom :)). Your little boy is so sweetie, I can understand the kiss-attacks, his got a must-kiss-face :D

Hope you will be better soon.

Lisa said...

I hope you are feeling better soon Yuko,
your little swetie is so cute, he looks like he is concentrating so hard
great giveaway goodies!

Rachel said...

By the way, where did you get your Beatrix Potter pattern? I can't seem to find anyone who sells it online!

Good luck on your SAL.+

flom said...

your son is so cut !

matilda said...

ciao yuko,
eccomi di nuovo a ringraziarti per un tutorial, quello delle "barchette sottobicchieri", se vuoi vederle le ho postate sul mio blog.
ciao matilda

In English
hello yuko, here new me of saying to you thanks for a tutorial: the " boat shape coaster" , if you want to see them I have mailed on mine blog. hello matilda

Anonymous said...

hello yuko !
my friend "claude" is coming soon in tokyo and she's looking for adresses ! can you help her ? and can you give me some good adresses for a "stitcher shopping" ?
thanks a lot for your answer and friendship from france :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yuko !
thanks a lot for your message !!!
may friend will be so happy with all those lovely adresses !
if you want something from france, ask it to me ! and i will give it to my friend for you ! it would be a pleasure !
have a nice (and pink) day ;o)
sunny friendship from south of france !