Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks Dear Friends! - Super Mail Day!!!

Hi, how are you doing?
I'm getting better than before, thanks to you all (I'll write about it later...)

Today was a Super Mail Day!!!
I received so many parcels from dear friends and my husband! How exciting day it was!
My sweetie also was so excited to see what's inside there!

So, first of all, here is a Bloganniversary Gift from
Loreta in Lithuania!!
I received her parcel safely in this morning.
She is my inspiration, as you know she is so talented lady and I'm always so admired by her wonderful works and ideas!!

So I couldn't believe that I've won for the drawing!!
What a lucky girl I am to be able to have her works with me!!
I was so thrilled to open the parcel from her...

Here they are! Beautiful notebook covered by beautiful stitched fabric by her, and also beautiful pincushion and fob!

I so love everything she sent me, here is a close up photo of stitched fabric, isn't this beautiful?!

And here is a pincushion which is stitched by over dyed thread and beaded.
This is also so beautiful and elegant!
My photos don't show them justice, so please visit her blog (
here) to see what I received from her.
I also love her professional photographs!!

Here is a fob, uhmmm... isn't it beautiful, too?!
I still can't believe that I can have her works!!

Here is a lovely card from her.
Thank you SO much, Loreta!
I'm so honored to have them with me, and I will treasure them!

And this afternoon, I received a big box from the US, it was from dear
She let me know that she sent me something good about a week ago, so I was also thrilled to open it so much!

Here are what she sent me and to sweetie, everything was wrapped beautifully like photo above!
She told me this is the belated Birthday Present for me!
We both couldn't send each other's Birthday Present on time, though "belated" is not bad at all!!

Once I unwrapped packages, beautiful things have appeared, and I sighed...
She gave me so many beautiful silk threads and over dyed threads!
The one was a beautiful hardcover book of pincushions!

And the other one was a needlebook that Nancy made for me!!
She stitched beautiful tulip on the cover and inside of the needle book is like this.
She stitched "Needles" one over one, and it's so beautifully stitched!!

She loves antiques, so she added beautiful antique handkerchief (I think)!
I think it must be valuable, thank you Nancy, you are so generous!

Here is a book of pincushions, they are SO lovely!!
I'm sure I will make some soon! I won't be able to resist to make them!!!
How sweet gift this is!

And... Nancy enclosed this sweet card, there was a word "Remember, you've got a friend who cares..." this was almost going to make me cry... and inside there was her message and also a word "I'm here whenever you need me!"...

Nancy, thank you SO very much for your warm heart, and thinking of me always.

I'm so touched by this wonderful gift and this card from you.
I'm so lucky to have you as my dear friend as I told you in the e-mail...

Oh I shouldn't forget, Nancy also sent a little picture book and toy cars for my sweetie!!
How kind she is!
When the parcel arrived, sweetie was having nap, so when he woke up I told him in whispers, "Sweetie, there are some gifts for you, can you find where they are???"
Sweetie looked around in the room, and found them and screamed (lol) as I expected!!
Now he is playing with them, he asked my mum to read a book, and told about gifts to his daddy on the phone!

Thank you so much dear friends, I'm always so touched by your words, gifts, thoughtful wishes.
I do really think that my sweetie and I are so happy and lucky parent and child!!!
Thank you always for thinking of us!!

Not today, but a few days ago I received lovely small gift from my dear friend in Japan!
She is also an inspirational friend of mine, she always make so pretty things!
This time she made me a lovely coin purse!

Isn't this so lovely?! I love her taste so much, always I saw her works, I admire for them and feel want to have more time stitching together in person!

Inside the purse, she used this soft and sweet flower printed fabric.
She told me it was a bit hard to make, but it looks just perfect!
Thank you so much always, dear my friend!!

And I received another parcel today from my husband.
He was in India for business trip this month.
In Jan. he went to Singapore, this month was in India, and he will be in China next month.
How busy men he is!

Anyways, so he and I installed Skype, and talked free on the net!
Actually I talked with my dear friend in the UK on Skype, and it was so fun!!

Here are some souvenirs from India that he sent me today.
Pink one is silk scarf, dark green one is hand embroidered table center, and box of incense sticks. Wooden toys are from his colleague in India for my son.
Thanks hubby!

Today was a really exciting day! I was watching WBC game on the TV and Japan won and go forward to the finals!!
The finals will be held tomorrow, vs. Korea!

Thanks for visiting + Take care!
Happy Stitching!!


Jane said...

Wow, how exciting for you Yuko! All such wonderful gifts. What a happy day you had. :)

Lady Blackbird said...

Lovely gifts! I enjoy reading your blog, it's so beautiful!

Pumpkin said...

Yuko, I'm happy to hear that you are starting to feel better :o) I look forward to hearing more.

What lovely gifts you received and I'm sure they warmed your heart :o)

Nancy said...

Hi Yuko! I am so happy that you like your gifts, and I am glad I made your little sweetie happy too! You are very special.

You received so many lovely gifts. Loreta does amazing work, and now I have bookmarked her blog so I can read it. The coin purse is very elegant. And, gifts from your husband are very exotic and lovely.

I am so glad you are feeling a little better! Hugs to you!

Deb said...

Wow! You've received some wonderful gifts. It must have felt like Christmas!!! And isn't Skype the best - it's the next best thing to being there!!!

Susimac said...

What a wonderful day you have had, all your gifts are so lovely.
Glad that you are feeling better too


Nina said...

Szia Yuko,

It is a wonderful thing to get these lovely gift in one day!! :)) How lucky you are :)
Your friends sent you beautiful presents!!


Christine said...

What a lot of wonderful gifts! Glad to hear you are feeling better

Carol R said...

Beautiful gifts for a beautiful lady!
We will speak on Skype again really soon.

Loreta said...

Yuko, I am so happy that you like my gift:)
All your gifts are wonderful!

acereta said...

Beautiful gifts, congratulations!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What beautiful presents you received. Glad you are feeling better.

Theresa said...

Wow!!!! Such wonderful gifts!!!!! I'm glad you are feeling better~~~
We almost went to see the game when they are in San Diego, but couldn't go at the last minute..... We did so bad in the game this year....... But I'm totally ruling for Japan~~

Jeanie said...

Thank you Yuko, for sharing your joy with us. The presents are so beautiful and your dh is so thoughtful :)

Ele said...

What a wonderful day for you Yuko and so beautiful gifts from the ladies!
Enjoy your presents very much

and have my greetings

Dovilė said...

amazing all presents:)

p.s. do you see:)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day! All these beautiful gifts came in the same time, it's just amazing :)
Congratulations, your presens are very very nice. You are really lucky girl :)
I'm very glad that you feel yourself much better :)

Siobhan said...

What lovely gifts, Yuko! Enjoy! I'm glad that you're feeling better.

Julie said...

Such lovely gifts, its so nice to hear you sounding much brighter.

angelasweby said...

what a wonderful happy post. I can hear the pleasure and the joy in your voice :>)
I am so glad you are feeling better. The rest is doing you a lot of good.

What a wonderful collection of packages you received. Congratulations on winning the giveaway. Loreta's stitching is beautiful.

Your package from Nancy is fantastic. What a lovely thoughtful lady she is. I love the pincushion book and the needlecase with the antique hankie is beautiful :>) Wow, what beautiful threads too!
I 'm so glad you are enjoying such lovely gifts - and Sweetie too!!
The little stitched purse is so pretty, what clever friends you have and finally, what a lovely caring gift from your DH! He's so busy but still took time to send you and Tass a lovely gift. I'm sure it meant a lot to you :>)
Warm hugs Angela

Cindy said...

What beautiful gifts! Glad to hear that you are feeling better :)

Janka said...

Congratulations Yuko! So many nice gifts! You will find something on my blog too.Please visit to

Brigitte said...

Yuko, you're a lucky girl. Such wonderful gifts from some great friends and your DH! It was certainly a lot of fun to unwrap everything. Enjoy all your goodies.
It's so good to read that you feel better!

staci said...

So many wonderful gifts Yuko! Enjoy!!!