Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mr. Spock Or Mr. Sweetie?

Recently Sweetie makes me surprise so much!
He catches many difficult words from our talk, TV, etc... and speaks so well!
When he saw this scene on the TV, he said "Oh, President Obama and Prime Minister Aso!", it made me very surprise! Actually it sounded like "President Ogaba" (lol)... and he continued, "President Ogaba is cool, because he can speak English!" (LOL)
Poor Sweetie, you should remember the name of new Prime Minister of Japan soon again, lol

He knows that I'm not well at the moment, so he cares of me so much.
He always asks me "How are you? if you are ill, you can eat my sweets, and you will get better soon!" and he gives me his sweets!! How sweet boy he is?!

Here is a photo (below) of him trying to wink! lol
This looks so naughty, doesn't it?

He likes to play with pigeons so much, though around our place there is nowhere like here, so we often go to Odawara where is about 1 hour from our place by car.
(This photo was taken before we came back to my home town.)

I don't know why, but he likes to pretend to be a puppy dog!
When he became like a puppy dog, he always try to behave like a baby and comes to me to be cuddled! So sweet! :)
Recently he didn't let me cut his hair at all, so his hair became long enough as boy, so a few days ago finally I cut his hair when he was not sleepy!
But he said "No more please!!" in the middle way of cutting, but it was cut squarely across the forehead and I was going to cut layered later, so I asked him let me do a little bit more, but he refused...

So I showed him mirror and asked "does this look OK???" as laughing, but he said "It's OK, no more!", so I gave up!
Now he looks like Mr. Spock! lol

I called him "Hi, Spock!" as joke, but he liked it (he doesn't know what the Spock is, of course!), and now he is saying "Mummy, I'm Spock!" lol

By the way, I was so excited by the final game of WBC yesterday!!! Japan won again! My mum, Sweetie and I screamed when they won!!! Well done and congratulations, SAMURAI Japan!!

Now I have been stitching "Ida Mae Crow" © Goode Huswife and it's nearly done!
So I hope I can show you the finished piece on the next post!

Take care and Happy stitching!
Thanks for visiting and your comments!


Brigitte said...

Such nice pictures from your little Sweetie. He's so cute.
I'm looking forward to seeing your Goode Huswife finish.

Nicole said...

Awe, your little boy is cute. It is funny the things they come up with. Are you teaching him English along with Japanese? That's great when children can learn two languages. Our kids know some spanish, but not a lot.

angelasweby said...

How lovely to see the Sweetie photo gallery :>) I can understand why you want to cuddle him all the time. I love his hair style - he suddenly looks really grown up :>) He really is a thoughtful and generous little boy. You must be proud of him!

Little children always hear much more than we realise - that is why we have the expression here: Little vessels have big ears...haha!

Congratulations on your team winning again and on nearly finishing your stitching. Can't wait to see it!
Lots of hugs, Yuko. Angela

Deb said...

Such cute pictures of your little boy. They're so sweet at that age. Am looking forward to seeing your Goode Huswife finish.

Margaret said...

Your sweetie is so cute! My son used to hate haircuts too. The only way I could get him to have one was to do it myself, and then only after it got way too long -- longer than your little boy's was! I can't wait to see Ida Mae Crow! I think that design is growing on me. :D

Julie said...

Lovely pics of little sweetie, he is growing up so quickly

Cindy F. said...

Adorable pics of ds!! He is just too cute!
Congrats on your award:)

Susan said...

Your son is such a little sweetheart! I bet you're a very proud momma!

Akila said...

Hello Yuko, great to hear you are getting better. I have missed so many of your posts. Somehow, my dashboard does not promt all updates on blogs I follow.
You are so lucky to have gotten soooo many lovely gifts. Each gift is wonderfully made. The coin purse and the pin cushion are definitely my fav. :)

Tammy said...

cute pics!

Theresa said...

Your boy is so sweet~~~~~ He is so smart!!!!
I cut my husband's hair the other day and it was so bad..... My husband keep telling me he doesn't mind, but I mind, cause I don't want to walk beside him now!!!! LOL
I watched the game the other day, and it was such a great game!!! I was so nervious!!! Ichiro is the best!!!!!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Your son is so cute! I gave my boys a couple of Spock-like haircuts when they were little too! Can't wait to see your Goode Huswife. I love her designs!

Anonymous said...

Hello Yuko, this is my first time in your blog and I like it! You have a very cute son!
I am about to start my first round of PIF and cannot find a button for my blog, could I use yours? Would you be so kind as to provide me with the code? My email address is
Thank you so much in advance,

Rachel said...

LOL I always love to read any stories you have about your family. Your son is adorable! Who would have thought that he knew who the prime minister of Japan was or President Obama?!

Thanks for sharing :)

Cindy said...

Your sweetie is way too cute! I really enjoy reading your stories :) I'm looking forward to seeing your Goode Huswife project.