Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Ida Mae Crow" - The Goode Huswife Finished

When the first time I saw this design online, I fell in love with this, and so when I found it at Japanese auction, I bought it immediately!
I love "The Goode Huswife" and have some charts, but it's the first time for me to stitch their design this time!
It was so fun to stitch this, the Symbol keys show that the crow is DMC #310 (black), but the sample photo doesn't look black at all, so I changed some colours!
I also changed flower colours as well. (I wrote the changes below of this post...)

I was unwell, but recently I have been doing better than before and this design made me very cheerful, so I could stitch this faster than usual.
I was thinking to use this frame for this in my mind, but I cut the fabric smaller, so I was worried if it fits for the frame, or I'd better to make mat for this, too?

But it just fitted perfectly, and I really love this result!
It turned so beautifully in this frame, I think!!
I'm so happy and satisfied of this!
I bought this frame on sale, and it was quite cheap! I was so lucky to found thid frame and had this in my stash!
I was also working on SWAP gift, and it was almost finish, but I don't think it's good enough, so I'm restarting to make one for my partner!
I hope it goes well at the end, and hope I will be able to post it in time!

By the way, thank you for your concern about my health, and sorry to have troubled you so much.
I have done all my check-up, and nothing wrong was found in my body.
So, come to the conclution, this symptons are all from the farmful side effect of my medicines that I have been taking so long, I was told.
I was suffering my backahe so much, but it has been better than before, so I can stitch nowadays! Thank god!

Slight fever is keeping me tired, but ces't la vie, the doctor told me that most of people who has been taking those medicines has been suffering kind of same symptons, so I should be patient until I will get better!
But thanks to all, I'm getting really better than before, I can't eat a lot at a time, but have been eating some many times in a day. I lost so many weights but I think I will be OK soon!

Thank you so much for your wishes, I really appreciate for your kind hearts!!
Thank you so very much everyone!

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Thanks for visiting and Happy Stitching!

"Ida Mae Crow" by The Goode Huswife © 2009
Fabric : 28ct Wichelt-Permin Linen (Desert Sand)
Thread : DMC (#310 -> #3799, #3829 -> #3826, #632 -> 3830)


Irene said...

Ida Mae Crow is wonderful and the frame is just perfect ! I didn't care for this design at first, but now the more I see it I love it.

Sharon said...

That looks gorgeous! Both finsh and framing!

Laura said...

Love your Ida Mae! I think the color changes you made were perfect and only made Miss Ida look much better! Glad to hear you are feeling better; but keep taking good care of yourself!

Bine said...

It is so good to hear that you are doing better. And nice to see you are stitching again.
I adore your Ida Mae Crow! She looks beautiful and your changes are awesome. Thanks for posting them. I have to go on a hunt for the chart. After seeing yours stitched up I have to have it :)
And the frame goes so well with her as if it was made for this design.
Take good care of yourself.

Theresa said...

This one is soooo cute!!!!! The frame is perfect for it~ I also love the colors, I think you did a wonderful job~

Jane said...

I love your crow finish! Colours look great and so beautifully framed. Well done, Yuko!!

Sheila said...

Glad to hear you are getting better and hope you will soon end all your medication.
Ida Mae looks wonderful and the frame is perfect for her :)

Polly said...

Nice design! I like the frame! Gorgeous!

Vaida said...

It's a lovely finish! And the frame fits just perfectly!

Get well, Yuko

Karoline said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Ida Mae is lovely, congratulations

Anonymous said...

I just love your Ida Mae! Color changes are very beautiful and the frame fits perfectly. Wonderful work! :)

Loreta said...

That looks so beautiful! I love the frame too!

Анна - Зонт said...

Ah! Such a wonderful bird!!! I love it! And the frame is beautiful!

Nina said...

Yuko, it is great work! Looks beautiful!!
The frame is soooo gorgeous, I love it :)

Sounds good you can stitch, fine! I hope you are better than before.
Take care!!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Beautiful finish, Yuko! I love your changes on Ida Mae! Glad you're feeling better.

Carol R said...

A perfect frame for a perfect stitch - well done Yuko!
I am happy to hear that you are feeling a little better.


Margaret said...

It's beautiful, Yuko! I just love that frame too! Congratulations on your finish. I'm so glad you're feeling better -- hope it continues!

Tammy said...

Yuko, I am in love with the crow! I have to put that one on my wish list today! She looks lovely in her frame!

Siobhan said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Ida Mae is just adorable. Congrats on a lovely finished & framed beauty!

Nicole said...

Yuko, it turned out beautiful! I love the frame! I really want to stitch this one next. I have it all kitted up. :) Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Dovilė said...

very nice work:) great framing:)

Julie said...

An adorable piece of stitching, so pretty and the frame is perfect.

pj said...

Yuko, so glad to hear you are feeling better and stitching again. Ida Crow is beautiful! Love the framing and color changes. It is a darling design and you made it your own!!! Good job. Hope to hear from you soon. pam

angelasweby said...

Hi there Yuko :>)
This is such a lovely piece of stitching and I really love the way you have framed it. What a great find that frame was. I think the colour changes are really successful. This little crow really has a character :>) What is she saying, I wonder LOL!

The test results are such good news. Just keep resting and let the fever settle.
Thinking of you, as always.
Hugs Angela

Melissa said...

Hi Yuko! Glad to hear the test results have been fine and at least you know the 'why'. Get rested up and feel better soon!

Ida Mae Crow looks great - your stitching and the framing! I have this in my stash and kitted up so hope to stitch it soon. Take care!

Ranae said...

Ida Mae Crow is beautiful. I love the color of the flowers.
The frame is perfect.

Andrea said...

Oh, your Ida Mae Crow is just gorgoeus!! I love it! Yours is the first one I've seen stitched up, it's better than the cover model!
Glad you're feeling take good care of yourself :-)

Nancy said...

Hi Yuko! Your Ida Mae Crow is lovely. She looks very beautiful in the frame you chose for her. I think she likes your color changes too! You did a beautiful job of stitching as always, and I am happy you were able to do it.

It is very good news that you are feeling better. Take care of yourself, and get the rest you need.

Rachel said...


Your crow design is great! I love the color changes :)

I'm glad you are feeling better! Hopefully you eventually won't have to take all those medicines forever!!

Take care ;) Thanks for sharing your gorgeous stitching!!

Jeanie said...

It is good to know you are better. Take care and have all the rest you need :)
Ida Mae Crow is gorgeous! Both finsh and framing are perfect :)

argone said...

it's such a cute and weird design ... you made it right !! congratulations and i'm pleased to hear good news about your health.

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your finish! That is such a cute and whimsical design.

It is good to hear that you finally have an answer to why you haven't felt well. Take care :)

Brigitte said...

Ida Mae Crow looks terrific. It's such a charming little design, so wonderfully stitched and framed. Congratulations!
I'm so glad to hear that the dorctors finally found out what you have. I hope it won't take too long until the rests of those medicines will be out of your system and you will feel fine again.

Sally said...

Ida Mae Crow looks wonderful, Yuok, and the frame is perfect! Such a beautiful finish.

I'm glad to hear you have finally found out what is causing your symptoms and I hope you will soon be fully well again. Take care.

Cindy F. said...

Oh Yuko! It makes my heart smile to see you stitching again:) Ida Mae Crow is beautiful and so is your frame!! Congrats on such a wonderful finish!
I'm so glad to hear dr's didn't find anything bad! Medicine side effects can make us feel worse and I hope yours will stop soon!

Susan said...

That is so cute, Yuko. I like the changes that you made, too.

I'm glad that the medical tests showed up fine. I hope that the medication issue can resolve itself. {{{hugs}}}

Diane said...

Ms. Ida Mae looks great! The frame is perfect for her.

I'm at the restitch phase of an exchange project, too. It's really disappointing when the finishing doesn't come out as one had envisioned. :(

Hope you're feeling well soon.

Mayumi.A said...



〝Ida Mae Crow〟ワンピースのドットがとてもかわいい♪
La-D-Daの〝This Is The Day〟を思い出しちゃったよ☆


Doris said...

beautiful stitching, i hope you feel better and better every day.

Carla said...

I'm not a big fan of crows, but this Mrs. Crow is so cute! The changes you made certainly made it more beautiful.

Well, we don't know each other, but even though, I'm happy that everything's ok with you. I do hope you always be healthy and happy, as your blog says.

valérie said...

So happy to comme back on your blog (very busy at this moment and vacations...)
Always so many and nice things stitched. Congratulations