Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shoshazan Engyo-ji Temple

Today we went to an Art and Craft Museum in our city as my mum's friend's teacher's ceramic art exhibition was held there, and we've got a tea-ceremony ticket and had green tea with his works of tea cup.
Green tea was quite bitter, but Sweetie had it and liked it and he was a very good boy then!
Oh you certainly are Japanese!
After that, we said good-bye to mum's friend as she had to go to discussion of her teacher, and also we wanted to go to Shosha-zan (Mt.Shosha) as there was an event at the mountain, and I wanted to visit my friend who was helping her friend's work today, so we off to go up there.

Here are some photos of the view from ropeway, aren't they nice view of country side?!
The red flowers on the first photo is cluster amaryllis.
To tell you the truth, shamefully I had never been to Shosha-zan and Engyo-ji temple where the filming of Last Samurai was held.
First of all, we had to board on ropeway to get to the mountain, and after we got off we had to walk so many kilometers...
We should have board minibus...
I understand why Tom Cruise appeared by his own helicopter for filming, lol
Here is a photo of us on the top of the mountain! whew...
By way of precaution, I'm not pregnant (lol), recently many of people asked me "Oh, second baby??" , "If are you pregnant??"
It's just I'm getting chubby because of the side effect of medicine!!!
Sweetie asked me "What's this mummy, your tummy is like a water melon!!"
Mummy was shocked by what you said, Sweetie!!

Here are some photos of Kannon. There were so many Kannons both side of the mountain path, though I took these two photos of Kannnon that I liked their face, they seemed very peaceful, I thought.

Here it is, finally we could arrive to the Engyo-ji temple, but when we arrived, the event which I was looking forward was finished...
What was that tiring mountain path!!! Silly me, I should have checked the time schedule!!!
So we reward Sweetie with a soft ice cream, and I had milk (lol, because I wanted to have coffee though, it wasn't cold at all!).
On the way back, it was a bit easy to go down, and there was a bell so Sweetie and I tried to toll it!
It was very nice sound, Sweetie was a bit surprised by a loud sound!
On the way back I took a twig that it will be used for cross stitch finishing someday, and maple leaf.
Next time I want to visit inside of Engyo-ji temple by all means!
But of course I will take a minibus next time!!!

Thank you for your visit!
I'm going to post cross stitch stuff next time with photos!
So please look forward to see them!

Take care and Happy Stitching!


Berit said...

Everything looks really beautiful, especially the delicious-looking tea. I suppose fall is coming to Japan, as well.

This year, I'm a bit sad to see summer go because it was so beautiful and not too hot this year.

Nancy said...

It looks like a very enjoyable day Yuko, even if you had a very long walk and the event was over. I agree that the countryside is very beautiful!

Carol R said...

Lovely photos Yuko - thanks for sharing!

Margaret said...

So beautiful! I'd love to visit Japan someday. By the way, you're not chubby! You should see me! lol! I loved the Last Samurai -- what a great movie that was!

Magia da Inês said...

Olá amiga!
Passei para rever seu cantinho e as novidades.
Gosto muito do seu trabalho.
É muito criativo, lindo e alegre!...
Espero você em:
Um ótimo dia!
Beijinhos carinhosos.
Itabira - Brasil

Nina said...

Japan should be a fantastic and beautiful place! I always see your photos long time and came back to see them again and again :) Wonderful photos, as always ;)


Doris said...

So beautiful photos! I'd love to back to Japan someday and see mountains, in Osaka we visit a lot of place, but i want to see the mountains. By the way, you are not chubby! oh,,if you can see me,,i am chubby!,big big big :D

Cindy said...

Looks like you had an awesome day!

angelasweby said...

What a beautiful tour of Mt Shosha and the surrounding countryside. my goodness you are all very energetic to walk all that way instead of taking the minibus.
Sweetie's comment about your tummy made me laugh. Children are not afraid to say exactly what they think...haha!But, you are definitely NOT chubby :>)
Warm hugs Angela

angelasweby said...
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Theresa said...

Amazing photos~~~~~ Looks like you had a very fun day!!!

Anonymous said...

I just added your feed to my favorites. I really enjoy reading your posts.