Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thanks, Tanya! "The Sampler Girl"

Hi, nowadays I'm quite well, maybe because I could make new friends and the weather is getting cool, I think!
But I had been in stitching slum for a long time, whatever I started stitching, I couldn't concentrate on at all.
Then started new design and stopped...
So I looked for something small in my stash and found these designs!

Here is "#3 Hope Perches" by The Sampler Girl, luckily I had recommended threads, too so I could start soon!
But recommended thread was quite different than the sample photo, so I changed birds colour.
I stitched on 32ct Belfast Vintage country mocha.

I have completely recovered as I could finish "#3 Hope Perches" soon, and so I started another design by "The Sampler Girl".
Here is "Sarah's Spring Sampler 1765", it was so fun to stitch and I became liking "The Sampler Girl" more and more!

Isn't this lovely?! I'm so looking forward to finish this!!
I stitched on 32ct Lambswool with DMC threads.

And the last one is "Jane Austen Book Bag", I wanted to make bankbooks bag with this design and fabrics, but I couldn't make it with my sewing ability...
I stitched on 32ct Flax linen with DMC threads. On the sample photo, a girl is wearing blue clothes and have pink flower, but I changed them opposite as the fabric I wanted to use was based pink.

Now I think I could get out of slump of stitching! Thanks, Tanya for such lovely designs!!
I have been working fall design now!
But I found that my dear friend is stitching Christmas Village by The Prairie Schooler which I had been wanted to stitch for a long time, so I may start it with her, don't know yet, though!

Here are the photos of daffodils Rain lily in my (mum's) garden.
I love flowers, they make me happy and cheerful!

My camera was quite strange recently, I couldn't see the thing clearly through lenz.

But! I found why it was, Sweetie was touching lenz with his dirty fingers!!!
So recent photos are not clear much, photos on this post, either...

Thanks for your visit and Take care!
Happy Stitching!


Nancy said...

Your stitching is lovely Yuko, and I love the girl in a pink dress! I love to stitch Tanya's designs too. They are so pleasant and her choice of colors is always so beautiful. Your mum's daffodils are gorgeous! She must have a beautiful garden.

Melissa said...

Beautiful stitching, Yuko, as always!

I have a question for you - the scissors in the third photo with "Jane Austen' - do you know the brand name and where you got it from? I saw it on another blog - french - so I couldn't ask the question. Thanks!

Nina said...

Oh, how lovely are these tiny charts! Well done, Yuko :)

Your Mom's garden is very beautiful I think - and she has a lot of fantastic flowers :)
Good to read you are fine!

Big hugs,

Carol R said...

Great finishes Yuko. I was not surprised you changed blue to pink - I know how you love pink? I like the scissors from the second picture - I already have those that Melissa is asking about - I got them from ebay!

The daffodils are beautiful - different from daffodils here in England.

Doris said...

lovely stitching Yuko.
oh, i love this phrase,this sentence is telling Captain Harville, to Anne Elliot, refers to such profound feelings of joy that gives back to see family after months of not seeing them for being at sea in duty.
i am fan of Jane Auten novel,specially Persuasion.

clob said...

so lovely stitching !!!!
and the whites daffodis in your mom's garden are so beautiful
have a good day

Cindy said...

Your stitching is wonderful! It is good that you are back to enjoying it.

The daffodils are beautiful, too! The ones that we have here only bloom in the very early spring.

Jade said...

Lovely stitching and beautiful flowers too! Don't worry about the photos, they are pretty clear, no fingerprints!

staci said...

Beautiful finishes Yuko! Tanya has such sweet designs. Glad that you are feeling better and out of your stitching slump!!!

Tanya said...

All are lovely, Yuko!!! The pictures are gorgeous. I can post them on my blog if you want. Let me know!


angelasweby said...

Lovely stitching Yuko. The colours are so soft and gentle. I love small pieces like this. they are like Haiku poetry, they capture a whole world with just a few words :>) Your stitching is like a Haiku :>) Such pretty scissors too.

The daffodils are beautiful. I love white flowers. Your mum's garden must bedelightful.
Warm hugs Angela

Patti said...

As usual Yuko, gorgeous stitching. I am so glad that you are feeling better and have made some friends. Love Patti xxx

Catherine said...

nice stitching Yuko,keep catherinexxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful SG finishes Yuko - really really lovely :D

JOLENE said...

I love the saying about "hope" it's just beautiful as is your stitchery. I love flowers also, they make me smile, thanks for sharing.

Theresa said...

Beautiful stitches!!!!!I'm glad to see you stitching again~~~

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

I saw these at Tanya's blog, Yuko -- they're lovely!!

mayumi said...

Hi Yuko~☆
体調良さそうですね♪ 良かった!!
私はまだ未経験かな!? ステッチとキルト両方やっているけど



Rachel said...

Yuko, I love your Tanya designs! She has some fabulous pieces! I can't wait to see how you finish them.

I'm glad you got your stitching groove back!

Have a great day ^____^

Judit said...

Hi Yuko, your Jane Austen book bag will be fantastic!! I love Jane Austen's novels, and ctross stiching, so I would like to make this bag too.
Would you send this cross stich pattern to me??
Have a nice weekend!
Judit from Hungary

Vinniey said...

Nice and lovely blog, Yuko. I added your blog into my blog link. :) Cheers! Vinniey