Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Present FROM Nina!

On the last Saturday, postman rung the door bell and he had a box for me in his hand!
It was from my dearest friend Nina in Hungary!
I was told from her that she sent me a parcel, so I was so pleased and happy that I could receive it safely!
Once I opened the box, her parcel smelled very fragrantly.
There were Marcipanos (Marcipan) and a parcel that was wrapped with chocolate picture paper!
I was so thrilled to open them, especially the one was wrapped with chocolate paper!

I always think that the parcel from abroad smells so nice always, but how about from Japan, my friends? Do they smell soy sauce??

Wow, she spoiled me again, she sent me hand dyed linen by her, hand dyed threads, and very lovely wee chart (w/buttons) from Heart in HAND that the title is "friendship endures", how nice it is!
And I shouldn't forget, of course I don't forget to share you her perfect work!

Isn't this ornament so sweet?! She stitched from CCN's one of series "Cupcake" and added three Spider Web Roses on this ornament as she likes it, as well as I do!
As always her work is so perfect and very neat, I want to show you her works IRL!
And from all her items, we smelt so nice, Sweetie was like a dog, he kept saying "Where does this nice smell come from" and kept doing sniff-sniff (lol)!

On the back side, she stitched "Happy birthday Yuko" and added heart charm, how sweet of her!
Thank you SO SO much Nina, as always you care of me, and your warm and kind heart!

I love her sweet heart, it touches me always, Thank you Nina!
As soon as I have got time, I want to stitch wee design that you gave me!!

Here they are, Marcipanos! Yummy yummy photo, isn't it?!
I've heard of just a name of Marcipanos before, but haven't had them before.

When Nina sent me exchange piece, she added lovely elephant shaped Marcipanos for my Sweetie, but we couldn't eat him, he is still there in our dining room!
But this time, we couldn't resist to eat them, I cut them and we ate them all together!

Mmmmm, Yum! We were very satisfied very much, they were so nice with coffee!
My auntie came when we were eating Marcipanos, then she ate them and she also said "Yum", so we shared some for her, too!

But there is still some left, he he he from now I will have them with coffee again!

Today, I found beautiful Cosmos on the middle way of Preschool, so after I came home I took camera out and took this photo.
I have a single-lens reflex camera, but have never used it before, so I should read a manual and take more beautiful photos!

P.S Flower photos that I posted on the last post werer not daffoil!!!
My mum laught at me so much, it's called Rain lily! Sorry for my poor knowledge, lol

Thank you for your visit and Take care!
Happy Stitching!


JOLENE said...

Isn't it fun to be spoiled! How sweet of Nina to send you such lovely gifts. Your comment was so funny about whether packages from Japan smell like soy sauce!!!! I really needed that chuckle! I bet the marcipanos was delish....too bad we can't smell through the computer......better yet taste.

Theresa said...

Such a wonderful package from Nina!!!! Those Marcipanos do look delicious~~~~

Nina said...

DEar Yuko,

I am so happy this parcel arrived safely!
And also glad you like it, not a big present but made with a lot of love!
Happy birthday my friend!

By the way your pack had spicy smell :)
And I still have some spices from you, my Daddy asked me to give him a bit so next time we will visit my parents will make a japanese or chinese dinner for us :))) And think of you all time I see the spices! Smells good :)

Enjoy your day!


Christine said...

What a beautiful gift

Anonymous said...

Exquisite gift from Nina - her stitching and finishing is always awesome! :D

angelasweby said...
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angelasweby said...

Wow Yuko,
What lovely gifts. I love marzipan and these marcipanos look so delicious. Really soft and rich...hmmm, but, the cupcake looks pretty yummy too :>) What lovely colours and the spider roses are perfect for it.
I have seen Nina's beautiful hand dyed linen and threads on her blog, she is a very talented lady :>)
The cosmos is so pretty. You take beautiful photos.
Hugs Angela

Nancy said...

The gift from Nina is lovely! She stitched it so beautifully with the spider web roses. Very pretty work! The marzipan looks delicious.

Unknown said...

what a lovely gifts!!

Dorothy said...

Yuko, those Marcipanos look delicious! Such lovely gifts from Nina.
The photo of the Cosmos is lovely, you take such wonderful photos.

Márti said...

Happy birthday Yuko!!! Beautiful gift!!!

Cindy said...

What a wonderful gift! The stitching is beautiful, and the sweets look awesome :)