Sunday, March 21, 2010

He is safe, but I am...

Hi everyone, thank you for concerning about Tass.
I received so many messages, e-mails etc... I really appreciate for your kindess.

Finally he got well from yesterday, at that night that the day I posted the last one, we went to emergency hospital as his fever wasn't ordinary, and a doctor said the treatment that Tass has been having doesn't right for this sick, but Japanese emergency hospital is just for the first aid, so the doctor couldn't do anything, just gave me antifebriles.

But his fever didn't go down a day after either, so I called emergency hospital to tell me the doctor's name who gave me good advices at that night, but they didn't tell me who it was as they say it's the rule.
That's nonsence, so I tried so many times to ask who it was, but they never told me about it, so finally I got angry with her who was on the phone, and told her "You shouldn't decide oneself, you should talk about this issue with everyone where there are, you can hold a meeting or whatever from now, I will wait, so give me a dicision later, because if his fever doesn't go down, he might die!!!"
And finally I could hear who it was, actually phone call was from a doctor himself!
As always Japanese isn't depending on the circumstances at all... always says rules, manuals, etc...

The doctor was the pediatrician who has own hospital near by.
So we went there soon, and he totally different examine and gave us totally different medicines.
Then, Tass's fever went down soon!!!
His hard cough and running nose also disapeared!!
He also suggested to go to otolaryngology to check his ears and nose, then we went there, Sinusitis was found in his nose...

If his fever didn't go down, he had to be hospitalized again...
Thank doctor, and thank god, and thank everyone who prayd for him!

But!! Instead of him recover, I've got his virus...

Soon I went to hospital and had medicines, so I hope my sick won't be more bad...
I have headache, one block nose, one running nose (lol), cough, fever, diarrhea, etc... everything he had!!
Have to go to bed, but I just wanted to let you know how he is now, as they all were worried about him.

Thank you so much for your warm heart.

I hope I will be able to be good health in a few days, as I have to work for scissors.
In Japan tomorrow (22nd) is public holiday, so post office is closed, so if I'm OK, I will send them on Tuesday.

Thank you for stopping by.
Bye for now,

[Edited on 22nd of March]
Today he said, he has ear-ache, so we went to emergency hospital again, and the result was an inflmmation of the middle ear, and he had treat... he cried, but now he is fine!

Actually I have been suffering ears problem "Patulous Eustachian Tube" for 5 years, and the other day when Tass went to an otolaryngology I had treat of it, but it was TOO much pain!!!
I couldn't move for a while as squatted down on the chair...
I'm sure even adlut male might cry!!!


Margaret said...

Oh poor Yuko! I hope you're feeling better fast. Take it easy! You need to take care of yourself.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

I'm so glad little Tass is better but am so sorry you're sick. Feel better soon, Yuko!

Stef said...

I'm glad that your little Tass is feeling better and hope you are on the mend soon - feeling sick is no fun, take care!

Irene said...

Glad to hear Tass is beter, hope you get well soon.

Blyn said...

So glad to here that he is better. I hope you will be better quickly since you know what it is...and have medicine! Take care and get well soon!:0)

Nancy said...

It is very good news that Tass is better now! I am so sorry you are feeling sick Yuko. I hope the medicine will make you feel better very soon! I think of you and Tass so much.

Berit said...

You worry too much about being conscientious; I'm not waiting on an order now, but I did order before and I can say I wouldn't have minded.

How scary that you had to be so aggressive to get them to give you this information! And good that you finally heard the answer!

Please rest well and recover soon--we love seeing your work here!

Nina said...

OMG! Yuko, I'm always thinking of you and Tass, and I'm happy to read he is feeling better! I'm sorry to hear you are sick! I hope both of you will feel better very soon! Keep my fingers crosed!

Susimac said...

Glad that Tass is getting better, thats good news. Hope that you feel better soon yourself - take care

Hugs Su x

Jane said...

That's good news Tass is getting better, but sorry that you're not well now. Please take care Yuko, and rest up.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

It seems we (mothers) can tolerate whatever is given to us as long as our baby is OK. I'm glad your Tass is better, but take care of yourself, too!

Pilar said...

I am glad that Tass is much better. Take care yourself Yuko. For influenza virus only you can take anti-inflammatories. Drink a lot ( tea, orange juice, consome ) and do not forget to eat.
I would like you recover soon.
Hugs and kisses

Sherri said...

So glad he is better. Take good care of him (and yourself!!). Get well soon.

angelasweby said...

Oh dear Yuko,
What a bad time it has been for both you and Tass. i can imagine you were so worried. When our children are ill, we cannot rest or relax. Thank goodness he is getting better but I'm sorry to that you felt so ill as well.
I hope that you both begin to feel better soon. Just rest and get strong again. I don't think anyone will mind if their scissors are a little bit late :>)
Good wishes Angela

Isobel -Argante- said...

Dear Yuko
I'm glad that lovely Tass is feeling better, I can imagine you were so worried..
but I'm also sorry that you're not well now. Please take care Yuko.
A great hug


mademoiselle h. said...

Hi Yuko, glad to hear that your son is getting better. Maybe you can concentrate on Tass first, I think the bloggers will under about the delay.
Warmest wishes to you & your family
from Hong Kong

Carol R said...

I'm pleased to hear that Tass is feeling better. Not such good news that you are now unwell! Get well soon Yuko!

Vinniey said...

Oh poor Tass, {{{Hugs}}} thank god he is ok now. Kids are dangerous if fever don't go down. Hope you will totally recover soon. Don't worry about the scissors, no hurry, I can't wait very very patiently. You need to rest more, your health is very important. Hope to hear from you again and telling us that you and Tass are very well and be strong again. :)

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry to hear about you and Tass, and I hope you're BOTH much better soon. It's such a scary thing to not know what's wrong with your child and feel unable to fix it. Big hugs coming your way!

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Wow.....I am so sorry that you are not feeling well now especially with your ear and Tass sure have been through alot...I will keep both of you in my prayers. I am glad that Tass is getting better. I miss seeing your stitching progress.

Take care & Get well

Peonies & Magnolias said...

What a horrible time you both have had. I hope you and Tass are both continuing to get better and better every day.


Deb said...

I hope that both of you get better soon. My son had all kinds of problems with his ears and they finally had to put tubes in them twice. He used to cry so much when it got really bad and one time his ear drum burst. I know what you're going through and you have my best thoughts that both you and Tass get better soon.

ElBosquedeSara said...

Ooooooooo it's nice to hear that Tass is getting better!! Take care Yuko!!.
Hugs. Anahí

Gerry said...

Dear Yuko,
I am glad that your boy is getting well. So sorry to read that you are not feeling so good. I wish you a soon recovery.

Sally said...

I am happy to read that your son is getting better and I hope you will soon feel well again too.

Roberta said...

Yuko, sorry to hear that you are not well, but glad to hear that Tass is much better.

Feel well soon.


Dorothy said...

Dear Yuko, I'm glad to read that Tass is feeling better, but I'm sorry that you're not well now. Take care of yourself and get as much rest as you can. Hope you're feeling better soon. Hugs

Paulette said...

Oh Yuko! I am so sorry for all you've been through recently! Poor Tass... and poor you!! :( I'm sending you big hugs from Nebraska.


Unknown said...

I hope you feel better, hugs from Italy

Unknown said...

I hope you feel better, hugs from Italy

Anonymous said...

You are in my heart. All my love
to you and Tass.

Anna Zont said...

I am glad that Tass is getting better!
Hope that you feel better soon yourself!!!

Srinity said...

I hope you both feel better now. I wanted to come and say thank you for the scissors. I got them ages ago but forgot to tell that they arrived safely and I love them! :)
-Sari from Finland-

Isobel -Argante- said...

Dear Yuko, how are you? I hope you will be better in a while...


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titti58 said...

Dear Yuko
I find your blog on my friend's blog: it is beautiful!!
I hope you will be better and also your son Tass.
You realize good works :-)
best wishes and kisses
titti from Italy

Gladys Creativa said...

Hello Yuko,

I'm glad your baby is better!
Keep in faith!
I send a big hug!!!!
regards from Spain!

Anonymous said...

Yuko,honey, how are you my dear? how is Tass? drop some lines please.
All my love