Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2010 Mama's Stitching Group Meeting!

Hello, I have forgotten to post our "Mama's stitchin' group"s photos last year!
Since I've mentioned last June, we've started and have been working this "stitchin' group", it's been 7 months now! Wow!
It's so fun to stitch along, chat and have sweets together.
We decided to gather at least twice a month to stitch and chat together!

This time was three friends altogether who could gather, though usually we have 5 members altogether, stitching with tea!

And then, this time (photo below) was "stitch'n group's omelet party" that I held at my house!
The reason why I held this party is, my friends had doubts about my household that they think that I haven't been doing household at all, (LOL), so I held this party to clear my suspicion! haha!

Here is a photo of mushroom omelet (cream sauce) that I'm good at cooking!
But actually at the first try, I burned mushrooms as I was asked about something cross stitch, and totally had forgotten that I was cooking, and so re-tried to cook it (lol)
Everyone was laughing, especially my mum!!!
But, it was taste good and they seemed very happy!! :D

This green-tea cake was made by my friend for dessert!
Thanks a lot!! :D

And here is my friend's work (© Homespun Elegance)!
She likes "Cosmo Congress (like Aida, but very soft)", and always uses it.
One of member is using Linen now, but other members are using "Cosmo Congress" as they say it's the most easy to manage!"

I will take photos of my friends' (members) works, and will share them one day in the near future!
I should finish something and have to update my blog with stitch topics!! :D

Take care and have a lovely week!

Thank you for your visit!


Lee Albrecht said...

É sempre bom ver pessoas bordando.
Um feliz Ano novo!!

Berit said...

Wow! Looks like fun, and also your omelette looks so delicious!

They shouldn't laugh so much that they distracted you and so you burned it--good thing you had extra ingredients.

I had to smile because it looks like the group has a uniform of heather gray from that photo! :D Also, that home is so clean! o_o

It seems like Japanese people overall keep very clean homes (Wonderful!). Whenever I watch videos of Maru (a.k.a. "box cat") I'm also impressed by the cleanliness. It seems like many Japanese people are very good at not cluttering their homes with too many things and also keeping their floors shiny I so admire this!

You can see my favorite video of Maru here:

Looking forward to seeing your new works; thanks for sharing the story of your group with us! :)

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Your stitching group looks fun, it's always nice to stitch with friends. Yummy food by the way!

Theresa said...

A stitching group!! How fun!!! The stitching looks very nice, and the food look even better!!! ;-)

I've never heard of Cosmo Congress before, looks like a nice fabric to stitch~~ Love to see more of your group photos~~

Rachel said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun with your mothers stitching group! Good luck with it this year!!

I've never heard of Cosmo Congress fabric before. Looks neat!

Have a great week ^___^

Nancy said...

It is wonderful that you have a group of stitching friends Yuko. Your friend's snowman is very pretty, and I look forward to seeing your work too! Your mushroom omelet looks delicious!

Camille said...

Konnichiha Yuko!

I live in France, and I just discover your blog for the first time tonight. It's such a nich blog! I love your stitching! Thank you for translating your blog in english, because my japanese is not good enough to allow me to read it :(

It's such a good idea to create a stitching group! I think you can share really good moments with your friends thanks to this group aren't you?

I wish you a happy new stitching year! :p