Monday, January 10, 2011

My New Year WIPs and Gifts from Friends!

Hi, today finally I can share some cross stitch works (WIPs) with you!
I didn't iron, so they all are wrinkled, though...

Here is "Merry, Merry" © Birds Of A Feather.
I was going to present for my son Tass, though I couldn't finish this until the last Christmas.
There is gold thread that chart calls for, so I quite hesitate to stitch their parts...
So I bought gold thread for sewing machine, don't know how it'll be, but will see!

Here is a piece of "Birth Sampler III" © Prairie Schooler.
About 2 or 3 years ago, there were so many pregnant friends around me, it was about more than 10 people.
And recently there are many pregnant friends around me again, it's 2nd boom!
One of my best friend had have a baby girl the end of the last year, so I'm stitching a birth sampler for her!!
This is quite beautiful pattern, so I'm so looking forward to seeing the finished piece!! :D

And here is a new WIP, "Snowflake Serenade" © Country Cottage Needleworks.
I'm stitching this on 40ct Newcastle (Natural) that my friend gave me, as I wanted to put this piece in the white frame in the photo above, so choose 40ct.
But it's quite tough to stitch on 40ct as I haven't been stitching on 40ct for a long time now...
I hope I will be able to finish this in the winter season! :D

And here are also birth samplers "Bless the baby" © Lizzie*Kate.
I have been stitching them from the last year (actually I was forgetting them...) for my friend's baby boy, and another three are for my brother's children.
I should have finished this earlier and was going to present for them for Christmas, though I had terrible stiff neck the last Dec., so couldn't manage it.
Hope I can finish and present them soon!

I have received some gift and also Christmas cards from friends abroad!
So I share them with you!

Here is a gift from Caro in France.
She sent the parcel to my last address, though the post office forwarded to my present address on 24th of Dec., how nice!!
Thank you Caro for a lovely gift!!

And here is a gift from Carol R. in the UK.
She made a very lovely and beautiful scissors fob for me, and also she sent toy cars for my son! Thank you always so much, Carol R. for your kind heart!

And here is a gift from Nina in Hungary!
She sent me her original over dyed threads and lovely charms!!
Aren't they so beautiful?!

I don't remember that I have mentioned or not, but now the world heritage "Himeji Castle" is restoring old parts.

So here is the Himeji Castle now. Since tourists can't see the castle from outside, there is a big tent which was drew 3D silhouette by graphic art.
Why we went to Himeji Castle yesterday is, the Castle Marathon was held there, and my brother's children run!
So we went to cheer for them and take photos!!
Sweetie Tass made a flag to cheer for them! Tass is going to run Castle Marathon next year with me (under 7 years should run with an adult), so I have to train for it... whew...

Thank you for your visit!

Take care and have a lovely day!


Doris said...

lovely and pretty stitching Yuko!. greeting for you and your family.

Carol R said...

So lovely to see you stitching again Yuko. All your projects look great and Tass looks super cute in his knit cap!

Nancy said...

Your WIPs are lovely Yuko! You have chosen some beautiful projects.

Such wonderful gifts that you and Tass received.

Rachel said...


It looks like you have a lot of wonderful WIPs to chose from when you want to do some stitching!

What a considerate postman to deliver your mail!! Lovely presents from your friends ;)

I'm sure your family and friends will love the baby samplers.

Tass' hat is cute!

Have a great week. Can't wait to see your progress on your stitching. Good luck on the 40ct linen.

Sally said...

Your WIPs are gorgeous Yuko. I love the BOAF one. I've not seen that before.

Lovely gifts you received.

Thank you so much for the New Years card xx

Magia da Inês said...

Olá, amiga!
Voltei para admirar seus trabalhos... tão lindos, alegres e criativos com sempre...
Boa semana!
Brasil ♥♥

escargopotte said...

c'est vraiment magnifique ce que vous faites ! toutes mes felicitations ! je vais suivre votre blog et je reviendrai souvent ; j'aime PSchooler !
bises de Paris