Thursday, January 06, 2011

Little Artist and a Miracle Shot!

Hello, sorry that I haven't been posting about cross stitch at all, this year.
Actually I haven't been stitching lately as New Year's holiday is a big event in Japan and Sweetie is also on holiday, so we are playing together a lot.

And also there were many of visitors here my home, so had no time to stitch at the moment.

Today I'm going to share some pictures that my Sweetie Tass (5 years old) drew, recently!
Recently he loves drawing so much, and always asks me to draw together.
I love his drawing, don't know why but his drawing especially faces that he draws are so cute!!
And he is getting much better and better than before recently!
The right object in the above picture is bicycle, and also he drew a signal, car (as always!), balloon, and airplane and beautiful sky!
Isn't it good?!
And here is a car (always he draws Car!!) and rainbow and signal and sky!

And here is a picture of his cousin and car (again, lol).

This is like Anime, isn't this? I like the colours he choose!

And the last, here is a miracle photo that he shoot!
We din't know how to take, but he told me that he dropped camera just when he pressed the shoot button!
Funny photo, isn't this?!

I am going to prepare to stitch from tonight, as from tomorrow Sweetie goes to Preschool
Last year I couldn't stitch at all, so I would like to stitch more like a few years ago, and would like to share photos of my WIP and finished piece with you!

Thank you so much for your visit, even though I haven't been posting about cross stitch at all...

Take care and have a lovely day!
Bye for now,


Meadows08 said...

Sweetie is a very talented artist!

Rachel said...

Love the pictures and the miracle shot!

Have fun with your stitching. Hope Tass has a great first day of school!!

Ginnie said...

Such cute drawings... so nice to keep and look back on when they are older.

Carol R said...

Ah such lovely pictures and I have my very own letter and picture pinned up on my wall- thanks Sweetie!

Edgar said...

I love the drawings - so cute!!

Pilar said...

Beautiful drawings.

KarenV said...

Tass is a much better artist than I am! Great pictures!

Doris said...

a happy children always draw in bright clors, so, your boy is a very happy son, that is a so good feeling!.