Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hardanger Embroidery

I had been longing to try to do "Hardanger Embroidery" for a long time.
Then I found some books about Hardanger and wanted to get them, but they seemed so difficult for me to start.
When I back home, I searched and found a online shop about Hardanger, so I bought some beginner's kits for the first step!

How are they?
They are beautiful enough as the beginner's kit, don't you think?!
I really like these colour effects and its elegance!

But I LOVE cross stitch so wouldn't be crazy for Hardanger than do cross stitching, but sometimes I want to make these small things as some gifts for friends!
Actually I've already sent them to my friend as a present!!

Kit : from Fairy Needle (Japanese)

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domy said...

Very beautiful !! Where did you find the charts ??