Friday, July 27, 2007

Pinkeep Exchange FROM Satomi

As I wrote there was a "Pinkeep Exchange" in Japanese group, and finally I've got mine from Satomi !
She is a really creative and a talented lady and I have been always admireing her works.
Therefore, when I saw her name on the envelope, I said " Wow! is this true?! " LOL

Here is a Pinkeep her made.

I like these colours very much and some kinds of stitches are used.
She added charm, lovely button etc... for me as well.

These are the Pins and the backing fabric.
Lovely aren't they? It's totally perfect and I really love this!

I think I'm a lucky person!I have 2 more Exchanges to go!
One has done already, just have to packing and send it to her in France the early in August, and the other one is not have done yet...
Hurry hurry, I will be busy bee!


Sharon said...

Lovely exchange!

Patoupassions said...

Magnifique! J'adore!!