Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pinkeep Exchange FOR N.

There was "Pinkeep Exchange" in the Japanese group, then my partner has told me that the pinkeep has safely arrived to her!
So I post the photos of it!
When my partner has been decided and told me, "P. Samouiloff" has just came up into my mind, because I've already known who my partner is, and I've also known that she loves P. Samouiloff very much.

This is backing fabric I used, which my friend gave me, I thought it suits well with this pinkeep!
Very lovely fabbie, isn't it?!

Here are photos of handmade Pins!
They are a bit weak, so I don't want her to touch them much, LOL

I heard that she loves this Pinkeep much, so I'm also glad to hear that!
To exchange handmade things is really fun, I want to try to join the project as much as I can!

From De fil en aiguille "TOUT BLEU" / 40ct Cosmo Linen (white)


Sharon said...

How pretty! Lovely work. Congrats.

susimac said...

Its lovely, your pins are really nice too.

Domy said...

you are a great "pinkeep" maker !!
it's very cute ! and the owner of this pinkeep is very lucky ! Congratulations !

Joei said...

Wow, another lovely pinkeep.

Patoupassions said...

J'aime trop celà aussi!