Sunday, July 15, 2007

Red Heart Pincushion

I suddenly realized that I have only few pin cushions, and it's not good enough to heavy use!Recently I have been stitching some of designs at the same time, so needles are used a lot!
So I decided to make one for myself.
Here it is!

Inside the Heart, BS and French Knots are used.
It's very cute and I like it very much! My mum asked me to make two more of them to give her friends who does sewing, so I will try to finish my project first and then will try to make two more of them!

It might sounds quite hard to make two more of the same design, but to make this was quite fun, so I don't really mind to stitch and make them!
I think this will really be a nice small gift for friends!!

[note] from De fil en aiguille N54 - MARS-AVRIL 2007
40ct Cosmo Linen


Eulalia said...

I like much your work. He is fascinating

Susimac said...

Oh this is so pretty - I am so looking forward to our exchange.

littlehands said...

Ooh, the bottom of the pin cushion is a cup? It looks really nice, l like it as well!

Sharon said...

Very cute! congrats.

Joei said...

You really have good taste. I love all your work. Congrats!!!