Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Present Exchange FOR Claudia

For this year's Christmas, Claudia and I talked about exchanges presents each other, but I suggest whatever it's OK, I mean it's no need to be stitching thing, because we will be busy making presents.
And I hadn't confidence to manage one for her, too, at all...
Because I'm not good at control my time at all and have already been booked some ornie exchanges... So, I had no idea whether that I can make one for her or not at all then.

But I could make it for her, too! Yahoo!
I was so happy that I could manage my time to make one for her, too!
Because I really wanted to stitch something for her for Christmas!!!

And what I've chosen for her is from "Just Nan" (I forgot the name, I will add the name later...), as I know that she loves "Just Nan" a lot!It's from JCS Ornaments Issue from 2002.

Actually the square around the joy on the center was recommended to use metal frame, but I hadn't have one, so I stitched it instead...

This was the first time for me to stitch "Just Nan" design and I realised it's quite fun to stitch!
This was absolutely gorgeous and beautiful!

Gold thread made me cry again, though, lol...
I've used wine red coloured velvet for the around and the back and trimmed by gold code.

I've got an e-mail from her and I'm so happy to hear that she loved it very much!

I think this is really suit well for her elegance!!!

But, as I stitched for her, she felt she had to stitch something to me in return, so I think I made her much work... so sorry Claudia, you don't need to stitch something back to me... but I really thank for your kind heart!!!

Baci xx

"A Little Joy" © Just Nan, from JCS Ornaments issue 2002
32ct Belfast Linen (Law Linen), DMC threads - 2 strands


Pumpkin said...

Another gorgeous finish! Oh the tiny details!!!!

Sally said...

What a beautiful finish Yuko!

tkdchick said...

Wow you did a beautiful job! Your finishing is top notch!

wanda said...

What beautiful stitching you do! You are so talented I hope you had a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing many more of your pretty work!

angelasweby said...

Wow Yuko,
This ornament for Claudia is really beautiful. No wonder she loves it. Your work is always a real pleasure to look. Everytime, I look at your brilliant finishing, I learn something new :>)
Good wishes to you and for family for 2008, Angela

Nancy said...

This is very elegant, and your work is gorgeous! I love how you have used velvet and gold cording. It makes the design look very special. Your stitching is always so beautiful!

Happy New Year Yuko!

Susimac said...

WOW Yuko, this is so beautiful.

nutmeg5 said...

Wow Yuko! That is breathtakingly gorgeous. Your stitching and finishing is so elegant. Claudia is very blessed.

Joei said...

As always Yuko, lovely work!

Happy new year!!

Claudia said...

My sweet amica,
I really LOVE your gift!!!! It's gorgeous, so finely stitched and finished, a pure delight for my eyes!!! You did a little masterpiece, with so wonderful details like the golden cord and the red velvet all around....
Thanks thanks so much for this precious piece made with your lovely hands. And do not worry: it will be a pleasure for me to stitch something in return!!! I will just need a little time... :D
Claudia :)

lolly said...


Happy new year!!


anna said...

How gorgeous! Happy New Year, Yuko, and enjoy your new place!