Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas Ornament Exchange with SU

We both, Su and I have done Christmas Ornaments exchange 2007, and just only 30 minutes before I've left for the 4 hours trip to the new house, I've safely received Su's Christmas present.

What a nice timing!!!
I was so excited and I opened her parcel immediately after I had received it!!!

Here is what she's stitched for me and what she had sent me for the last Christmas!

Of course Su's stitching and finishing is perfect as always, as you know!
She stitched CHS design for me!
This is simply beautiful, isn't this?! I really love it!!!
She used beautiful iridescent colour's silk for the back, it's absolutely gorgeous!
And it matches very well with the ribbon to hang on the tree!!

And this is an additional wonderful wonderful present from her!
Do you remember that I was looking for this "Willow Tree" doll before?

Friends had told me where I can buy online, but actually they said they are not sending any their products to Japan (Asia), maybe because it's fragile...?
So, I haven't been able to buy any of it, but now it's with me!!!

It's in front of me in the real life, thanks to sweet Su!!!!!

And you know, this doll's title (name) is "FRIENDSHIP"!!!

It made me almost shed tears... not almost... actually I teared a bit...
What a sweet person she is!!!!!
And how beautiful this doll is!!!

We both have quite similar collections.
We like to collect, Lladro, Nao, Goebel (Hummel), Willow Tree figures, etc...

I truly love this "FRIENDSHIP" Willow Tree doll, it's absolutely stunning!

Now she is on the cupboard where I can see anytime when I'm in living room!!

And she didn't forget to send me a chocolate, lol.
This reindeer chocolate is also soooooo cute! Of course I won't eat him, he is also in the cupboard now! :D

Thank you sooooooo much, Su! I'm sure I will treasure them forever! xxxxx

And here is what I had stitched and sent her for our exchange!
When I saw this design, soon I had imagined Su and decided to stitch this design for her!

This design is so sweet and beautiful, so I was very enjoyed stitching along!
And also want to stitch one more for myself, later when I have time!
It was from JCS Ornament issue 2007, but it's not Christmassy at all (don't you think?), so if I stitched one for myself, I think I would be able to put it on somewhere in my house whole year!

By the way, I used dark green velvet for around the stitched piece, and used the same fabric for the back as well.
And trimmed by light green twisted code and added four shell flower shaped buttons on the four corners.

Actually I had stitched her name and my name, and the year on the back, but it's sooo messy (Sorry Su!), so can't show it to anybody, lol
Thanks for Su, she also didn't show it on her blog, I felt so relief, lol

This time I sew around by sewing machine, but it was a bit rough and messy, so I feel sorry to Su...

I shouldn't have done that, I should had sew by hand...
I have to do more practice for finishing...!

"Peace" © Country Cottage Needleworks, from JCS Ornament issue 2007
35ct (Cream / Ivory) + DMC threads


Pumpkin said...

Those are lovely gifts Yuko! I love Willow Tree as well. Of course I would have eaten that chocolate by now ;o)

You've done a beautiful job on your gift to Su! I'm sure it's not as bad as you say it is :o)

Susimac said...

I adore my Peace ornie and as you said its not overly Christmassy so that it can be kept out all year and that is what I have done, its hanging in my lounge now LOL!! I adore it and it gets lots of nice comments from visitors so much so I have to make sure it doesn't disappear home when they go, your finishing is perfect Yuko it really is. - Hugs xx

angelasweby said...

Yuko, your gifts from Su are really stunning. The ornament is beautifully made and finished and the little Willow Tree angel is delightful. Su always knows exactly what will make someone happy :>)
Your ornament to her is also well suited and beautifully stitched.
Warm wishes Angela

littlehands said...

Yuko, I like your "peace" as it is pretty! Lucky Su too, both of your presents are nice!

Mindi said...

You had a beautiful ornament exchange with Su! As always, both of you did a wonderful job on the stitching and finishing.

Claudia said...

Stunning!!! This exchange is gorgeous and you both are special people!!!
I love what you stitched each other and the Willow Tree angel is so sweet!
Congrats to both of you!!!

Nancy said...

What a lovely exchange for both of you Yuko! The ornament Su made for you is a favorite design, and I love her finishing with the silk and ribbon. And, how sweet to send you the angel you were wanting! I know you will treasure it. I also love the ornament you made for Su. It is a beautiful design made with your beautiful stitching, and the rose buttons are such a perfect touch.

Jessie said...

Such a wonderful and memorable exchange. Both ornie stitched beautifully.

Sally said...

Beautiful gifts. Both the ornaments are gorgeous and the Willow Tree ornament is lovely.

Carla said...

Those are beautiful gift that you received from Su!
I agree with you that the CCn design is not Chritsmassy at all...the one you made for Su is lovely, I like the way you finished it!

Andrea said...

Beautiful gifts, both sent and received. Enjoy your Willow Tree angel.

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko,
What a beautiful collection. I have always loved the CHS ornament. In fact I like quite a lot of their designs. I'm glad that you now have the Willow Tree ornament. I know that you truly loved it.
Your design to Su is as usual beautiful. I'm always stunned by your beautiful work whenever I am able to visit your blog. I hope you have a lovely week - Take care - Sandra.

Virginie - CMonMonde said...

Dear Yuko;

I enjoyed also to stitch this design, that I found very pretty....

Joei said...

Beautiful exchange!
Willow tree figurines are simply beautiful, I too like them.

Anita said...

Hope you had a smooth move. You had made some wonderful christmas stitching and received some fantastic gifts too. Have a great 2008 with good health and happiness and tons of stash.

Cheryl said...

What a great exchange! I love what Su stitched for you and i love what you stitched for her. You are two talented ladies!