Saturday, January 19, 2008

From Friends!

How are you spending your weekend?
I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

Recently I haven't been stitching at all, just busy unpacking and tidying up my new old house...

And have been driving up to the nearest city to look for what's there around.

By the way, I have been still talking about Christmas, lol
Sorry about that, but I really want to show off what I've received from precious friends!
This is what I've received from littlehands, just before Christmas!

She sent me chocolates which she wrapped and they were in the tin which she made, I think.And as she knows that I like PINK, she added a small perfume from BVLGARI which is in the pink bottle, it smells so nice!

And also added a small cross stitch kit and lovely hair-pin which she has chosen as imagining me, I heard!
How did you know that I always use this kind of lovely hair-pin?!
I was surprised when I've heard why she has chosen this!

This is the close up photo of chocolates that she sent me!
Lovely aren't they?

Thanks for your thoughtful presents, littlehands!

And here is the photo of the present that I've received from Japanese blog friend, Hiyo.
She presented me lovely Pinkeep, and needlebook kit, teas, and lovely candy cane!

She is one of very good friend, although we've met just online, but even after I've quited Japanese blog, we have been keeping in touch by e-mail!

This is a close up photo of her Pinkeep!
Sorry that I don't have a dictionary with me right now, I don't know the title of this story in English, but the design is from fairly tales.

It's very lovely and I also like the backing fabric which she has chosen for this Pinkeep.

She is very good at cross stitching, moreover she is so fast to stitch and finish!!
I'm always surprised how fast she is, and always love her tastes.

Thanks Hiyo, I also had to stitch something for your Birthday, but it's too late, lol
Please look forward something from me, without any expectation!


Nancy said...

These are beautiful gifts Yuko! You are so loved by your friends. The pinkeep that Hiyo stitched for you is wonderful! Such a pretty design and colors. Enjoy your weekend!

Angela said...

What lovely friends you have, Yuko :>) Your gifts from littlehands are picked with so much care and affection. I love the chocolates!! I think everyone loves chocolate but these look very special. The pinkeep from Hiro is beautiful. What a sweet design and very pretty fabric :>)
Warm wishes, Angela

Pumpkin said...

Those are such lovely gifts Yuko! You have very special friends :o) I love looking at all the different things you have over there. They are very interesting!

Joei said...

Lovely gifts from your lovely friends.

Enjoy it especially those chocolates, look really yummy, lol!

Andrea said...

Beautiful gifts from your friends.

Sally said...

Beautiful gifts Yuko. You have wonderful friends.

Carla said...

Beautiful gifts!!!!

Mylene said...

Hello Yuko, you have received such beautiful gifts! Enjoy.
Thanks so much for dropping by at my blog.

Gorgoglio said...

Your blog inspiring me!!! I've added you to my blog list I hope you don't mind

Susan said...

Hi, Yuko - I just found your blog through links on Patti's and Su's blog. I love all your finishing, and I love your blog template.

Wanda said...

Your gifts are wonderful what thoughtful friends you have, the design looks like The Ugly Duckling, he turns into a beautiful swan when he grows up... I think.

Wawanna said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your very sweet & gracious comments. I have just spent time visiting with you on your blog, & enjoyed it tremendously. Everything you have written and the pictures are all so excellent. You are a skilled stitcher with great talent! Your blog is darling. I have added you to my favorite "favorites" list!!!! & will check in often.

Wendy said...

Lovely gifts you have received!

Yes, I lived in a small town near Stuttgart, Germany, but only for 3 months as an exchange student...many years ago LOL! I'm sure I was in the town that you mentioned at one time.

Marie-P said...

I am impressed with your english :)
You received some wonderful gifts~I really like the pinkeep.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I need to add you to my sidebar :) and watch your HoHRH are welcome to join our "block a month" SAL.

catherine/misspoulette said...

congratulations!! super blog!! see you soon!