Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sent and Received!

Please just look at this wonderful and beautiful work!!!!!
I've received this beautifully elegant needlebook from Joei in Singapore!
It was an unexpected present, so I was very surprised and was speechless when I saw this her wonderful work!!

Isn't this so beautiful and elegant?!
There is a word "Friends are always close at heart" in the middle, it made my heart really warm...

The back of this needlebook, she stitched our initials and they were stitched one over one...
They are so beautiful, it's like printed!
And also there is a word "Stitching Friends" on the back.

The right hand side photo above is the inside pocket.
Every details are so wonderfully stitched, I felt her gentle and kind heart from this stitch very much, and was so touched by this, was a bit shaking to hold it...

She is very talented and good at Hardanger, as well as cross stitching!
I was breathless when I saw this Hardanger parts the most!
Thank you so much Joei, I loved your letter, too!
You are so kind and so sweet! I'm so happy to have you as a good friend!
I'm sure I will treasure this as well as the Biscornu which you've presented me before!
Thanks again, Joei! xx

And this is what I've sent her for the last Christmas...
It's shame that I couldn't make more noble thing for her, as I was kind of rush at that time...

I made pinkeep for her from JCS ornament issue 2007, on 32ct Belfast Linen.
This is very Christmassy colour and design, so I hope she will have it as or with memories of 2007's Christmas.

This is the backing fabric I've chosen for this pinkeep!
Isn't this fabric lovely?
I really like this fabric and wanted use it for the back very much, unfortunately I forgot to put "wee pocket" on the back this time, though... lol

These are the close up photos of Ribbon and Pins.
I used big pearl bead for the top, it suits well with red ribbon very much, it made a good accent to be more Christmassy pinkeep, I think!

And I used pearl white and green pins for both sides of the pinkeep.

Compare to her work, it's a bit simple and easy, but I made it with my heart :D
I've got a lovely e-mail from Joei, and she loved what I've sent for her for the last Christmas (it reached her a bit late, sorry about it...), so I felt relief.

Anyway, her work is so wonderful, it really made me feel special!
Actually we both sent our presents secretly, so she also was surprised of my gift.
I really enjoyed it very much, and now as seeing her beautiful work, I want to feel like trying to do Hardanger again!
I still have some Hardanger kits, so want to try to stitch some of them in this year!

Pinkeep : from JCS ornament issue 2007 © ""
32ct Belfast Linen (Law), with DMC threads, 2strands


Sally said...

Both gifts are so pretty.

Sari said...

Wow, the needlebook is gorgeous! And your pinkeep is also very beautiful!

Katrina said...

Both gifts are beautiful. I love the piece your friend stitched for you, it's so delicate and pretty.

Nancy said...

Both the needlebook and your pinkeep are very beautiful! I think both of you must be very special people!

Andrea said...

Beautiful gifts both sent and received.

samplerlover said...

What beautiful gifts to send and receive. Joei's gift to you to stunning. I can see why you were shaking when you saw it. I love the hardanger. - Take care - Sandra

Cindy said...

Joei's stitching is beautiful! The pinkeep that you stitched for her is beautiful too!

Carla said...

Both gifts are beautiful!!!

Angela said...

What a beautiful needlebook from Joei. The stitching is so delicate and looks like lace. What lovely words too. Your gift to her is really pretty and finished in your usual incredible standard. I love the design and the fabric. It doesn't matter what we send and receive, if it's done from the heart then that is all that matters :>)
Hugs, Angela :>)

Lillie said...

Both gifts sent and received are lovely, Yuko. Great exchange :D

moomoo said... That's a stunning work by Joei. Really envy you Yuko :-)

Jessie said...

I have seen and received Joei stitching before, they are very delicate and neat. This is absolutely beautiful. Look at all the different stitches, stunning!

Yuko, your xmas ornament is very lovely too! Every stitch or gift is string with love, im sure Joei feels it...

Aniza said...

gorgeous hardanger piece from Joei! Your piece is pretty too.

Julie said...

Thank you for your comment about my tin finish

Lovely gifts received and sent

Pumpkin said...

My goodness she does stunning work! No wonder you want to show it off :o)

The pinkeep that you made Yuko is just as lovely and since it's from the heart, I'm sure it means the world to Joei!

Anonymous said...

it's really a wonderful exchange!

Jacqui said...

Beautiful gifts.

The Silver Thistle said...

What a beautiful gift you recieved. And what a beautiful gift you sent in return.

They're both wonderful and obviously stitched with love.

Joei said...

Hi Yuko,

I know both gifts were made with love, right from the heart.

As I always said, I'm your number 1 fan.

I'm the happiest to know you liked the NB I made for you. Likewise, I'm the happiest to receive your wonderful gift and your lovely finishes.

Regina said...

Hi Yuko
Beauiful gifts.You have a wonderful
Have a nice day

brdstitcher said...

The hardanger needlebook from Joei is lovely (as is your beautiful work). Is there any way to find out what the design is? It looks like Victoria Sampler, but they don't sell it on their website. I would really love to know so I could purchase it. Thanks, Barbie