Sunday, January 06, 2008

Small Ornaments For Friends!

Thank you so much everyone for stopping by my blog and leaving warm comments!
I have still been working hard to unpacking and tidy + clean up my new (old) house at the moment, so the time I can be online is just at the late night, and just to upload my blog...

So sorry for my friends who gave me e-mails, messages, e-cards,etc...
I haven't been able to replying them at all, but always thinking of you and of course about to stitching!!
I will reply you a little by little when I have time, so please forgive it!

By the way, I have been still talking about Christmas, lol

Here is the small ornament which I've stitched and sent to Angela for Christmas.

The design is from "Homespun Elegance".
As I've heard that it is her favourite designer!

I trimmed it around with green and gold twisted code and added green ribbon on the top and the bottom.

Here is the backing fabric which I've used for Angela's ornament.
It's quite small, so I was a bit worried if it wasn't fit for the foreign big Christmas tree, but I've got a sweet e-mail from Angela and she loved them all what I've sent her, so I felt relief by then!

And this is the ornament which I've sent to Patti.
This design is from Prairie Schooler and from JCS 2002 Ornament issue.

I was quite rush to stitch, so it might be a bit rough finishing... sorry Patti, but if we had a chance to exchange or something like that in the future, I would calculate the time left and stitch very beautifully next time!

By the way, I trimmed it around the dark red single code and added leaf and white ribbon on the top.
I quite like this simple design!

Here is the backing fabric which I've used for Patti's ornament.
I've chosen black coloured fabric to be matched the design.

I've stitched and sent them to both my friend secretly, so they were so surprised to receive the Christmas pressie from me!
It was my intention, and it was fun to make friends happy with big surprise!

They were just from my heart to thank both of you, for your kindness and warm heart!

I hope you two, and everyone has a wonderful happy new year!

Angela's Ornament : © Homespun Elegance Ltd.
Patti's Ornament : "The Cabin Pinkeep" © Prairie Schooler from JCS Ornament issue 2002


Nancy said...

The ornaments you have stitched for friends are so beautiful Yuko! You do such amazing stitching. I love how you made it look like fur on the snoman's hat!

Anonymous said...

hi Yuko! everything you do is so beautiful!
I have let you several commnents but I don't see them!!
Constance, les volets bleus

Anonymous said...

Greetings, Yuko! I looked at your site for the first time today. Your work and finishing is beautiful, and your English is very good! Keep up the great work!!

Solstitches said...

Both of thee ornaments are just beautiful and I'm sure both Angela and Patti will treaure them always.
I hope you will soon be settled in your new place with more time for the things you love to do.


Susimac said...

Those ornaments are beautiful Yuko - I know how excited they both were when they told me they had received something from you. Your stitching is always so beautiful as is your wonderful finishing.
I'm thinking of you my dear friend and will email you this week, I know how busy you are with all the unpacking. Hugs Su

The Silver Thistle said...

Hello Yuko! I found your blog from Jo's and thought I'd come by to say 'Hi'.

You have some fantastic projects here and I HAVE to let you know just how wonderful your photographs are. They are truly beautiful!

Leeland said...

All these ornies are exquisite. They're wonders! I am speechless. This doesn't happen very often...
Congratulations and thanks for sharing Yuko,

Pumpkin said...

Oh, more beautiful creations! :o) They are truly lovely Yuko and I'm sure they are finished in a beautiful was as well.

Moving is not much fun so I hope you will take time to relax and stitch a bit :o)

Carla said...

Beautiful ornies Yuko!! Love the fluffy thread you used for the snowman's hat :)

Jennifer said...

I always love to look at your photos. Not only are the things you make beautiful, but the photos are just lovely - like professional magazine photos. Excellent work!

angelasweby said...

Yuko, I just wanted you to know how much pleasure the pretty little snowman you stitched has given me. He is hanging where I can see his lovely smile and cheerful carrot nose. He is sttiched and finished so beautifully and that lovely fur trim makes him extra special. An extra special gift from a very extra special friend - thank you :>)

Patti's little ornament is lovely, too. I can't wait to see it up close.
Hugs, Angelka

Sally said...

Both of these ornaments are stunning Yuko. Your stitching and finishing are just so beautiful.

Patricia Lessell said...


I am so sorry that I am so very very very late in thanking you - most unforgivable! But I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely things you so unexpectedly sent to me before Christmas. The ornament is just absolutely gorgeous as are the coasters and I have yet to try the drink you so kindly sent as well as the sweets but I shall in the very very near future. From the very bottom of my heard Yuko THANK YOU you are one very special person and an extraordinary stitcher and friend. Lots and lots of love Patti xxx