Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another New Start - Private SAL with Wendy!

Here is another new start "Sunflower House" by Blackbird Designs / Loose Feathers Series #9, from 1st of July!

I saw that Wendy has just started this design on her blog, and I was going to start the same design for this summer, so I left a comment to tell her that I'm going to start it later.
Then sweet Wendy gave me an e-mail to let me know that she will wait for me to start it and do this as our private SAL together!

I was so glad to heard of it, though at the same time I felt sorry to keep her waiting for a while for me...
But now I'm very happy to stitch a long with her this favourite and beautiful design!

We decided to post our progress every Tuesday on our blog to compare both pieces!
And here is the photo of my progress today.

I took this photo under the dim light, so the photo doesn't show the colour justice, but it looks nice so far!
It's so fun to stitch this design, I could stitch faster than usual!
I think I will stitch this design once a week, but can't wait to see the complete one!

Thank you so much Wendy for the lovely offer!
I appreciate for your kindness!

By the way, here is another sour juice, this time I made with Orange.
Looks yummy, doesn't it?!
Staci asked me how to make this sour juice, I share how to make them here!

When you make plum sour juice, use green plum, not yellow one.
You also can use Oranges, Apples, etc... and also if you prefer liqueur, use white liqueur instead of using vinegar.

Weigh fruits you use, then you need equal amount of rock sugar and vinegar (I used apple vinegar) or white liqueur.
Then put them together in the bin which can airtight.
Then let it mature for three weeks for plums (for one week for another fruits).
Then take matured fruits out from the bin.
That's all!

*** While letting it mature, store it medicine at room temperature, then after you took out fruits, keep it in the fridge!

When you drink it, please dilute with water!
Actually I haven't been tasting them yet, so... you'd better to hear my impressions of them first, before you'll try to make them (lol)
If it was yuk, I would let you know it honestly, LOL

Design : "Sunflower House" © Blackbird Designs - Loose Feathers #9
Fabric : 28ct Cashel Linen - Vintage / Vintage Blue (5139)
Thread : GAST


Carol R said...

Nice start on Sunflower House.

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko, what a great start on your Sunflower House. I shall look forward to seeing your progress.
What a great exchange from Edgar. I love is "chook" (chicken) or I should say rooster. Love his tail feathers. - Sandra.

Nancy said...

Your Sunflower House will be gorgeous Yuko! I will look forward to your progress each week.

Wendy said...

You made a wonderful start on Sunflower House! I will try to get a picture posted soon too!!

Jessie said...

Hi Yuko, great start for your Sunflower House! It makes even more fun to stitch along with someone. Look forward for your weekinly progress. Have fun!