Sunday, July 06, 2008

HoE LHN Exchange FROM Jennifer

I've received HoE LHN (Little House Needleworks) Exchange safely, from Jennifer!
I received the parcel just before we were going out, after I rocked the door key, so I had to be patient until I open the parcel from her...
Then when I've got home, I immediately opened the box and found SO lovely stuffs in there!

Here is what she has made for me!
This design was the one I really wanted to stitch, so I was so happy when I saw this beautiful pinkeep!!!
Now I don't need to stitch this pattern by myself, lol

She added DMC linen threads (pink shades), very lovely ribbon roll, quite unique but very pretty card buttons, too!
Everything were wrapped by pink paper, I was so touched by it, because she knew that I love pink, I think!

Here is some photos of details of this beautiful pinkeep!
She tied pink ribbon beautifully on top, and around the pinkeep, she used two colours of ribbons.

One is light pink (same as the top ribbon) and light green!
This combination is very beautiful and I love it!
She also stitched this pattern on very light green linen which is very beautiful!!

And! What I shouldn't forget to share is...
This back of pinkeep!

She added thread holder (rings?) and wee pocket, I think it is for scissors!
Very beautiful and a nice idea, isn't it!
And I also love the backing fabric which she has chosen for this LHN pattern!

Everythings perfectly done!
I think I'm very lucky one to became her partner!

Thank you so much, Jennifer!
I'm so happy that I could have this sweet pinkeep with me!
Now it's in the cupboard where cross stitch works are displayed!

I'd really appreciate for your kind heart and the time you took to work on this beautiful pinkeep!
Thanks again!


Carol R said...

A really pretty pinkeep - beautifully stitched and finished! Lucky Yuko!

Susan said...

It's gorgeous! I love this design (I've stitched it twice myself!), and Jennifer's finishing is beautiful!

mercy said...

What a great pinkeep you received!

flom said...

Beautiful pinkeep, you're lucky Yuko !!!!
the finishing is wonderful!
a bientôt

Margaret said...

What a beautiful pinkeep and in your favourite colours too.

Loreta said...

Lovely!!!I'am doing it too:)

staci said...

It's such a lovely pinkeep! Wonderful details...I love the addition of the thread holders on the back too!

Nancy said...

This is a lovely pinkeep you have received, and I also like the back and backing fabric very much! I also like the unique buttons. You received a very special exchange package Yuko.

Julie said...

so beautiful, what a nice exchange gift to receive

Daffycat said...

This pinkeep is so beautiful! Jennifer did such a wonderful job!

Deborah said...

Yuko, I sent you an email but also wanted to say your blog is so beautiful, the photos and all the stitched pieces, I'm always impressed when I look at it!

Carla said...

What a fantastic exchange...that pinkeep is gorgeous!!!

Andrea said...

I see some great exchanges both sent and received. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

what gorgeous gifts they are beautiful so envious of the scissor holder and ring beautiful the fabric is gorgeous..

Ulla said...

The roses are so wonderful and just now we have real roses in our garden.So many lovely things you have got and done.
Have a nice time

Dovilė said...

So lovely gift Yuko, Jennifer's pinkeep is wonderful.

Jane said...

Jennifer's done such a wonderful job with this pinkeep. I love the back as much as the front:) Truly something to treasure always. What a lovely gift to receive.

caerbannog said...

I'm so glad you like it, Yuko! :)

Georgie said...

Absolutely gorgeous pinkeep! That's why I'm awarding you with an award! Love your blog, it always inspires me

Jenna said...

Quite the lovely exchange! I think Jennifer really picked a nice design and finish for you. I like the thread holders and scissors pocket on the back. said...

wonderful , lovely, j'adore c'est très joli
bises du sud de la france