Friday, July 18, 2008

LHN Nighborhood SAL Progress 0718

Here is my progress of Little House Neighborhood SAL!
I'm stitching on 28ct, so it's quite large piece and so it's quite hard to manage the fabric, but I think it will be very beautiful and impressive when it has completed!

As I'm weak stitching trees and borders, I haven't been stitching them yet, now I'm building the house on the top part.
This is very fun stitching a long!

Design : "Little House Neighborhood" © Little House Needleworks
Fabric : 28ct Zweigart Brittney (Platinum)
Thread : DMC

Here is another progress of "Bless Our Home" © Lizzie*Kate.
I have been stitching this for my dear friend's new house!

When it completed, I will frame it or if the frame cost too much, I will make flat fold.
And I will present this for her new house with some gifts!
I hope she will like it!

I updated and posted my latest progress of "Sunflower House" © Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers Series #09 on the last post, if you have time please look at it, too! :D

Design : "Bless Our Home" © Lizzie*Kate
Fabric : 28ct Unknown Linen
Thread : DMC


Carol R said...

Little House SAL is coming along beautifully Yuko - love the photo. Bless Our Home is really pretty too - a lucky friend.
Have a good weekend
Many hugs!!

Redwitch said...

Lovely stitching and your photos are always so pretty :)

angie said...

Bothe designs are lovely! You have done a good work on the BBD since your last post!

Anne said...

I really love this new design from LHN,I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

Dora said...

Both look great! You always photograph them so well.

Tanya said...

Hi Yuko,
That sunflower house is so pretty - what a lovely finish that will be - makes you smile!

And what a fitting gift for your friend's new home. Lovely.


Julie said...

LHN is lovely and i'm sure your friend will treasure her special handmade gift

Paisley said...

Beautiful stitching on your LH Neighborhood and Sunflower House as well!

What a lovely gift for your friend! I'm sure she will treasure it!

Nancy said...

Your Little House Neighborhood is looking so pretty! Large pieces of fabric are hard to manage, but I know you will do fine. Your stitching is always so beautiful.

A very lovely gift for your friend, and I know she will be pleased.

Happy stitching Yuko!

Susimac said...

Your LK gift for your friend is delightful, I'm sure she will love it.

Jennifer said...

Come visit me. I have a surprise for you!

Andrea said...

All of your works in progress are looking lovely. Your gift will be very special however you choose to finish it.

Mãe da Rita said...

Your work is always beautiful, my favorite is the LK one, it will be a very nice gift! And tour photos are the best, always with flowers and plants! Have a nice weekend!

Rachel said...

Your progress on the LHN SAL looks amazing.

And I think your friend will love the Lizzie Kate design in any way you choose to finish it. A gift from the heart is always appreciated.

Did I mention that you take very beautiful photos? I love how you make each photo of your stitching look like a professional one in a magazine!! I wish I could take pics like that :)

Have a great weekend ^__^

Jane said...

You're making great progress on all your wips at the moment, Yuko.

Lynn said...

I'm sure your friend is going to love your gift. It's very thoughtful of you.
It will be fun watching your progress on the SAL. I'm a big fan of Little House patterns.

Joei said...

Lovely stitching Yuko. How I wish I still have time and participate in that LHN SAL. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

they are lovely stitched items.. i think they brill

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Beautiful photos as always, Yuko and just lovely progress! Congratulations on your award, too.

Asta said...

Dear Yuko, Yours work are very very beautiful!
And my hearty compliments to Your Award:)

littlehands said...

Wow, your "bless our home" piece is very beautiful.
Hey, you know, I am seriously thinking to start the "neighbour" piece although it is a big big one. My order for it is still on the way to Hong Kong, I perhaps will stitch it later.
Keep it up, my dearest friend, you are the best!
P.S. How is your mood now? Cheer up, tomorrow will be a great day, BE HAPPY always!

Jenna said...

A great start to your neighborhood. :) And Bless Our Home looks nearly finished. I think it will look lovely framed up.