Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Present FROM Claudia

Just a day before Easter, I've received a wonderful gift from Claudia!
She told me that she has sent something special for me, but it really has reached me very soon, so
made me very surprised!

One of the wonderful gift from her is THIS!

I was looking at them on her blog as thinking they are SO beautiful and cute.
Like she red my mind, she has chosen this for me and sent me for the Easter!
What a beautiful thing this is! I'm so touched by her sweet heart!
Now it's hanging on my favourite tree like the photo!
As it's so lovely and I'm loving it so much, I don't want to store it away, I will keep hanging it whole year on this tree in our living room! (and there is almost no particular Easter events in Japan, except Christians) :D

She also sent me two beautiful thread keepers!! What beautiful thread keepers!!
They are the first thread keepers for me, and I really wanted to buy them, I'm so happy to have them with me now! Thank you so much, Claudia!

This time, she sent me to share SILK threads and 40ct linen for the Hornbook which she has sent me for the last Christmas.
We are planning to do private SAL for the Hornbook, so she shared them with me...
She is kind and so sweet heart enough, don't you think?
She also sent me many Easter chocolates!! They all has gone, already, lol
Molto grazie, mia amica Claudia!
Lei è il meglio!!


Nancy said...

The gifts Claudia sent you are gorgeous! She must be a very special and thoughtful friend. I also like the glass balls you have hanging on your tree Yuko!

Carol R said...

What beautiful gifts from Clauda - the thread keeps are so gorgeous

Cindy said...

Such beautiful gifts from Claudia! The threadkeepers are absolutely wonderful, and the ornament is so pretty :)

Claudia said...

Thanks amica mia...*blushing*...I'm glad you liked everything, especially the chocolate!!!!! LOL

Sandra... said...

What a beautiful present!
Your blog is very beautiful... congratulations!
Hugs from Argentina!!

tangerinedream73 said...

I love the thread keeps. Can you tell me where I might find one? I especially like the birdie.

Amy Miller