Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"M" Is For ...

I had seen the comment that Margaret was interested in "Tear-drop shaped coasters" which I've made before, so I've asked her if she would like to have the pattern of it and have sent it to her.
I just wanted to make and add something in the parcel, and as I remembered that she loves "Mermaid", the nice idea has came out in my mind!
Here it is! I just thought it'll be smal but a perfect gift for her!

I've made a small Pinkeep for her, with Carriage House Samplings design "Mermaid".
The original design is written "Mermaid" below in the Orange background area, but I changed it into her name "Margaret".

Here is the photo of the shell pin which I added on the top!
It's perfect for this Mermaid design, isn't it?
I've chosen Orange checked ribbon for the Pinkeep.

Here is photo of the side of Pinkeep.
I used orange and white making pins for both right and left hand sides.

I have collected all alphabets of this patterns of CHS (not new one...), so it's my aim to stitch everything altogether, one day, until when my son will learn alphabets at school!

Here is a photo of backing fabric which I used for it.
I love these kind of quiet pattern fabric to use as backing fabric and I thought this would suit well for this Pinkeep's design and colour.

It was quite fun to make this alphabets, so I'm very looking forward to stitching along these alphabets altogether one day!

But I will use maybe 32ct linen for the next time, it was a bit hard to stitch on 35ct (2 strands)...

By the way, Margaret has also sent me something, she told me.
I'm so excited to receive it!
It's exciting to see what's in there in the letter box nowadays!!

By the way, I'm still doing a "Give it a way" a chart "Sweet Little Berries" by Little House Needleworks, as I wrote in the last post. If you are interested in it and would like to have it, please just leave a comment (just a line is OK!) on the last post! I will draw lots and choose one person on 16th (Sunday) of March (Japanese time...).

"Mermaid" © Carriage House Samplings
35ct Wichelt Linen (Cream / Ivory) with DMC threads (2 strands)
Threads ; #503 ---> #799


Anonymous said...

That pinkeep is fantastic!

Von said...

You are so very creative in your finishing, Yuko - you find just the right touches. Awesome job! :)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful gifts you have sent Margaret. The pinkeep is stunning! That shell really is perfect!!

Carol R said...

A really pretty pinkeep Yuko and great pictures to show it off. I am sure that Margaret will love it.

brodstitch said...

These last weeks I did'nt a lot of time to read blogs.
I have just had of good to look at all your back articles.
It's very nice; "bravo!"

Cindy said...

What a beautiful pinkeep that you made for Margaret :) Your stitching and finishing is awesome!

Ginny said...

The pinkeep is lovely. How nice that you personalized it by adding Margaret's name.

tkdchick said...

Wow that's beautiful. You really take your time to set up your photos as well.

What software do you use to edit/modify your pictures?

Dora said...

It's a beautiful pinkeep! I especially like the personalization. Great job!


Wendy said...

Wonderful pinkeep for Margaret. Its so sweet that you personalized it with her name. I love the seashell on the pin at the top!!

Nancy said...

I know Margaret loves this pinkeep! She is a very sweet lady, isn't she? This pinkeep is gorgeous Yuko! I love how you stitched Margaret's name, and shell pin is the perfect touch!

trillium said...

Is the edge of the pinkeep lined with something stiff? Marie

Patricia said...

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You have beautiful things.
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Patricia D.

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko, I love your pinkeep for Margaret. You have finished it perfectly. Where did you get the beautiful shell pin. I love it. - Sandra.

Lillie said...

A fabulous pinkeep, loved those seashells pin heads. Happy weekend

Sally said...

That is a beautiful pinkeep Yuko:)

Love your progress on HoHRH in your previous post.

Marja Kristiina said...

Hi Yuko! So glad you found me and took the time to read and comment! I'm going to browse through YOUR beautiful artwork right now. I wish I could sew too *sigh*

many warm wishes from Finland,
Marja Kristiina

Regina said...

Hi Yuko
Beautiful pinkeep!!!!
I wish you a wonderful weekend

Stitch Wizard said...

What a beautiful pinkeep! I am sure that Margaret will just love it!! I love these alphabets that Carriage House Samplings did and may have to get them one day! Your stitching is just beautiful!! Debby :)

moomoo said...

A beautiful personalized pinkeep for Margaret. You are so thoughtful Yuko. Love all your snapshots in your blog.

Susimac said...

Yuko its lovely, what a wonderful finish and I love your personal touches that you do to your creations, they always look so very perfect. Hugs xx

chiara said...

Beautiful finishing Yuko,a very cute pinkeep. Good girl ^_^

Carla said...

What a gorgeous pinkeep!! Love the sheel pin you used on top!