Thursday, March 20, 2008

Heart In The Grass

Just a few days ago, I have finished this "Heart In The Grass" © Ewe & Eye & Friends.
I used 35ct Linen, so it became very small and pretty!

I had very small frame in my (frame) stash box, and it just fits with this stitched piece, so I didn't make a Pinkeep this time and just have framed.

Actually this has sent out to its destiny, and now it's on the way to Italy!
I do hope she will like it!

In this design, there are many many speciality stitches rather than cross stitch.
So I think if I used coarser fabric than I used this time, it would became more beautiful!

I didn't have the recommended thread (pink heart part...), so changed the colour, but I think I should have used a bit more darker colour if I compare to the photo of this design...
But is it OK?? I hope so! lol

There was a line that to use silk ribbon to make a spider rose, but I didn't have narrow silk ribbon to use for it and actually I don't like ribbon embroidery much, so I made a spider rose with DMC cotton threads, like the photo on the right hand side.
The original photo shows it as white rose, but I used dark red threads instead of the white silk ribbon.

I just hope my friend will like it and it will reach her safely and soon!
Anyway, I love EEF design very much!

It's always beautiful and everytime I can enjoy and it's fun to stitch their designs very much!

By the way, thank you so much everyone for letting me know regarding framing!
Come to the conclusion that here in Japan is very humid (from June to most of summer time), so I think I better to use grass, mat or spacer in the frame, maybe...
The one I have framed ("Sweet Little Berries") luckily had spacer, so the grass didn't touch to the stitched piece!
Thank you so much for taking your time to answer to my question!

I really appreciate for it and for everyone! :D

"Heart In The Grass" © Ewe & Eye & Friends
35ct Wichelt Linen (Cream / Ivory) with DMC threads (1 strands)


Carla said...

Beautiful!!! Love the colors you used for it and that frame is perfect for it!

Susimac said...

Its beautiful Yuko, I love your colour changes and the frame you have chosen for it is perfect.

did you get my email?


Cindy said...

Your stitching is wonderful, and the frame fits the piece perfectly :)

tkdchick said...

Beautiful stitching and framing!

Mirabilys said...

Really lovely!

Katrina said...

Gorgeous finish! I love the EEF designs :-).

Nancy said...

Hi Yuko! This is very beautiful, and I know the person that receives it will be very happy. Your color choices are lovely, and I think your red rose is much prettier than a white one. The frame is elegant!

Olenka's Stitches said...

A very pretty work! It makes a nice elegant present for your friend.

Susan said...

It's very pretty, Yuko, and the frame sets it off perfectly!

Sally said...

That is so beautiful Yuko. Very pretty colours and so nicelt framed.

Carol R said...

Beautiful stitching and the frame is just right. I am sure your friend will love it.

Andrea said...

I love the colours in this piece. Beautiful stitching.

Susana said...

Yuco!!! very nice your stitched!!!
sorry, my english is very poor!!!
kisses from Argentina!

Joei said...

The changes you've made are simply nice. Lovely stitching and the frame as well.

Verena said...

Hi Yuko!
I am very happy to read your comment on my blog. Yes, I am collecting thimbles since 1995. I have a lot more of them.
I do also cross stitch - you can visit me on Unfortunately my blog is in German language, but you can ask me if you have any questions! I will try to translate for you.
I wish you a nice day!

Jessie said...

Very sweet and pretty piece of work.

Miss POulette / catherine said...

so cute!!!It is always a ggo idea to visit you.... Have a nice day..

Eles Kleine Wunderwelt said...

Hi Yuko,
I hope, you had nice and happy Easter days and you are fine.
Send you me best whishes and congratulations for the "heart in the grass".
Lots of love Gabriele

Lillie said...

Adorable and sweet.

Gorgoglio said...

I love EEF designs and this is beautiful :)

angelasweby said...

Gosh Yuko.
This really is beautiful. I love these colours and the way you have finished it is perfect. It is such a pretty frame.
You are always so imaginative with the way you interpret the patterns so they always look very personal :>)
EEF are gorgeous designs because they are so full of interesting stitches. The little rose looks perfect in thread instead of ribbon.
Warm hugs, Angela

Garden Girl said...

Hi Yuko,
That is a very lovely EEF piece ~ beautifully stiched and framed! I just love their designs, I have stitched quite a few and I never grow tired of them! Don't you just love the specialty stitches? And I am in agreement with you about the silk ribbon embroidery ~ it is not my 'cup of tea.'

Nataliya said...

Sorry I can't englisch :o(((. Aber deine Stickerei und Fotos sind immer wunderschön! EEF ist auch mein Favorit, ich habe viel pattern gekauft, aber leider noch nicht gestickt. Aber das kommt! Also alles ist wunderbar! Und die Rahme passt auch gut!

Romy said...

I love EEF designs, and I love your interpretation of Heart in the Grass!! Very pretty!!

Novice Stitcher said...

Hi Yuko,

I came here from the Monthly Finishing Challenge blog - I just had to tell you how much I love your little chick pinkeep - it is so adorable. And so tiny! The backing fabric is perfect. You are an inspiration.

Michele B.

Anonymous said...

Yuko darling ^_^ thank you again and again for your wonderful adorable and lovely "Heart in the grass". You have done a beautiful work. To me it's more precious than a jewel...
Un bacio enorme,sei fantastica.^_^