Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Winner Is...

Thank you so much for everyone who entered for the drawing for the chart "Sweet Little Berries" by LHN.
I've never thought that such so many people have entered for this, Thank you again!
I also enjoyed it very much!
As I promised, I drew lots and have chosen one person for this chart, last night!
Actually I let my son to pick up a piece of paper which was written each one's name.

The winner is...

MARIA from Spain!!!
Congratulations, Maria! I will let you know about this later, so please let me know your snail mail address!

I will send this lovely chart to youl!
I do really hope you will enjoy stitching this design as much as I did!

Congratulations again, and thank you everyone for joining in!
As it was fun, I would like to have these kind of opportunities from now on.
Please join in my "give it away" project for the next time, too!


Maria said...

Hi Yuko!
Many Thanks for your gift.I´m very happy to be the winner of your draw. And sure, I´m going to enjoy it.
Thanks again.
Yours sincerely

Nancy said...

Congratulations to Maria!

Carol R said...

Congratulations Maria.
:-( for the rest of us!

Brenda said...

Lovely chart for your draw. Congratulations Maria. Enjoy.

Susana said...

Yuko!! very nice your blog!!! Besitos desde Argentina!!!!!!
(kisses, from .........)

Wendy said...

Lucky Maria! Its such a sweet design, I bet she is thrilled.

hermione said...

hi Yuko , i'm french and i do not speack english very well , i'm sorry .
I love your blog so much !!!!
i will com ofter to see your work !
bye and kiss from France . (Provence)

(if you decide to com to see my blogs ,can you make one "kikou" please, i will be happy)

Verena said...

Hi Yuko!
Reading some blogs of my friends, I came to your page and I love it very much! I am from Austria and will visit your blog more often now.
Sorry - my English is not the best ;-)!
Greetings from Austria