Monday, March 31, 2008

Gorgeous Surprise FROM Cindy!

A few days ago, a BIG parcel has arrived to me (sorry I had a cold, so couldn't post this soon after the parcel has arrived... Now I'm doing fine)!
I was so surprised of the size of the box, it was really BIG!
It was from Cindy, she noticed me to watch out the mailbox, but it also made me surprised, because it has arrived very fast from the US!

Cindy has totally spoilt me, indeed! I almost fell down onto the floor... it's true... lol
You will know what I mean when you saw these wonderful goodies!

First off, she stitched to me a lovely Pinkeep by Lizzie Kate! Isn't it lovely?!

I also love this words "Friendship grows", truly our friendship has been growing up!
And her stitching and finishing is so beautiful!

Thank you so much, Cindy for your kindness!

Please let me introduce her presents, it's keep continuing!
Yes seriously I was spoiled!!

Four beautiful charts, pinky threads, beautiful hydrangea fabrics, two pale pink and purple linens, Zipper organize bags, candles, high quality body cream, etc.. etc..
Can you believe it???

And!!! Can't forget to show this wonderful doll!
Yes, Willow Tree figurine named "Angel of Spring".
She remembered that I love Willow Tree figurines, so she bought this beautiful doll for me to send!
What a sweet and giving person Cindy is!
And what a beautiful doll she is!
She carries bunch of pink flowers... I'm speechless...
Willow Tree figurines are the best!

Now truly and fortunately, I have three Willow Tree figurines with me, and they all are from my dear friends.
But I thought that we haven't met before or we might not have a chance to meet up in person in our real life...
It's only cyberspace communication, but I thank god, I have so many wonderful and so sweet giving friends.
When I think about it deeply, it makes my eyes tear, and I really thank god to let me have such wonderful friends and opportunities.
I love YOUR friendships, dear my friends! Thank you so much everyone!

And these are the gifts from her DH Bryon to my husband AJ!
While we were talking about Colorado (she has another blog about Colorado), we found that we have uncommon fact between us!
The ski resort where Cindy and Bryon LOVE to go is actually where my husband's past place of work!
My husband is a snowboarder and he had been working in the US, as a snowboard instructor, before we've got married (now he is not doing snowboard to live, do just for fun!).

It's Arapahoe Basin [THE LEGEND] in Colorado.
Our talk grew livelier after we knew that fact!
My husband tells me that in his mind there is always something about SNOW (excuse me? not about family nor about me? lol)
So, kind Bryon bought some goodies from Arapahoe Basin for my husband AJ.
AJ was so happy to received them and when I saw his face, he had full of smiley face and was looking at the Map for a long long time!
Thank you so much Bryon!! He will write you something when I send a parcel to Cindy, next time!

By the way, moreover she added some sweets, too!
Actually they almost have gone (most of chocolates were eaten by me, oops! Cindy is going to make me fat! lol)
She also added an Altoids's chocolate for me (chocolate + mint taste)!!

Yahoo! Actually I wanted that Altoids's tin can!
When I always see the "chocolate + mint" combination, I was always thinking, it must be a very funny taste and sounds yuk... but this time I tried Cindy's Altoids's chocolate, it was very delicious against my imagination! Moreover I had a cold and had a stuffy nose, so it helped me to breathe easily! lol

Thank you SO much for your wonderful and gorgeous gifts, Cindy!
I really appreciate for you two's kindness and sweet hearts!
Thank you, again!!!


Carol R said...

Wow Cindy really did spoil you (and Byon to AJ too). I adore all the lovely things she sent to you especially the Willow Tree doll.
I hope you cold is now better?

angie said...

Congratulations for having such a good friend. Her presents are lovely.

tkdchick said...

Wow awesome parcel!!!

Cindy said...

Hi Yuko!

I am so happy that you are enjoying the goodies that I sent to you :) And, I am very glad that you are feeling much better!!

Nancy said...

The pinkeep Cindy made for you is beautiful Yuko! And she sent you so many lovely gifts, especially the Willow Tree Angel. You are very lucky to have such good friends, but I think it is because you are such a wonderful person. I hope you continue to feel better!

Doris said...

beautiful gifts! congratulations .

Wendy said...

What a wonderful package you received! Cindy is certainly so generous. And the Willow Tree figurine is beautiful (I have 2 also)

Sally said...

What a fantastic package you received. All your gifts are beautiful.

Pumpkin said...

I read about this on Cindy's Blog and thought it was so amazing! What a small world this can be :o)

Your goodies are lovely and it seems that Cindy sure knows what you like ;o)

angelasweby said...

What a wonderful package you received from Cindy. The pinkeep is so pretty and sums up exactly what happens when two very special people meet - friendship grows :>)
I love the pretty Angel of Spring, pink is my favourite colour and the little pink flowers are so delicate.
My son is a snowboard instructor too and he is in Spain snow boarding at the moment. Maybe one day he will go to Arapahoe Basin.I think he would love it.
Hope you are feeling better soon - minty chocolate is VERY good for you :>)
Hugs, Angela

Susimac said...

What a really lovely parcel you received, I love your sweet angel she is so pretty. You really deserve these lovely parcels, as you are such a lovely person yourself. Hope that you are feeling better again soon.

Carla said...

Wonderful gifts!! And what a nice thing to add stuff for your husband too :)

ronil said...

Cindy has totally spoilt me, indeed! I almost fell down onto the floor... it's true...
You will know what I mean when you saw these wonderful goodies!We have more information on willow tree and i think itwill help you....