Friday, March 28, 2008


"SAKURA"... I like this flower very much.
In Japan, we call "SAKURA" for cherry blossom which is very pretty and beautiful.
Recently SAKURA has just begun to bloom (some spots have already been blooming...)

When I see cherry blossoms, I always remember my old school memories... and feel a bit sentimentally...

There are many beautiful songs with SAKURA theme in Japan, but today I would like to share a song which is my favourite.
Most of readers of this blog (thank you for stopping by!) won't be able to understand the lyrics because it's in Japanese, but I just would like you to listen to this song...

"SAKURA" by Naotaro Moriyama

Actually, he is my favourite singer in Japan, at the moment.
My husband always asks me "Why do you like him?? He is not so good looking, he has bandy and short legs, bla bla bla..." LOL!

I don't mind his bandy legs at all, lol... (actually I like his looks, though!), I love his voice, lyrical words, how he sings!
He also does write the lyrics (most of his songs are wrote by his friend and him) and he also does compose.
His mother is also a singer and she has very beautiful voice. I love both of them!
Recently I bought his DVD and after my son slept, I watch it and enjoy a lot! :D

If you are interested in his song, here is another my favourite song, link below...

"Itoshi Kimie" by Naotaro Moriyama

I'm glad to hear if you also had interests of him or his songs, and am looking forward to hearing your impressions or opinions, as one of his fan! :D


Cindy said...

Hi Yuko!

I listened to the song, and can understand why you enjoy listening to his music. He has a very beautiful and calming voice :)

Susana de Argentina said...

Yuko, hermosa la canción! muy dulce la voz!
Yuko, beautiful the song! very sweet the voice!

Nancy said...

Oh Yuko! Thank you so much for sharing these songs. I can understand why you like him so much. His voice is magnificent, and his songs create much emotion. The second song made my eyes tear. And, I also think he is very handsome.

Susimac said...

He has a lovely voice Yuko, and I think he's quite tasty too LOL!

Garden Girl said...

The cherry blossoms are very delicate and beautiful ~ I understand why songs are written about them! Thank you for introducing us to Naotaro Moriyama ~ he has a wonderful voice and the music is lovely. I enjoyed it immensely!

angie said...

Hi Yuko! I've just discovered your blog and it's very nice. Thanks for sharing these songs. I like them. Ther's something special in this singer. Sorry for mu English, I'm Spanish.
I Thought Sakura was just a girl's name so it's been a surpise to me knowing that sakura are cherry blossoms.
I'll visit you soon

Claudia said...

Ohhh the "Sakura" song is beautiful... but the second one "Itoshi Kimie", ohhhhhhhhh that song is GORGEOUS!!!! I don't understand a word, but it's so sweet and touching!!!!

Maria said...

What a lovely songs!!!
Thank you for present Naotarou Moriyama and the music of your country to us.

Carol R said...

The cherry blossom picture is lovely Yuko and thanks for your sharing your favourite singer!

Eles Kleine Wunderwelt said...

Dear Yuko,
I like the cherry blossoms too, what a wonderful picture of them and an interesting singer.
Have a nice weekend Gabriele

Silvia said...

Hi Yuko :)
I saw your link in Susana de argentina's blog.
Lovely singer, beautiful voice!

Kissies :D