Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Dance!!! - My First "Tilda"

I had been longing for Tilda's works very much from a long time ago, and have been looking at the blog "Tilda Addict's" for a long time!
But I was not confident to make such lovely stuffs by my hands, so had been hesitating to try it out.

But, I couldn't be patient as just looking at them and finally I tried to make one!
Here is my first "Tilda (snail)"!

Ohhhh, it's so lovely, isn't it!
I'm so happy that I could make one by myself!!!
Although when I asked my son "What's this?", he said "A fox" (lol), but I'm quite satisfied of this result!!

A fox... uhmmm why? lol
I did makeup her face, can you see her cheeks are a little bit pink by brusher?

I used black x white polka dot fabric for her shell, and added woolly lace around the joint part, and also added lace knitting flower on her shell.

Here is the close up photo, it's a bit blurry, though...
I added Lavendar in her shell with cotton, so she smells so nice!

I have never thought that I will be able to make one in short time.
I made this snail while my son was having nap.

Actually I can't understand the instruction in French at all, so it will be hard to make more difficult dolls by myself...
But as this is so lovely, I want to make some more and other types, too (if I can...)!

Ahhhh, can you imagine how I'm happy now?!
I have been smiling all the time since I've finished this! lol
I think I will show this to my husband immediately when he came back from work tonight!!!

Here is my Grass Dog, the photo was taken on 28th.
This time I tied up his long hair with red ribbon, lol
How is he?
Actually his face is getting horrible with roots, now he also grow a mustache!
Oh he became an adult (lol), about two weeks ago he was only a baby, though time flies so fast! :D
I have been thinking how to trim his hair...
Until I decide how to do, I will let his hair grow more and more and will see how it will be!

Buhhh, my son is keep saying "fox, fox----!!!" about my Tilda snail...
I hope he doesn't throw it away or break it...


Sikozu said...

What a lovely snail !!! I love it ! Congratulations for your first Tilda. She's very beautiful ! You are very talented :) For the others french instructions, do you need some help ?

Take care
Siko ;)

Carol R said...

What a beautiful snail Yuko. When my sister was little she had a snail and she called him Brian! No idea why but maybe you would like to call yours Brian too LOL
Once on her birthday I brought her a really big ceramic snail and put a tag on him with 'Brian' on it!
Your grass dog is just too funny - love the little red bow.

Pumpkin said...

Yuko, you are so amazing!!!! Do you know how talented you really are? Your snail is just adorable and does not look like a fox at all ;o)

I have been enjoying reading about Grass Dog. He's got quite the hair style. He looks a bit crazy with his wonky eyes though. LOL!

angie said...

It's fantastic. I'm a Tilda addict too and I've sen some of her ideas: hearts, bags... but I'm not confident enogh to make a doll or a sanil. Tilda's books are in English too.

Nancy said...

Yuko your snail is so beautiful! I can understand why you are so happy - you should be. I love how you added wool trim to her and her shell. Amazing work as always!

Your little dog grew from a baby to an adult very, very fast! Next you will have to trim his mustache!

Annie said...

Your snail is delightful! What a clever idea. I'll have to check out Tilda's blog.

And that is one crazy looking dog!

Barbara said...

Your Tilda snail is so sweet! My daughter loves snails and would be over here right now if I told her about it - but then I would not get my computer back this afternoon!

All your stitching projects are so beautifully done! :D

mimimira said...

You did very well with the snail, Yuko! Congratulations, it is lovely!

arcadia said...

Oh Yuko it looks soooo cute !!! I can't believe you did so good with your very first !!! Congrats for your first Tilda finish !!! If you ever need help on Tilda patterns, nver hesitate to ask, I have all of T. Finnanger's books, I'm a big fan :-) but don't bee too much in a hurry to sew a doll...ok ??? hehe...ahum....I can't tell more ;-)
I love your grass-hair dog ! We had them here in the 80's, and we even had some made of clay, you had to spread seeds on the clay, and tada ! same result ! I remember I had an hedgehog :-)
Isn't it funny to have a look each day ?! Now I can't have one anymore, my cat is eating the grass LOL

Julie said...

Stunning finish and so adorable Yuko, well done. I think i better go and look at Tilda's blog LOL

Susimac said...

I LOVE IT!! She's gorgeous well done on making that beautiful snail now what are you going to call her??

Maria said...

Congratulations Yuko!!, it´s so beautiful..., and congratulations to try it and do it.
I think like you about Tilda. Last week I bought a Tilda´s book, and I look at it again and again. I think that I'll try it very soon, I want my tilda too!!!.

Julianne said...


Beautiful work on the snail! I think you're very brave to try new things. I treasure the snail that Arcadia made for me. I'm so happy to see that you are becoming friends with each other.

Thanks for the very kind birthday greetings.

petitescroixetbidouilles said...

Very cute little snail !
if you need some help for the instructions in French, just send me an e-mail, I will do the translation :-))

Einschies blog said...

Oh what special colors you have chosen, I really like it...I also have Tildas house new in my stash so i will give it a try tooo....sometimes*sigh*


Paisley said...

Your snail turned out beautifully, Yuko! A lovely reminder for all of us to slow down, hehe!

Your dog's hair is growing so fast! He could almost have a different style every day!

Hazel said...

Your snail is beautiful Yuko and looks nothing like a fox lol!! What a talent you are. xx

Olenka's Stitches said...

Your snail looks so adorable! You are very creative, the flower on the side of the snail is so coquetish. How about making a Tilda fox for your son?

Carla said...

adorable!!! i love it with the polkadot shell :)

Ele said...

Wonderful - your first "Tilda" and congratulations Yuko!
I lkie the special colours you take for the cute snail.
Whish you many fun with it and
a sunny weekend!

Anonymous said...

wahouuuuuuuuu !!!
trop joli ton escargot
bonne idée ces pois et cette dentelle..
félicitations il est magnifique

veroch said...

bravi it's very nice

Doris said...

is very cute!

staci said...

Your snail is adorable!!! I can't believe it's your first~~you've done such a beautiful job with it!

Lovely basket lid too, I was going through my stitching stash and found some basket kits I bought a long time ago~~you've inspired me to get working on them!

Anne said...

what a lovely little snail, I love the fabric, congratulations, you are so talented!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yuko!

ほんとかわいい!! そろそろ梅雨の季節に

Teri said...

Your snail is so adorable! Everything you create turns out beautifully.

CBB/Cassebonbon said...

Your snail is very nice ! You should try to make another one !
You can be proud of you !
Best regards from Belgium.

Susan said...

That is by far the prettiest snail I've ever seen! Beautiful work, Yuko!

niniepatch said...

hello yuko, your snail is so beautiful, i love it!!!!! welcome new tilda addict's!!!!Best rgards from normandy in france!!!

casa said...

it's the most beautiful fox i've ever seen! ;)



àngels patch said...

hello Yuko,
It's fantastic.


angelasweby said...

Oh no!
How could I have missed this beautiful little snail. I must have been away!!

She is so elegant like a rich lady going out to have tea in an expensive tea shop. She has put on her best shell with the woolly lace and the knitted flower trim and put on her make up beautifully. Now she is looking to see if she can find her friends. What a fashionable snail she is. I cannot believe you made her and SO quickly (while your son was having a nap..haha) She must smell beautiful too.

Yuko you are such a talented young lady!
Hugs, Angela