Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Small Gift FOR Angela

Thank you everyone for leaving me warm comments, always.
I'd really appreciate for them, indeed!

Today I share another basket lid which I've made for my dear friend Angela.
I have made the same style of basket lid before, though I knew that Angela liked this very much and she LOVES pink (so do I), I have made the same style for her.
(The stitched piece is different from the last one...)

Actually I wanted to send this for her Birthday in Feb. (too late!!), but I wanted to add and make something special for her, but to make it, I needed to sew by sewing machine...
That is what made me lose my nerve and finally I couldn't sent it to her...
I'm so sorry Angela, next time when I pull out sewing machine, I will make one for you!

Here is the inside of the basket.
I used the same fabric as the front, and added pom-pom trim around the edge.
My mum also liked this basket lid, so when she has came here to see us, she has made the same one (but the stitching piece was different...) with me!

As I know that Angela loves pink so much, this time I made a "pink box" for her!
Everything were pink, I added pink ribbons, pink trims and braids, pink fabrics, pink buttons etc... etc...
And I wrapped the box with pink paper!

I've heard that she has received my parcel safely and she loved everything that I've sent her, so I felt very relief and was so happy to heard of it!

By the way, recently I've received lots of e-mails from my old friends and they all are now pregnant!!! OH my! What's going on!
Just 2 months ago, also my old friend (one of the member of our group) have just gave birth to a baby girl, and I promised to stitch something for a sweet baby girl!

BUT! now around me, there are totally five (besides they all are my dear friends!) friends are pregnant!!
Do I need to stitch for all of them, lol?
I should be an "Asura", I need 5 more pairs of hands, otherwise I can't manage everything!!

So I will stop to join in any exchanges for a while after June (except private exchanges or SALs)...
I hope I can present something even small for them to celebrate their new born babies!

By the way, here it is, my grass dog!
I knew that lots of people are looking forward to seeing his photo from their comments, so they might be laughing at him by now! LOL
My little son is also looking forward to seeing him every day, and he is very excited and after that laughing at him!

His hair grow so fast, don't you think?
This photo was taken on 25th, so now his hair is more longer than this photo!! lol
I think I will be able to tie his hair up with ribbon soon, lol

What kind of hair style would you like want me to do for him?
Any requests??
At the moment, I have no idea what to do next, so please give me some ideas of his hair style! :D

Basket lid design : from "De fil en aiguille no.21"
Fabric : 28ct DMC linen (white)
Thread : DMC #3779
Finished as : Basket lid


petitescroixetbidouilles said...

Very nice basket !
Your grass doogie is very funny !


Carol R said...

The basket for Angela is absolutely gorgeous - so delicate - I just love the pompom trim!

This is one friend who is Not pregnant - I'm much too old! LOL

Your grass dog is so funny - like a punk rocker.


Lillie said...

The basket lid is simply beautiful.I like the idea of the basket lid. Can I steal the idea?

Oh! your doggie must be eating alot..he grow very fast. LOL

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful finish!!!

Jane said...

I love that basket lid! Pink is a favourite colour of mine, so it appeals to me very much. The pom-poms look fantastic on it too. What an amazing idea and the pink basket looks great with it.

Is that a cross stitch piece you've done in the background, Yuko? It looks like M Designs - Sampler Girls, right? I've just got this chart recently. It looks very beautiful.

Oh my, that doggy is growing hair so fast! I think he will need a trim soon.:)

Julie said...

A truly wonderful finish and such a special gift for your friend.

The doggy looks cute, he'll soon need a haircut!

Sally said...

What a beautiful gift for your friend Yuko. It is so pretty.

Love the grass dog:)

Nancy said...

Yuko this basket is so gorgeous! Your needlework is so amazing, and your finishes are always so beautiful. I know this basket is such a treasure to Angela!

Your doggie is growing so much hair! Maybe your son can give you a good idea for a hairstyle.

angie said...

It's fantastic. You've got a lot of work with so many babies.

Mel in Dubai said...

Your basket lid is gorgeous, Yuko!

angelasweby said...

I am so lucky to be the owner of this beautiful pink basket :>) It now has my favourite buttons and ribbons in it. It is perfect Yuko and I love it, thank you so much. I love the beautiful rose you have stitched on it and the pom pom trim is so delicate. Everything is pink....hmmm! Thank you so much for all the lovely treats you sent with it. You are so generous :>)

I love your little dog. His hair is growing in front of our eyes. If you go to this website you will see some lovely hairstyles for dogs :>)

Hugs, Angela

angelasweby said...

Yuko, hi, it's me again,
I forgot to say, please be careful, pregnancy is catching...haha!
Hugs, Angela

Susan said...

The basket is adorable, and your finishing is superb, as always!

Joei said...

The basket for Angela is so fab. I like those pompoms.

Funny looking dog, ;)

Sonnja said...

The basket for Angela is beautiful!
Kind regards

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
from the Netherlands

arcadia said...

I always enjoy looking at your finish, you do such a wonderful work ! Always classy, elegant, wow !

Susimac said...

Your basket for Angela is wonderful and knowing Angela she will be so delighted with it, its really lovely. You are so clever you know and very talented.

Susimac said...

Your basket for Angela is wonderful and knowing Angela she will be so delighted with it, its really lovely. You are so clever you know and very talented.

tkdchick said...

Your finishing skills are just superb!

Marie-P said...

AS always your work impresses me. You basket lid is beautiful.
Your dog makes me laugh. :)

Carla said...

waht a neat gift for a fellow stitcher !