Tuesday, May 06, 2008

[SBEBB] Spring House/Garden Exchange FROM Susan

Last week, I've received wonderful exchange from Susan!
It's [SBEBB] Spring House/Garden Exchange, and here are what I've received from her!

She stitched "Daisy Lane Cottage" by LHN and made it into a pinkeep for me.
How sweet this pinkeep is!
She stitched very beautifully and it's hard to believe that it's the first pinkeep for her.
It's perfect, isn't it! It is, in the real life, too!

Here is the backing fabric which she used for this pinkeep.
It's very lovely colour checked silk, the photo doesn't show it justice, but in the real life, it's so beautiful and it matches perfectly with this LHN design!

She added a Whitman's chocolate in the beautiful tin-can (chocolates have already gone..., they were very yum!), and also so many beautiful colour over dyed threads for me, as she knew that I can't buy over dyed threads easily in Japan.
How thoughtful gifts these are and what a sweet person she is!
Thank you so much, Susan!
I really love everything you have sent me!
I will definitely use beautiful over dyed threads for my future projects!

Her exchange and gifts made my day!
As I like to read her blog, when I found her name on the envelope, I was very happy and so excited to open it!
Thank you again, Susan!


Susimac said...

Its beautiful Yuko, what a lovely exchange it is from Susan. This is one of my favourite designs from LHN its such a pretty thing.

Carol R said...

A lovely exchange and what a beautiful pinkeep

Nancy said...

This is very beautiful Yuko! This design is lovely, and Susan made it into such a pretty pinkeep!

Sandra Ree said...

So pretty, she did a good job. :)

Carla said...

What a beautiful pinkeep you've received Yuko!

Susan said...

I'm glad you liked it, Yuko. :)

Ele said...

What a wonderful pinkeep from Susan you got, Yuko!
A great exchange...
Wish you many pleasure with it and send you all my best

Lelia said...

Beautiful pinkeep & exchange goodies! Enjoy : )

tammie said...

lovely pin keep the boys and i are fine had fantastic time..what did you do?

samplerlover said...

What a beautiful pinkeep, Yuko. I agree the silk backing sets it off beautifully. - Sandra.

tkdchick said...

Beautiful exchange to receive!

staci said...

A very pretty pinkeep and lovely exchange, congrats!!!