Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

YOU are the best!

I have been stitching "Love You, Mom" © Bent Creek
for Mother's Day, but couldn't make it in time...
I think I can finish it in a few days, and after framed
I will send it to her immediately with some CDs!

Mum, you always help me, even though we are far away,
you come here to help us a lot whenever without any hesitation.
I'm embarrassed but I didn't know how much you love me
when I was young, but now I feel your love so much.

Thank you always, and I love you, too!

And, "Happy Mother's Day!" to all mothers in the world!


Ele said...

My dear Yuko,
thanks so lot for visiting me and for all your good whishes!
I wish you a nice Mother's day too and send you many sunshine, because today the weather is warm and bright like in summer.
Have a good time an a wonderful Pentecoste.
Hugs and kisses

Dora said...

It is a beautiful project you are working on for your mother. Equally as nice were your treasured words for her.
Happy Mother's Day!

Nataliya said...

Wunderschönes Geschenk! Happy Mother's Day!
Liebe Grüße

angie said...

Although you don't arrive in time, your mum will appreciate it the same. Raelly nice.

Carol R said...

Happy Mother's Day Yuko.

Sandra Ree said...

And a Happy Mother's Day to you too! :)

Jennifer/OH said...

The sentiments expressed to your mother are so beautiful. Have a Happy Mother's Day Yuko!