Monday, May 19, 2008

My First Biscornu (Atalie)

Since I've finished to stitch for Mother's day gift, I've started to stitch Biscornu for May challenge of Monthly Finishing Challenge.
And here it is, my first Biscornu which I really wanted to stitch!

This is just before I sewed two pieces together, this design is just beautiful, isn't this!
I really love this design and wanted to stitch so much since the first time I saw it.

But even after I've got this chart, I had no confidence to finish off as Biscornu...
After I've joined in Monthly Finishing Challenge, I've tried two new things so far, one is Needle Roll and another one is this Biscornu.
This time as I had this beautiful chart, I thought that it's now or never!

Anyway, here is a close up photo of Spider Web Roses.
I love Spider Web Roses very much, that reminds me - my first Needle Roll was also used Spider Web Roses, too!

This time, I didn't have recommended threads at all, so I've chosen suitable threads from my stock.
I used Atalie Silk thread which my French friend Domy (she writes blog in English, too!) has gave me before, GAST and DMC, and stitched on 28ct DMC linen.

And I just have found a big metal rose at my usual local shop, and it was just perfect for this Biscornu!
This photo doesn't show the metal rose colour justice, but it's shinning and very beautiful in the real life.

Here is the back of Biscornu.
For the back, I just added normal, big pink button on it.
And actually the square wasn't satin stitch in the chart, but I couldn't understand how to stitch by the introduction in French, so I just have done satin stitch as same as the front.

I'm so glad that I finally could stitch this design and could make Biscornu!
And also I'm so happy how this turned out, even though I didn't use recommended threads.

What will be the next month challenge?
I'm looking forward to know it, but at the same time a bit nervous, lol

I'm going to start "HoE LHN Exchange" piece from today!
And also will start "Workbasket Quaker Animal Exchange" in a few days!
Both of them, I have been thinking about how to finish off, all the time...

By the way, I bought funny thing yesterday.
Actually I had been wanting this from a long time ago!
There were human version, and actually I wanted the one from these version, but recently I can't find them at all, and all have been changed to animal version, so I bought dog one.

This is grass dog (I think I should be his godmother!), he is bald at the moment though, turf will come up from his head sometime later!
And I can change his hair style as I wish!
I'm going to report on this grass dog from now on when I update my blog!
Enjoy and please look forward his photo!

Design : Atalie Mars 2007
Fabric : 28ct DMC Linen (white)
Threads : La soie ATALIE - SHIRAZ, GAST - Dried Thyme, DMC - #815
Finished as : Biscornu


Joei said...

Lovely biscornu Yuko. It just seems like you've been doing this finish for quite some time now. It's like a work of an expert. Congrats!!

Marie-P said...

I have never made a Biscornu, do not have the courage. LOL
You did a great job, hard to believe it is your 1st biscornu!

I love the Spider Web Roses ~ I have never seen that before.

You will need to post pictures of your dog as he/she grows grass!

Mel in Dubai said...

Your first biscornu is gorgeous, Yuko!! Congratulations!

vEr0n!c@ said...

Wow oh wow, that's a beautiful Biscornu. Your finishing looks professional. I've yet to make one. Gotta try it one of these day.

The "dog" looks cute. It'll look funny once the grass starts to grow ^.^

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko, well, what can I say. Everytime I check out your blog you have something absolutely beautiful. What a great job for a first attempt. Love the Spider Web Roses and your button really sets the whole thing off.
Also your Mothers Day gift for your Mum is really beautiful and what can I say about your beautiful little boy. I hope he had a lovely birthday. Happy Birthday - Sandra.

Carol R said...

Yuko, your biscornu is absolutely stunning. Your spider web roses are so pretty and the metal rose was just made for it.

Your grass doggie is really cute and can't wait to see him grow.

Ele said...

Your first biscornu is very beautiful, such lovely colours, well done Yuko!
Always a great pleasure for me to look on your blog.
Have a nice week Gabriele

Jane said...

Such a beautiful Biscornu, and a wonderful first time effort. I haven't been game to try anything like this either. Love the flower button and lovely pictures too.

It will be interesting to see your grass dog grow!

Cindy said...

Your biscornu is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on such a wonderful "first" :)

Sally said...

Your first biscornu is absolutely beautiful Yuko:)

tammie said...

I cannot believe that this is your first biscornu it is stunning. i really love the spider web roses i have never heard or them before. i amlearning so much on here.. well done..

Paisley said...

Your biscornu is beautiful, Yuko! I love the roses!

Nancy said...

Yuko I knew your biscournu would be breathtaking, and it is! That means I am gasping because it is so beautiful! You do such gorgeous stitching and finishing.

I like your little dog, and I will look forward to photos of his hairstyles!

Andrea said...

Gorgeous biscornu.

Oh the little dog, this will be so funny. LOL. Can't wait to see his hair growing.

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful biscornu! And as always, your photographs are just lovely!

angie said...

I haven't enough words to describe how lovely your biscornu seems to me.
The dos is very funny. I'm looking forward seeing its hair growing.

Julie said...

WOW such a stunning piece of work. I have ennjoyed looking at your blog

staci said...

I can't believe this is your first biscornu!!! It has to be one of the prettiest I've ever seen!!! Wonderful job :)

Irene said...

Lovely biscornu !!

enigma said...

very-very fine and nice, i like roses very much:)

Heidi said...

Hello Yuko! Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and your sweet comments. I so enjoyed being able to show Angela, Hazel and Joni Holland. We now all have many happy memories.

Your biscornu is so pretty. I love the roses.

Hugs ~

Annie said...

Your biscornu is beautiful. I love the spider web roses and the pretty metal rose in the center. I have to try that stitch sometime.

And the little dog is just too funny!

Tanya said...

Turned out beautiful - those ribbon roses are gorgeous. Good job!


sugardoll said...

Congrats on your first biscornu. It is very elegant and beautiful

Jessie said...

You did a great job Yuko, your first rose bisconu is so beautiful and elegant! I love the rose buttons u used which matches so well with your rose stitches.

Sikozu said...

Your first biscornu is absolutely beautiful ! Congratulations!!
I love Atalie's biscornus.
Thanks for your visit and your comments.

Svenja said...

The biscornu is absolutely beautiful!
Very impressive.

Nataliya said...

Ohhh! Es ist die schönste biscornu, die ich bis heute gesehen habe! Also, wunderschön!

BorBoLeTA said...

is a real beauty and has more merit as the first, the design is very beautiful, had not previously heard of him, I would like embroidery, I find your blog charm, is very beautiful, my humble receives congratulations from a distant place called merida yucatan

Olenka's Stitches said...

The biscornu you made is absolutely beautiful: great colors and I like the buttons you used, they match the design just perfect!

モットゥ said...

プラボ「Plants Laboratory」ですよね?

Lillie said...

Wow! Loved the Spider Web Biscornu. Well done!
Looking forward to your Doggie grows.

Sonnja said...

Lovely biscornu Yuko.
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
from the Netherlands.

Anne said...

what a lovely biscornu! I like the spider web roses and the buttons! it just look so elegant! congratulations!!!

Michele said...

Yuko, your biscornu is lovely!

tkdchick said...

Fantastic job Yuko!

arcadia said...

Your biscornu looks wonderful, I wish I had your skills to make such nice roses, mine look like car tires LOL. Oh, and your mom gift is so cute and touching !

matilda said...

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