Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Happy Yesterday!

Thank you so much for warm and nice comments to my Biscornu on the last post!
I really appreciate for them a lot!

Yesterday, I went out to TOKYO to meet up with my online friends!
Since I still have a small kid, I hadn't been able to gone out alone, but yesterday my husband looked after my son at home, so I could go out and could meet my friends in person!
I really appreciate for my husband.

Anyway, we met at Tokyo with five girls all together, one of them I have met before, but other three girls I hadn't met in person before, so I was a bit nervous at first, but once we met, we couldn't stop chatting and I didn't feel that it was the first met at all!
We went to see the small cross stitch exhibition together in Tokyo!

I'm living in the next Pref. to Tokyo, though actually I had never been there by train, so was very excited and found a funny poster at metro (photo above...).
In Japan, lots of girls do make-up in the train (lol), so this poster notices and says "Please do it at home" (lol).

After we went to the exhibition, we had Indian curry lunch, and went to famous and a long established store of handcraft "
I bought some Permin linens, linen bands, wire hangers, some over dyed threads, ribbons, twisted codes for finishing, etc...

After our shopping, we went out for tea, this time we had Japanese style desserts at "Tsujiri".

I had shaved ice with green tea and condensed milk syrup + three different tastes ice creams on top! It was so yum, but as I was just under the air conditioner, I became feel very chilly at the end!
My friends told me that I was (my hands were) shaking (lol)

Some of my friends brought some gifts and gave them to each one.
Oops, I didn't prepare anything for them!
So I will stitch or make something for them for the next time we meet up!
Here are the gifts that my friends gave me!

Top one is a card case which I can organize my members cards or cash cards etc...
She stitched Prairie Schooler's design for me! It's cute isn't it!
I always wanted a card case because inside of my purse was always messy with lots of cards...

Next one, is a small Biscornu and a lace knitting doiry!
She gave me a red one and this is very pretty in the small tart cup!
Compare to her pretty Biscornu, my Biscornu that I've made (last post) is very big though, about what size is average size as Biscornu??? When I told my Biscornu size to them, everyone laughed a lot! (lol)

And the last one, is a little pin cushion with hand-made pins!
It's so tiny and very pretty!
And bead head pins are so beautiful!

Thank you so much for everyone to took your time to work on them!!
I'd appreciate for them a lot!

We were like high school girls, couldn't stop chatting, though time flies so fast we had to go home...
I had so happy time with them, even though it was the first met to most of them!
We are planning to meet up next month, too.

Next month we will visit one of thems' house, and will do some stitch together!
I'm so looking forward to see them again!

By the way, here is my grass dog (oops, he has no name yet...), this was taken on 22, May.
His hair is growing and growing so fast, now he has quite long hair, lol!

He also had long nose hair (LOL), so I pull it out, because it's too funny to see his face, and I wanted him to be handsome, lol

I'm going to let him hair grow more and more!
I also have different turf growing kit in hedgehog version, so after this dog's hair grew enough, I will try hedge hock one, too!

Please look forward to see his next photo!


Nancy said...

Hi Yuko! Your day with your friends sounds so happy and fun. I am so happy for you that you got to go to meet them and have such an enjoyable day. They made you some very beautiful gifts, and I know you will look forward to the time you can sit and stitch with them.

Oh, your dog's hair is growing nicely! He will have a very stylist haircut!

petitescroixetbidouilles said...

What a beautiful day meeting some "virtual friends", the gifts they made are gorgeous, they spoiled you :-)) You went to shopping too so what a wonderful day !!

Brigitte said...

Yuko, what a wonderful day for you and your friends! I love get-togethers with stitching friends just talking about stitching and looking at each other's projects. Enjoy your beautiful gifts.

Cindy said...

It sounds like you really had a great day with your friends!

I thought that the make-up picture was funny. I only rode the train once here recently, and there were girls putting their make-up on there, too. I would make a mess if I tried to do that :)

Paisley said...

Your visit with your friends sounds wonderful, and the gifts are lovely! What a fun thing to do!

The poster from the train is too funny! Girls here are known to do their makeup while driving... cell phone in one hand, mascara brush in the other. They must drive with their feet!

Dora said...

Your day sounded so memorable and your friends made some lovely items. I love the little rabbit!

Carol R said...

You had a wonderful day with your friends and what lovely gifts you received too. I love the little red biscornu in the tart cup and the hand made pins in the pinkeep are really pretty.

Mr Doggie looks so cute now that his hair is growing. Soon you will have to give him a haircut.

Irene said...

Sounds like a great day of fun with your friends. Cute gifts. I love how your doggie is looking.

angie said...

You have had a fantastic day with your on-line friendas. It's fantastic to have arranged a new meeting for next month and that you will sew together.
The presents are lovely and the poster in the train seems really strange to me.
The dog has a very funny looking.

angelasweby said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely visit with your friends. Getting together with friends recharges our batteries :>) You must tell us more about the cross stitch show, it sounds realy interesting and so does your wonderful shopping.
I loved the poster. it looks so vintage and made me smile. I too have seen girls putting on their make up and driving!!
Your little dog's hair is growing so quickly. It's such a clever idea. I can't wait to see your little hedgehog. I bet Tasuku is watching this with fascination :>)
Hugs, Angela

Andrea said...

You have received some wonderful gifts from your friends.(My biscornu squares are usually about 10cm x 10cm)

LOl, your dog's hair is growing so fast. Can't wait to see the hedgehog.

Julie said...

It's always nice to have some time with friends. Lovely gifts they made for you.
Love the dogs hair!

Annie said...

What great gifts you received! And they give me some new ideas for finishing. I like the credit card case and the little pin cushion with pretty beaded pins on one side. Enjoy your new pretties.

Joei said...

I'm sure you had wonderful day out with your friends. Shopping is always fun and not to forget the chats and chows (eat), lol! Lovely gifts you received.

The dog is really growing hair, cute!

Lillie said...

Looks like you had had a wonderful day with your girlfriends. The gifts are lovely.

The doggie sure grows fast1

Wendy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day - meeting up with old and new stitching friends and shopping and eating - what could be better!

Michele said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your girlfriends. Getting together with stitching friends is always lots of fun. Love the little gifts they stitched for you :)

arcadia said...

I'm so happy for you that you could have a day out to meet your cyber friends !
The gifts are beautiful, and I bet you had a lot of fun !
This green ice cream looks...strange for us on this side of the Earth LOL, but it sounds tasty !!! I bet it was yummy :-)