Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bacon Cheese Bread

Again, I baked homemade bread.
This time I made
it for dinner, so added bacon and cheese inside.

This book instructs to make bread with rice cooker, so the whole shape is always be like this.
And here it is, I thought the ferment (rise) wasn't good enough when the last time I baked, so this time I left it a bit more time, and so it became better than before.

But still not good enough and yet ugly, lol

I think I should investigate into how to make good bread!

This time AJ and Tass ate them a lot, thanks for your consideration, lol
I ate only one piece, lol
It's quite hard to bake perfect one, because it depends on what kind of rice cooker I have...
So next time I will try to bake in the oven!

As for the stitching, now I'm making some Biscornus and PIF gifts.
I found that to make Biscornu, especially to sew two pieces together is very much fun!
I hope I can share some stitching photos sometime later!

Thank you SO much everyone for joining my 2nd Blogoversary giveaway.
It's still open until 16th (Sunday), so please don't hesitate to join in!
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Take care and happy stitching!


Anonymous said...

that looks wonderful

Theresa said...

It looks delicious~~~
I didn't know we can make bread from rice cooker!!! Baking looks like a lot of fun~

Jennifer/OH said...

The bread looks wonderful. I have never seen bread made in a rice steamer before. Is that how all breads are baked in Japan? Have you considered buying a "bread machine". This mixes dough, allows yeast to rise (what you call ferment) and then bakes it all in one place. It looks like a little square oven and sits on the table. I have never had good luck in getting the yeast to rise properly. Always my breads are flat and hard as a rock!

karenv said...

Your bacon and cheese bread looks yummy!

Annie said...

The worst part about homemade bread is that you may tend to eat too much of it! It looks yummy. But watch those calories!

Carol R said...

Your bread looks really yummy Yuko - wish I could try some!
SMILe xx

Irene said...

This bread also looks very delicious ! Think I may have to pull out my bread maker.

Ranae said...

That bread looks so good, I am sniffing trying to smell it, lol.

Christine said...

Your bread looks lovely. I am surprised that it can be cooked in a rice cooker, but I suppose it is a bit like using a breadmaker.
I think if you tried it in the oven it would probably have more colour.

Annemarie said...

Ooh, homemade bread. Yum! It looks delicious. I love to bake bread too, but I just pop it in the oven. I don't own a rice cooker :o)

angie said...

You'll become an expert in homemade bread!!

Nancy said...

I think your bacon and cheese bread looks delicious! Very interesting shape. Yummy!

Little Rabbit Miniatures said...