Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yummy! - Chocolate + Brown Rice Bread

Again "Bread", lol
I don't know why but I'm in stitching slump now...
I don't feel like stitching much these few days.
So again I baked bread, this time I used Cocoa Powder, Chocolate, and Brown Rice (not flour)!

Of course again with a rice cooker! (it's very easy!)
I said I will use oven from next time, but as I bought a new microwave+oven recently so had to check how to use first, so it was a bit troublesome (lazy, aren't I?!)

But this time I didn't do the same, I didn't follow the recipe, I checked bread's state by myself and judged and left it more to rise.
So this time it went well so much!

The bread is taste cocoa but there is melting yummy yummy chocolate inside... mmmm, yum!
AJ and Tass also loved it so much, me too, so I bought some more ingredients today for this bread for the next time.

Sorry, recently I haven't been posting anything about stitching at all...
I hope I can share some stitching photos, even progress one with you soon.

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Happy Stitching!


Rachel said...

LOL All these bread posts are making me hungry!!

Love the pic of your son with his chocolate face :)

CraftyT said...

Looks delicious Yoko. You are now named "The Baking Queen"
Take Care

Paisley said...

Looks delicious! I'm so impressed you can make bread in a rice cooker!

Ele said...

My dear - I am right, is it your blog Yuko, or are I now in a baker's shop, I think so... :o)

Such different kind of bread, I love them all!

hungry greetings


Nancy said...

This looks very, very delicious Yuko! I am happy that this kind turned out well for you.

To stitch is my favorite hobby, but sometimes it is nice to do something different for a few days. Enjoy baking bread!

Carol R said...

Mmmmm this chocolate bread looks delicious.

Theresa said...

This looks so yummy~~~ I love chocolate~~

AnnaKiwie said...

What a nice blog!!!
Very very nice!
And what lovely recipes... mmmmmm....
I'll be back!

Irene said...

The chocolate bread sounds delicious !

geeky Heather said...

You can never go wrong by adding chocolate!! The bread looks delicious!

Daffycat said...

Wow! Chocolate bread, yum!

Elisabetta said...

Compliments for your blog and so beautiful photo that you take!!! What kind of machine do you have???
Have a nice day