Monday, November 24, 2008

Kastanie - My Favourite Restaurant in Karuizawa!

Kastanie my favourite restaurant in Karuizawa, is also my dear friend Fiona and her husbands' restaurant.
It was the first time to visit there, but we really became big fan of this restaurant!!
Everything was just fantastic!!!


We had lunch there on our first day of trip, and have ordered some dishes and shared them.
The Salad we ordered was SO fresh and I've never had such fresh veges before! Tomatos were so sweet and so delicious!
Here is Shrimp & Bacon Pizza.


I forgot the exact name, but it was like taco rice.
We mixed all and had them, it was also yum!


Here is Prawn Risotto.
This is my husband's favourite! He loved this so much, he seemed so happy while he was having this dish!! He said, the smells of grilled prawn and cheese are mixed and they turned this out very deliciously!


For dessert, mmmm.... I couldn't make up my mind to the last, but I ordered Chocolate Tarte this time,


and my husband ordered Gateau au Chocolat.
Both were very nice!!


We all have ordered Caffe Latte, and they came with lovely coffee art...
This is the one I was very looking forward to see in person!
For hubby who is wearing glasses, lovely, isn't it!


I was wearing knit cap, so is this bear also wearing cap or hat?? too cute!


This is seal for Fiona, my son saw this and he was smiling and enjoyed to see them so much!


Here are some photos of Day 2's lunch at Kastanie...

We had plan to visit Kastanie again for dinner, though we wanted to have cozy time with delicious lunch, so we decided to go there for lunch, too!
We ordered Anchovy & Garlic Pizza and some other meals...
(Oops! again I miss spelled in the photo...)
Can you see the little red tin behind the dish? It's "Shichimi" (a ground mixture of red pepper and aromatic spices), they recommended us to use it for Pizza instead of Tabasco!
My husband loves Shichimi, and I also tried it and it was very good!



And for dessert, we ordered Pannacotta that was also taste good.
My husband ordered Prawn Risotto again, he loves it!

前日とは少し違ったメニューで・・・ でもやはりまたエビのリゾットを。

And I ordered Cappucino and hubby ordered Caffe Latte!
Again, there were sweet arts on the surface of coffee, they were too lovely I couldn't have them for a long time, just was looking at and smiling! :)

またまた可愛いアートが施され・・・ 飲んでしまうのが勿体無くてしばらく眺めていました。

We again visited Kastanie for Day 2's dinner! :)
We didn't want to waste our money for not good meals out there and we were sure that we can have delicious meals at
Kastanie, so we went there three times in 2 days!



I took some photos, but photos don't show justice, so I just share some photos...
Here is my Apple Tarte for dessert, and my partner ordered ice cream.




We've got so sweet surprise!
Minoru and Fiona presented us this red wine as early Christmas present!!
How sweet of them, we were so impressed, and wine which Minoru's recommended one (from South Australia) was very rich and nice!


We highly recommend you to visit Kastanie if you go to Karuizawa!!
I'm sure you will never fail, everything is so yum!!!
My husband is gourmet and often criticize about meals, but he was totally satisfied everything at

I saw his full of happy smiley face during having meals after a long time!



They told me that they have plan to make an English web site, too.
Karuizawa is only one hour from Tokyo by bullet train, so please visit there!!!
There is also a big
outlet shopping mall, too!


I will report and share my trip photos later!


Annie said...

Everything looks so yummy! And those pictures in the latte are adorable. This is not what I think of when I think of Japanese food!

Anonymous said...

How great that you got to make this trip and enjoy such a wonderful time and great food at your friend's restaurant! Your pics are great!
Amy from Oklahoma

Nancy said...

I am glad that you enjoyed your visit with your friend. The food looks so delicious, and they arrange it on the plate so beautiful! Welcome home!

Mãe da Rita said...

It's a fantastic restaurant!! I loved the faces in the coffee, so funny! It was a nice holiday, wasn't it? Hugs! MJ

Anonymous said...

it's so delicious !!!

Nina said...

Thanks for the great photos, Yuko!
Every food look amazing and delicious!!
You always take wonderful photos!


Anna van Schurman said...

I'm going to start demanding cute faces in my coffee from Starbucks--I mean, I'm paying them enough!

Olenka's Stitches said...

Wow! Delicious pictures! :-))
Sounds like you had an enjoyable visit.

Doris said...

everything look so good!!
i like rissotto too, and other tipe of rice that i like is the Paella,my mother in law make one that is heaven!!

Anne said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures, it looks so delicious and how cute are these faces in the coffee cups?!

Theresa said...

Those food look delicious!!!!!! I love the coffee art!! They are so cute~~~

Cindy F. said...

Your pics look like a professional photographer took them for a gourmet magazine!! Beautiful job!
Everything looks sooo delicious!

Melissa said...

Welcome back Yuko. The photos are so wonderful they are making me so hungry as it's before dinner time here. I especially like the cafe latte art!

Joei said...

Wow, yummy!!!!! Makes me hungry...
Cute coffee art, love it.

Jane said...

Yummy looking food, and how cute are those coffees?

Dovilė said...


Carol R said...

I will definitely put Fiona's restaurant on my places to visit in Japan list. The prawn risotto looks delicious and the desserts too. I would order latte just to see the pictures - so cute!

Great photos Yuko - you could make a living as a photographer any day!

Carla said...

Everything looks delicious!!! Love the art in the coffee...very cool!!!!

Irene said...

The food all looks so declicious and the coffee faces are so cute !!

sachi said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures! Now, I can't make plan to go because of my loverly baby. So these pictures and your blog make me happy!

sachi said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures! Now, I can't make plan to go because of my loverly baby. So these pictures and your blog make me happy!

Teri said...

I've enjoyed all your vacation photos, but I especially enjoyed the food shots. Yum!!! Thank you for sharing your trip!