Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Short Trip : Day 2 in Karuizawa, Nagano

Short trip : Day 2 (21, Nov, 2008) in Karuizawa.
We stayed at
House of Karuizawa, and our room was like this.
We were planning to stay with Fiona during the day (the first day), so booked this room just for bath and bed, so my husband suggested me to find more cheaper hotel, like business hotel (lol), though I wanted to stay small pension or cottage in the woods, so I just decided and reserved this room! :)

But to be honest, being with a little child, it was a bit inconvenient for not to have a bath and toilet in the each room...

This is a beautiful scene from the dining room in the morning.
It was so nice and fresh morning!! How romantic to have breakfast as seeing such a beautiful scene!

In the morning haze, we played a lot in the nature, just beautiful, isn't this?

This is the pension where we stayed and me feeling morning breeze(?), actually it wasn't breeze, it was really windy and cold day!!

My son was so excited to play with fallen leaves, he carried a bunch of leaves from here and there again and again, saying "I'm working hard now!!" :)

Just looked up, there was a beautiful autumn sky.

I walked around in the woods, it was so romantic and I was so impressed to be there.

Beautiful autumn colours, I looked down and took a photo of my feet. I like this shot!

After we left our pension, we went to big outlet shopping mall, and bought LEGO for my son, Jeans for hubby, and I bought some clothes. We were not supposed to go there for shopping, so we couldn't buy more...

And it was a SO windy and cold day, my son was almost crying so we finished shopping soon and after that we went to Fiona's restaurant again.

Restaurants in the outlet mall were full of people, and we didn't want to spend money for not good food, so we decided to go to Kastanie again, even though we had plan to go there for dinner, too!
(Food's photos are on the previous post...)

Here is the wine (from South Australia) that Minoru and Fiona presented us as early Christmas present!

How sweet of them, we were so impressed by their warm hearts!!
I couldn't drink because I had to drive down to the hotel, but my husband was satisfied by it and seemed so happy!

Here is a photo of my best friends, also a best couple!

We had to leave Karuizawa next day, so we hug and said good bye...
They were so nice to us, thank you so much for them from the bottom of our heart!

We will be back to Karuizawa as soon as we can!

I will report about Day 3 (our last day), later!
Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your comments!!

Take care and Happy Stitching!


Rachel said...

I love the photos from your trip!! Your sone is adorable at 'working hard' carrying those leaves :)

Hope the rest of your trip is good!!

Nancy said...

I am happy you had such a wonderful visit with your friend! You stayed in such a beautiful place. That is how it looks at our house - many trees, and many, many leaves on the ground! I will look forward to your next post Yuko. I have enjoyed seeing pictures of you and your family very much.

Olga said...

Very nice pictures!You are so hapy in them.

Julie said...

Wonderful pictures of your trip, its so nice to meet friends. The food looks delicious.

I love the dainty PIF you made and sent.

Theresa said...

It is a beautiful place to stay!!!! I love your photos!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to share these pictures !
It sounds like a very pleasant trip.
It's funny to discover how you and your family look like :-)

The weather seemed to be cold, but friendship is always warm (hope that you understand my fren-glish, lol)

Dora said...

Beautiful pictures, Yuko! The last 2 are so nice. A beautiful family :)

Carol R said...

More lovely photos Yuko - thanks for sharing. Mr T was having great fun with those leaves - send him over here and I will put him to work! The pension looks a lovely place to stay - much nicer than business hotel.

Irene said...

Your photos bring "serenity" to my mind. Looks like a very nice place to stay.