Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today's Photos - Drove Down To Odawara...

Today the weather was very fine and so we drove down to Odawara-city in Kanagawa Pref.
It takes about one hour to drive to get there, but we often go there because there are some big shopping malls and they don't charge parking fee!
So we don't need to rush, just can relax (window) shopping!

Here is a photo of Enoshima where is very famous beach in Japan.
This photo was taken from driving car.

Odawara is one of castle town.
We went to Odawara-jo (Odawara Castle) which is very small, just to have a look but it was boring and so we soon changed the destination! (lol)

Just a few snaps there...

I didn't know that Aloe bear this kind of fruit(?) or this can be flower later???
Oops, the words in the photo is miss spelled (lol)

We went to Robinson department store where is our favourite place, and bought some books and my son Tass's winter jacket.
Oh I also bought a knit cap, I love hats and caps so much, I think I will show you my hat collection some other time! :)

When we drove back to home, we could see Mt. Fuji in the sunset, so I asked AJ to stop the car and took this photo.

We are going to visit my dear friend Fiona in Karuizawa, Nagano Pref. from 20th to 22nd, Nov.
I heard that Nagano is getting very very cold, so she suggested us to take winter clothes!!
Ohhh, I don't like cold weather... brrrr

I'm so looking forward to seeing her!!
I will report "my short trip in Karuizawa" when I got back!

Cathey (aka Pumpkin) and Leena, I will send you Giveaway gifts after I got back from a short trip next week!

Take care and thanks for your visit!
Happy Stitching!


Ginnie said...

What lovely photos - looks a great place.

Lara said...

фотографии класс!
а я и не знала что у алоэ вера такие цветы, здорово :)

Natasha said...

Yuko, Looks like you have a wonderful drive....Mt Fuji looks amazing in the back drop..
I, like you, do not like the cold. Here in South Carolina USA it has been very COLD....I do not like it when it is this cold....A nice cup of coffee or tea and warm socks does the trick :)

Have a safe and fun trip

Laura said...

Wow!!!!! That picture of Mt. Fuji is amazing!!! I hope to see it myself one day.

I loved the Olympics from Nagano. It looked beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos Yuko! The one with Mt. Fuji is stunning!

Nicole said...

Wow, Yuko, beautiful pictures! I would love to visit Japan one day. My dad went there when I was a little girl and absolutely loved it! Thank you for sharing!

Manuela said...

Your pictures are very nice, wonderful places.

Mãe da Rita said...

You've madded a nice trip! The photos are lovely! As it concerns to aloe vera, this is the flower button but I think the products are made off the leaves. If you cut a piece, you can use it as a lotion (someone showed me that in Dominican Republic once)- it's good for mosquitoes' bruises... Thank for sharing! Hugs! MJ

Carla said...

Great pics Yuko...thanks for posting them :)

Unknown said...

lovely pictures Yuko! specially the Fuji mount.
thank you for sharing-

Nina said...

Gorgeous photos Yuko, thanks for sharing!
I wish I travel to your country in one day... :)

Ranae said...

Fantastic photo's
Thanks for taking the time to share with us.
Have fun!!

Margaret said...

Ah Yuko - it was great to see these photos. I used to live in SagamiOno so many times I went to Enoshima and Odawara. I envy you the trip to Karuizawa - the autumn leaves hsould be beautiful there this time of year. Thanks for your blog - it brought back many many happy memories of when I lived in Japan. Say Hello to Karuizawa for me!!

Theresa said...

Great photos, Yuko~
Looked like you had a great day!!

Martamadrid said...

Yuko, thanks a million for showing part of your country... it is an amazing place to discover. You are very kind taking you time to show us.
Thanks again.

geeky Heather said...

Beautiful pictures! You are fortunate that Mt. Fuji allowed herself to be seen! =)

angelasweby said...

Your photos are absolutely stunning. I love the beautiful serene look of Enoshima - so restful but not during the day, I am sure :>) I can't believe Odawara-jo is boring, it looks fantastic, such a beautiful building!! I hope you all enjoy your stay in Karuizawa. Wrap up warm.
Hugs, Angela

Anita Catita said...

thanks to share with us this lovely photos.
your country is so beutiful!!

hugs from PORTUGAL

Rachel said...

WOW!! I love your pictures! The mini-castle is lovely :)

Have a great trip ^___^

Rowyn said...

Great photos Yuko, I especially like the one of Mt Fuji.

Dovilė said...

Lovely photos Yuko, thanks for sharing!

Irene said...

Wonderful pictures !

Anonymous said...

It seems, that it's a very impressive place. Beautiful shots, thanks! :)

Carol R said...

Wonderful photos Yuko - thanks for sharing! Now I really want to come to Japan!

Sally said...

Beautiful photos Yuko. Thank you for sharing them.

Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing photos Yuko. Mt. Fuji is beautiful, isn't it? And, Japanese architecture is so different from anything in the United States. It is very pretty. I hope you enjoy your visit with your friend. See you when you get back!

Pumpkin said...

Gorgeous photos Yuko! Hope you're having a great time :o)

Susan said...

Great pictures, Yuko! Thanks for sharing!

Nicola said...

ring your photos Yuko. I really enjoyed looking at them. Hope you enjoy your visit to your friend.

Anonymous said...

what wonderful picts cant wait to see the picts of your trip yuko have a great time..

Dorothy said...

Beautiful photos Yuko. Hope you had a nice time with your friend this weekend, and that the weather wasn't too cold!

Carolina said...

¡¡Son unas fotografías preciosas!!
Me encanta esa puesta de sol.

The photographs are beautiful!
I love that sunset.
Thank you.

Besos desde España

Julie said...

Lovely pics, i hope you had a nice visit and it wasnt too cold.

Olga said...

Thank you for the stunning pictures, hope you will show us more pictures from your trip. Have a safe ride home.