Monday, November 24, 2008

PIF (Pay It Forward) FOR Margaret S.

I'm already back from our short trip to Karuizawa!
It was great, I had so must fun time after a long time!!
Now I have been unpacking and organizing photos of our trip to post here, so please wait for some reports and photos of our journey!

Today I've got an e-mail from
Margaret S. to let me know that she has received my PIF gift safely!

I made her this Biscornu, when I thought of her, elegant and soft pale blue came up in my mind, so I decided to use this linen and decided to make something elegant!

Actually my printer has got something wrong, so I couldn't print out this pattern properly, so I stitched this as looking at PC screen (lol)

It was the first time for me to add beads around the edge for Biscornu, but it was so fun and turned out so beautifully!

At the back of this Biscornu, I just made it simple, just stitched this for four corner... and added large button on the center.

I'm happy to hear that she liked it and some goodies that I put together in the package!
This time I didn't add any teas in the package as I heard that Australia and New Zealand customs are very strict! :)
To make PIF gift as thinking about recipients is such a fun!
So I will make different gifts for each PIF member.

I will post some Reports of our journey next time!
Until then, Happy Stitching!

Design : referred Thistle and Clover Biscornu
Fabric : 32ct Wichelt-Permin Linen (Antique Blue)
Thread : DMC Ecru
Finished as : Biscornu


Dovilė said...

so cute and gentle biscornu:)

Nina said...

Very elegant biscornu! Gorgeous!

Jurga said...

What a lovely gift you've made, Yuko! It's so beautiful and wintry :) I love your choice of fabric and thread color for this design. And finishing is also wonderful! :)

Carol R said...

A really beautiful biscornu - simple yet elegant. Are they Swaroski crystal beads around the edge - they look gorgeous!

Christine said...

What a beautiful biscornu

Loreta said...

I like your biscornu so much,Yuko!
Beautiful gift!

hohla said...

Very nice biscornu!

Gaynor said...

Hi, just found you rblog and it is lovely. A fantastic biscornu..well done.

Karoline said...

It's a beautiful biscornu, congratulations

Nancy said...

This gift for Margaret is so elegant and beautiful! I love the beads around the edge. What a good idea Yuko!

Olenka's Stitches said...

Your biscornu is just gorgeous! Very delicate colors and the beads embellish the biscornu so nicely!

Theresa said...

This is gorgeous, Yuko!!!
Very very elegant~

staci said...

Just stunning Yuko! Your stitching and finishing are gorgeous as always!!!

Carla said...


Irene said...

The biscornu is gorgeous !

Teri said...

This blue biscornu is just beautiful and reminds me of delicate snowflakes. Love it!