Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Eszter's Super Wonderful GIVEAWAY

I visited Eszter's blog (Huganrian lady) as following Nina's link, and wow! I was so surprised by her generous GIVEAWAY presents!
Look at this picture (details are on her blog)!
There is also her website (here)!

I can't believe and have never seen such a gorgeous giveaway.
Of course I entered to be in the drawing!

Visit her blog and join in the Giveaway game!
If I won, I will fall down from the chair, lol


Nina said...

Yuko, I copied this post's link to Eszter's game to let her know you posted it in your blog. Tried to help you ;)

M.I.Eszter said...

Of course I put your blog to my list.
Sorry that I did not recognise this post at first sight.
Good luck,