Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sneak Peeks + New Hobby

Hi everyone, I have been so so OK, sometimes depressing, sometimes tired, sometimes fine... like this.

This morning, I was very depressed, and suddenly I felt like singing loudly and so I asked my mum and son to go Karaoke!
It's been so long since the last time I've been to Karaoke!!
So was a bit confused with latest machines, etc... but we all had fun!

By the way, now I have been working on secret projects, all are secret, so I can't share any detailed photos, but just sneak peeks!
Here they are, this is for my dearest friend's birthday (photo above).

And here is for a Mother's day.

And here is my dear friend's baby's Birth Sampler.

And here is top secret one!

Before we go out, Sweetie was wearing toy glasses and wore my boots!
How cool he is! LOL
I asked him to be like model, he paused like this! :D

I read that "Karaoke" is nominated as the worst invention in England! LOL

When I was a school girl, Karaoke rooms ware not so good atmosphere, but today we were surprised, every things were so clean and beautiful, and there were some kids rooms, too!
Like this photo, Sweetie is playing behind me singing!
(I'm wearing Sweetie's toy glasses, silly me! lol)

It was the first time that Sweetie goes to Karaoke, so I was thinking if he didn't like it, soon we quit and go back home, but he liked it and sung so many songs, like from Anime "Totoro", "Micky Mouse march", also he sung Nataro Moriyama's song, too!!
He was very good!

He was singing with his grand-ma! But suddenly from the middle of singing, he didn't let her (my mum) sing any songs!
"No grand-ma, Only mama can sing! Why???

I think I could have found one more good hobby! :D
It was fun to sing with my son, also seeing him singing was so pleasant!
And I could refresh!
My mum and I are now listening to many songs on You Tube for the next time we go! :D
Maybe tomorrow??? lol

Take care + Thanks for visiting!


angie said...

Funny pictures. I'm looking forward to see your secret projects!

valerie said...

Singing is very therapeutic and fun! Good that you enjoy yourself. Nice to see so many starts...can't wait to see what gifts you stitch up!

Carol R said...

I'm glad you feel happy and well enough to sing - what great pictures showing that you had so much fun!

Good sneak peeks - can't wait to see your secret projects!


Margaret said...

Yuko, looks like you had great fun at the Karaoke place! Hope it cheered you up! Can't wait to see the secret projects. :D

Deb said...

Can't wait to see your new projects. And it looks like you were just having too much fun with karaoke! Love the pictures!

grace said...

Karaoke is so much fun, and it's a great way to relieve stress!

Anonymous said...

It looks that you all had a great time, your photos are so jolly :)

And I saw there very beautiful start. Can't wait to see something more :)

angelasweby said...

Yuko, hi there,
I'm so glad your depression was chased away by such a wonderful pastime. Singing with your lovely family has brought smiles to all your faces and must have made you all feel wonderful.
I loved the little peeps at your stitching. It sounds as if you have a little bit more energy and you are beginning to do some of the old things that made you happy :>)
Hugs, Angela

Theresa said...

Karaoke!!!!! I miss Karaoke so much!!!! I use to go singing with my friends when I was back in Taiwan~~ It was so much fun!! Looks like you had a fun time, too!!

Hum.... Secret projects.... Can't wait to see them!!

Nina said...

Funny pictures :) Good to see you had fun!
You secret projects can be beautiful, I can't wait to see them finished ;)


Nancy said...

I can not wait to see what your sneak peeks will be when they are finished. They will be beautiful I'm sure!

It looks like you had so much fun singing with your mum and your sweetie! The glasses are very cool! I hope it cheered you up Yuko, and please take good care of yourself.

Sheila said...

Great pics of you singing with your mum and Sweetie ... what a fun and happy thing to do.
Look forward to seeing your secret works :)

Georgie said...

Wow, your stitching is just gorgeous (what we can see of it), but I can't wait to see the rest! I have also been down lately, but what a great idea to do karaoke

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Just lovely sneak peeks! Can't wait to see them finished.

Your son is so cute with your boots on. Looks like everyone had fun.

Dorothy said...

I haven't heard from you in a while but I've been checking on your progress. I'm glad you are feeling better Yuko. It looks like you and your son had so much fun at karaoke.
Your secret projects look wonderful. Such beautiful colors.

Anonymous said...

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