Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sweetie, My Lovely Sweetie!

The other day, we drove down to the Herb Garden where is in very country side.
And there were natural flower field, so I took some photos of Sweetie in the field!

He loves Dandelions so much, especially to blow on Dandelion clock!
I love this photo very much! :D

Recently he doesn't like to be taken photos much, and so he was a bit upset (above photo)... lol

In the rape blossoms fields, he had great smile!

Cautiously, cautiously go forward...

A fly??? (lol)

Recently Sweetie loves to play in the (very small) garden, he loves watering!

The other day Sweetie called me "Mummy!!! Terrible!!", so when I rushed to come to him, he watered all over the garden, and the garden looked like flood!

This photo, he washing or shooting? stone flog! I think flog is out of breath, though... lol

Recently he is interested in bugs, and now he is studying how bugs move and about their body!
(I hate bugs, incects though... ces't la vie, mums are all fated to catch or touch bugs in the future... sigh...)

Today Sweetie and grandma (my mum) planted new flowers as tulips were finished.
He is helping to plant new flowers!

Here they are, Pink and Orange Dahlias which Sweetie planted!

He said, "Grow fast, grow fast, flower!" and watering a little by little.

Recently he is very stubborn and talks very saucily, so my mum and I fed up with them sometimes...

But... at the same time, he is very sweet. He named each characters of his sweets called "Koala no march", and he never eats "Mama Koala", it's been more than 1 month but he never eats that one... I asked why, he said "Because I love Mummy, so I can't eat Mama Koala, never!!"
How sweet is he?!
I love you, too Sweetie!!

Take care + Thanks for visiting!


Susan said...

You son is adorable, Yuko. Thanks for sharing pictures!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Brigitte said...

Your little son is just adorable. I love his pictures in the garden and remebered the time when my own children were still little adn how much fun they had gardening with their grandfather.

Berit said...

He really is so sweet; I can remember making a flood in the garden, too! :D

When I saw the photo of him with the dandelion, I thought, "Oh, wow! His skin is so lovely!" lol! Lately, I often think this of children. If he is a little willful, it is probably (hopefully) good because he will be strong in life. Also, he is (we know from your stories) very loving. So, it is in balance.

As for "Mummy Koala" and the other snacks, is that "March of the Koalas" snack: with the crispy outside with koala printed on it and "icing yogurt" inside? I think those are just awful, so I don't blame him if he doesn't want to eat it! :D I have a friend who really likes those, and I always tease him. The sweetest Japanese snack I like is probably the taiyaki--I don't even like mochi! But, i've really only had it with icecream.

Manka said...

Yuko , your son is so sweet!!My children love dandelions , too.
The pictures are great.
take care:Manka

p.s.I know the story with the bugs ...I'm a mum ,too.

Manka said...

Yuko , your son is so sweet!!My children love dandelions , too.
The pictures are great.
take care:Manka

p.s.I know the story with the bugs ...I'm a mum ,too.

angie said...

What a lovely pictures! Your son is so sweet. I love the ones watering in the garden and with their boots inside a puddle!

Jane said...

Precious photos, Yuko. :)

Carol R said...

Wonderful pictures of Sweetie! Just watch out for the bugs in the pockets - when Justin was little he would fill his pockets with worms and beetles - ugh!


Jennifer/OH said...

Such beautiful and touching photos. Ah, you must preserve forever this time of your son's life....they grow up too quickly. The flowers are very pretty too. Have you seen the most recent issue of "Just Cross-Stitch" magazine? There is a gorgeous design for a pillow of Gerberas!! Perfect for you.

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Your blog is always done so nicely. Your son is just darling and don't you just love their curious minds.

Have a great weekend - Roberta

Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos Yuko! Your sweetie is so adorable. The flowers and garden are very pretty. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Julie's Keepsakes said...

These are such sweet photos of your son. I love the garden photos. He seems like such a curious little guy. The photo with the magnifyer is darling. :D

angelasweby said...

Yuko :>)
I can't believe how Sweetie is growing up and changing. Your photos are really lovely I feel I could reach in and give him a big hug :>)
He has such a curiosity for nature. He looks great with his magnifying glass and in his green wellies..haha!
Enjoy every minute with him, these years are some of the best :>)
Hugs Angela

Nina said...

Lovely photos about your sweet little son...! He grow up so quickly!
Thanks for showing us, really lovely pictures!!


Doris said...

You son is so cute Yuko. Thanks for sharing this moments.Have a wonderful weekend!

Tammy said...

So cute Yuko!

Patti said...

No wonder you call him Sweetie. He is just so cute and edible. One could just eat him all up with kisses. Love Patti xxx

Jurga said...

Very beautiful portraits of your lovely son!
Oh, kids are growing so fast... :)