Saturday, April 11, 2009

(Edited) Flowers In Mum's Garden

[ Ornithogalum ]
日本名 : オーニソガラム・ウンベラツム、大甘菜(おおあまな)

Scientific Name : Ornithogalum umbellatum
Generic Name : Ornithogalum
Family : Lily

[ Primrose ]
日本名 : 桜草(さくらそう)
Scientific Name : Primula sieboldii
Generic Name : Primula
Family : Primrose

[ Tulip ]
日本名 : チューリップ
Scientific Name : Tulipa
Generic Name : Tulip
Family : Lily

[ Christmas rose, Lenten rose, Helleborus ]
日本名 : クリスマスローズ
Scientific Name : Helleborus niger
Generic Name : Helleborus
Family : Buttercup

[ Banksian Rose ]
日本名 : モッコウバラ
Scientific Name : Rosa banksiae
Generic Name : Rosa
Family : Rose

[ Geranium ]
日本名 : ゼラニウム
Scientific Name : Pelargonium zonale
Generic Name : Pelargonium, zonale

[ Cherry Sage ]
日本名 : チェリーセージ
Scientific Name : Salvia microphylla
Generic Name : Salvia
Family : Perilla frutescens crispa

[ Abutilon, Tyrolean Lamp ]
日本名 : アブチロン、チロリアンランプ
Scientific Name : Abutilon megapotamicum
Generic Name : Abutilon
Family : Mallow

[ Narcissus ]
日本名 : 水仙
Scientific Name : Narcissus tazetta var. chinensis
Generic Name : Narcissus
Family : Cluster Amaryllis

[ Tulip ]
日本名 : チューリップ
Scientific Name : Tulipa
Generic Name : Tulip
Family : Lily

[ 立浪草 : Tatsunami-sou ]
日本名 : 立浪草
Scientific Name : Scutellaria indica
Generic Name : Scutellaria
Family : Perilla frutescens crispa

[ Money Tree ]
日本名 : 金の成る木
Scientific Name : Crassula portulacea
Generic Name : Crassula
Family : Orpine

[ Winter daphne ]
日本名 : 沈丁花(じんちょうげ)
Scientific Name : Daphne odora
Generic Name : Daphne
Family : Fragrant Daphne

[ Poppy]
日本名 : 長実雛罌粟(ながみひなげし)
Scientific Name : Papaver dubium
Generic Name : Papaver
Family : Papaver

[ Cyclamen ]
日本名 : シクラメン
Scientific Name : Cyclamen persicum
Generic Name : Cyclamen
Family : Primrose


Dora said...

Gorgeous flowers!! And you take the best pictures. Beautiful!

Maria said...

Hi Yuko,
What a wonderful photos!!.
And congratulations for your mother for her beautiful flowers

Nina said...

Yuko... Your photos are WONDERFUL!!!
And the flowers are so beautiful! Thanks for showing!!


Deb said...

Yuko - the pictures of the flowers are gorgeous. You take such beautiful flowers. We still don't even have anything coming up in our garden yet (too cold and snow this week), so at least seeing those beautiful pictures remind me that it is Spring!

Sheila said...

Your photography skills are amazing - you are so artistic. These flowers are beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful and romantic... It seems like summer :)
Thanks a lot for sharing :)

Nelapx said...

Hermosas flores... Felices Pascuas Yuko.... una pregunta en que ciudad de Japon vives? si dios lo permite pronto estare alli viviendo por 4 meses, y luego en paris, si esto sucede me encantaria coocerte.. saludos nela

Berit said...

Hello, Yuko

Could you please teach me the name of the flower/plant which is the 9th from the bottom of your blog? (It has a leaf in the foreground to the left, and 2 hanging "pod-like" blossoms of a warm colour in the center.)

I hope this will be possible, and not too much trouble. If you (or your mom) don't know the English name, the Japanese one would be just fine as well. It really reminds me of a plant I saw in a drawing once, you see, so I would so like to know it.

Thanks also for your previous comment on my blog in which you answered my question regarding Hanami.


Vee said...

Beautiful flowers and excellent detailed photography. Thanks for sharing.

Theresa said...

These flowers are so beautiful!!! Your photos are just amazing!!!

Jane said...

What beautiful flowers and lovely photos.

Happy Easter, Yuko!

Rachel said...

Wow! Your mother has some gorgeous flowers in her garden!

You take such amazing photos!

Have a great Easter ;)

nima said...

gorgeous flowers and amazing photos. Thank you sor sharing

Isabelle said...

Beautiful photos and gorgeous flowers!!!

Julie said...

Stunning pics!

Doris said...

beautiful flowers.

Jeanie said...

WOW ! Stunning photography and beautiful flowers ! Your mum must have a beautiful garden :)

Laura said...

Spring is surely coming! You take such wonderful photos.

Anonymous said...

Your mother has a most beautiful garden. I must show it to my husband when he comes home. Your photographs are exqusite. Thank you for sharing with us.

Mary in Tennessee

Carol R said...

Beautiful flowers Yuko - must be a gorgeous garden!