Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Completely Absorbed In Watching This!!

Yesterday evening, I was reading an evening paper, and red the story of Susan Boyle in the UK.
I was curious very much, so I soon searched her on You Tube, and found it and... now I'm completely absorbed in watching this video and listening to her beautiful song!

When I was in the UK for six months, I was watching "Pop Idol" every week, and I loved that program (the season Will Young and Gareth Gates have won).
It was almost 9 or 10 years ago!

After I left the UK, I couldn't watch this kind of program in Japan, so I really missed it.
I didn't know this TV program, but I was surprised that Simon and Ant and Dec were still there!

Anyway, her song was great! and I have never seen bitter Simon's that smiley face!
I laughed at Simon's comment, lol

It was the first time I saw this TV program last night, so I don't know how this program works, but does the challenger pass if he/she could receive three YESs?
And the challenger will be able to continue to sing on the stage again, like pop idol?
If so, I want to listen to her singing another song!

I'm going to listen to her song again. :D

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Anna Zont said...

I also saw her on You Tube two days ago.
I am deeply impressed! It is simply a miracle!

Carol R said...

By getting 3 yes's she is now through the second stage of the competition where she has to sing again to get to the final. The winner of the competition gets to sing before the Queen at The Royal Variety Performance.

There was a 12 year old boy who got through last weekend who also has a fantastic voice!

Natasha-ND said...

Oh jaaa! Das habe ich gesehen! Unglaublich, ergreifend! Das ungewöhnliche Talent!

Deb said...

I was so bowled over by this woman's performance. We watch American Idol over here (Simon is also a judge on that show) so I wasn't really familiar with the overseas version. I had heard about this woman and found in on YouTube. I think that Simon was absolutely floored!

Jane said...

I know, she's amazing! Such hidden talent. They've been showing it on TV here in Australia.

Patricia Lessell said...

I didn't watch the original show because I didn't know it was even on because my son is editing Britain Has More Talent so I was aware that that show was on but not Britain Has Talent. Her voice was totally amazing and brought goosebumps to my skin. Love Patti the proud mom xxx

Julie said...

The song she sings is from the opera/play Les Miserables (it's French). The song she is singing called I Dreamed A Dreamed is sung by the woman who is dying and of her persepective on living, love and death. It's a lovely song, but truly sad. There is also a song in this play of her singing to the love of her life for him to take care of her baby daughter after she dies. You should try and get the soundtrack to this play. I think you would enjoy it. If you like this song and love hearing Susan Boyle sing it then you should hear the opera singers sing it.

Mãe da Rita said...

Her voice is really beautiful, it made me cry. I received it by mail but I didn't saw it until you show it here, in spite of my mother had send it to me. There are no words to describe her voice, I hope she'll be lucky, I think her voice deserve it... Hugs to you

Cindy F. said...

I have also been playing it on YouTube over and over and I'm so happy for her getting such a big opportunity. She's fantastic:)

Casa Cuori Colori said...

Dear Yuko, it's really a pleasure to have you under our followers!! I appreciate your blog so much and your works are beautiful!!
Greetings, Claudia

Julie said...

Lots of lovely pictures on here Yuko, i am so behind at blog reading, a lovely antique bag and a gorgeous tote bag for Angela.

Its so nice to read your blog, you seem much brighter and happier.

Mayumi said...

Hi Yuko


angelasweby said...

I think the whole world has seen this U tube video :>) It was such a joy listening to Susan sing and the song was haunting. As Julie mentioned, it's a beautifully sad opera.
This is an interesting programme which looks for talented people who might never, otherwise get an opportunity to show what they can do.
Hugs, Angela

Hazel said...

Yes it was truly moving. She definitely has a gift! x

Virginia said...

Yes ! I saw her on the TV ; she's got an amazing voice !!