Friday, April 10, 2009

Private Exchange FROM Nina

Yesterday postman rung the bell and when I opened the front door, he had very big box as waiting for me to write signature!
I was wondering who sent me this huge parcel? Then when I saw the name, I realized that it was from Nina in Hungary!
(compare to my mobile phone, you see how big the box was!)

I was so surprised how fast this parcel has reached me, I knew she sent me parcel as she told me about it in the e-mail.
It was not just big, it was also very heavy!
I was so thrilled to open the box, Sweetie just came to me to open the parcel together, but I told him not to mess up items in the box, otherwise I won't be able to take photos!!

Here they are! She sent me SO many things from Hungary!!
Sweetie just found the truck that Nina presented for him, and he asked me so many times to open it immediately!!! :(

Everything wrapped beautifully, and I was quite nervous to open these packages, because I was sure these must be Nina's works!
I was SO thrilled to unwrap, I opened very carefully, and found ao many fabulous things!!!

Here they are!!!
She made me thread keeper and needle book by my favourite Shepherd's Bush's designs!
And she added SO many goodies, every things are so pretty and beautiful!!

Here is the cover of the needle book that Nina made for me!
How beautifully stitched this is! I was speechless and was almost shaking to touch it.
Her works are always so delicate and so perfect, and so I admire of her works always!

Here are some photos of the needle book!

Here is a thread keeper that she made for me as well.
She personalized this and made it "Be Happy Yuko", how sweet of her!
Thank you so much Nina for your lovely thoughts!

She added over dyed threads, too!

And here is a photo of goodies!
How generous she is! She added some beautiful fabrics, 32ct linen and thread that she dyed by herself, beautiful scissors, cute eyelets, etc...!

She even made these Fimo pins by herself!
How talented Nina is!

I love this linen and thread colour so much! She told me when she made them and post them on her blog, I commented "I love them", and she remembered it!
Thank you, Nina!

This times Private Exchange has another special part!
Nina's fiancee wants to try "Wasabi" and some Japanese spices, so we talked about Spices Exchange, too!

Here are also Hungarian spices!
Uhmmm, how to use them? I will read papers that she added for me!

We talked about our Private Exchange from the last year, and finally her gifts arrived to me.
This time I was unwell for a long time and she has examine, so we didn't send our parcels at the same time.

So I'm going to make her gifts from now!
But, what shall I make for such a talented lady???
I'm very nervous to make something and send for her... lol

Here is a photo of Sweetie playing with the truck that Nina presented him!
We have never seen this type of truck before, so he was more happier than usual!!
Thank you so much Nina for thinking of us a lot!

And thank you so much for these generous Exchange, from the bottom of my heart!!
I will definitely treasure them forever!!!

Thank you SO much again!!
Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Happy Stitching!


Susan said...

What a lovely package you've received from Nina, especially the needlebook - it's amazingly put together!

Patti said...

What a totally amazing package you received from Nina. I love everything she sent but especially the Needlebook - it is unbelievably gorgeous! Lots of Love Patti xxx

staci said...

That is a stunning exchange you've received from lucky girl!

And you have nothing to fear since your stitching is as beautiful and creative as Nina's! I'm sure yours will be gorgeous as well!

Deb said...

Wow! What a wonderful exchange. It must have felt like Christmas or a birthday. And I don't think you have anything to fear about making something for Nina. Your finishes are creative, brillant and beautiful. I love looking at your sight because of all the beautiful things.

Márti said...

Wow, it's a wonderful present!

Nina said...

Yuko dear...

I can't stop smiling! Thank you for your very kind words in here and email too!
Can you believe how happy I am knowing you like my work? :)
It was a plreasure to made them only for you!
I hope you will try the spices, and if you need some recipes, just let me know :)

Big hugs,

And you are very welcome!!!

valerie said...

OMG, the finishing is perfect and what a wonderful exchange full of goodies! Lucky Girl...Happy Easter!

Brigitte said...

Yuko, what an absolutely wonderful package you received with great goodies. And two stunning stitched gifts. Nina spoiled you and you deserve it, Yuko. Enjoy everything!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful exchange package. That was very generous of Nina and her stitching work is beautiful!

Enjoy your Easter weekend with your sweeties!

Nancy said...

What an amazing exchange package Yuko! Nina's gifts are exquisite and so generous.

I am sure what you make for her will be just as nice. Your work is amazing and your finishes are always beautiful and unique!

Julie said...

A lovely package you received and i love the tin you made in the post before.

Dovilė said...

gorgeous gifts:)

Theresa said...

This is such a wonderful package from Nina!!!!! Everything is so beautiful!!!!!

Karrie said...

What a lovely exchange! Everything is gorgeous!

Susimac said...

What a wonderful exchange from Nina, such beautiful stitching and how lucky to get some of her dyed fabric and threads.

Анна - Зонт said...

What a wonderful exchange! I can feel it here, in Finland, that it is very warm!

samplerlover said...

Wow Yuko, that's a box and a half of gifts. Nina's work is beautiful. Love the photo of Sweetie and his truck. = Sandra.

Vee said...

Yuko, that is a fabulous exchange! Nina, your work is beautiful. You both are amazing and very inspiring.

Jane said...

What an amazing exchange gift! Nina's work is wonderful. You must have been so excited when this package arrived? Even a gift for Sweetie too! Enjoy them all. :)

Rachel said...

That is a beautiful needle book that Nina made you ;)

I love her packaging! That is such a neat idea to have a spice exchange!

Thanks for sharing!

Jeanie said...

What an amazing exchange you received from Nina ! The needlebook is gorgeous !

Carla said...

wow!!!! what a fantastic exchange. The needlebook and thread keeper are beautiful!!! Lucky you :)

Cindy said...

Gosh..this is really a fantastic exchange. Love the needlebook that Nina has made. Gorgeous!!!