Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mail Day, Stash & My Life...

Hello everyone, how have you been doing?
I still have been unwell, but have to be patient until when I go back to mum's home to be treated, as my husband is again away for business trip (he is so busy!).
I want to have a complete body check-up, but at the moment nobody else can look after my son while I'm in the hospital...
Unfortunately in this country nursing system is not prepared well, I know Western countries have well nursing system or babysitting system from a long long years ago, though...

As you may already know that I'm selling (or trading) my stash on another blog, it doesn't mean that I will quit cross stitch, just my taste has changed a lot, and my dear JP friend gave me so many charts that she doesn't use anymore, so I'm selling them (I mean I'm selling the items which I also had in my stash!).
I normally sell them online auction, but at the moment, I won't be able to ready and send them out quickly, so I decided to sell them here...

By the way, from a few days ago the weather is very dull raining and cold.
But luckily I received many parcels!! :)
Here is my stash! It was the first time for me to ordered items from The Silver Needle.
I saw so many times at someones blog that they wrap beautifully and service is great, so I tried it! Look at this lovely wrapping! The service was great as well, I've contacted a few times about my credit card and it was fun to talk with Terry, one of staff of the shop.

I normally don't post my new stash, though this time I have nothing to show or share, so here it is! I ordered the drill to make twisted code, Q-snap (it's my first Q-snap! I'm exciting!), some charts by Homespun Elegance, Nora Corbett, etc...

And yesterday I was a bit well (because I had no fever last morning), so I tidy up my craft stuffs to pack boxes, and found these twisted codes, etc... from the drawer!
I remember that I bought them to make curtain or cushions, etc... just before I've got married, but I didn't make any one and had been totally forgotten about them!
They are too much for me, so I decided to share them with my dear friends. :)

And here is a surprise gift from Cathey (aka Pumpkin), she has won my blogoversary giveaway Biscornu, and kindly she sent me this beautiful scarf of Breast Cancer Awareness in return.
This is lovely, isn't it! Thank you so much, Cathey!!

And here is a gift from Susan (no blog), some cut linens and some over dyed threads!
Susan has asked me to search some leather handles for the tote bags that I made before for friends, and so I bought them and sent them to her.
She paid me, but she sent me some goodies, too! Thank you so much, Susan!
I really appreciate for your kindness.

Tonight my husband will be back home, but! the house is full of mess, LOL
Basically I hate laundry, I don't know why, but I don't like all the way of laundry.
I was feeling well a bit yesterday, so I wanted to do it but unfortunately the weather was bad, so I couldn't do it and either today, too.

And! Sweetie (my son) makes my work harder... he pees in his pants a lot these few days (lol), so so many his pants and trousers are in the washing machine...

Plus... I think maybe he knows that I have no energy to get angry, he mess up the room with toys, it's awful!! Moreover, he pull out all the clothes from the drawer and put his toys in there instead...
Oh NO!

He is naughty too much these days and so to tidy up with him is quite tough... take so much time.
But yesterday was terrible, there was so many tiny styrene foams in the parcel from The Silver Needle, and he found them sooner.
At first he was playing with them as saying "Mummy, look at this, it's snowing!!", so I gave them to him to play with, but while I was preparing for parcels, I heard something strange noise...and when I looked back, he was smashing those tiny styrene foams into more smaller pieces... (see the photo below...)

I wanted to scream but I changed my mind to be calm, maybe he is thinking something, and it's important to him...
Actually I had no energy to tidy up these pieces last night, so I left them.

But this morning I had to DO it! whew...
First of all, we tidy up toys together, and I vacuumed... from last evening I have slight fever again (I have been having slight fever almost one month now), so it was quite hard to just to vacuum...
Sweetie! Please don't make mummy tired!! Grrrrr

Soon, I can be back to mum's place, so she can help me, sorry to my husband, but it's the first priority to cure my illness.
He is always back home late, and often be away for business trip, so he understands my situation well.

Anyways!! I'm itching to stitch SO much!!!!!
Hope I will be able to stitch soon in my hometown, with nice music and tea. :)
And want to talk with you about stitching soon!

Take care everyone, thanks for visiting!
And also thank you so much for Get well wishes!
I appreciate for your warm heart.

I added many of charts on Sale & Trade page, if you are interested in, please visit my another blog!

Happy Stitching!
From now, I'm going to make donuts for sweetie...


Olenka's Stitches said...

Your new stash and gifts are very pretty.
Get well soon!

Theresa said...

Great stash you got!!!!
Kids are kids, aren't they? You are so patient, a very good mom!!!!
I really hope you get well soon, and hope to see your stitches soon, too~
Take care!!

Carolyn said...

Yuko, I hope you can find out what is wrong and get to feeling better soon. I miss seeing your lovely stitching! I had to laugh at your "little sweeties" antics. It brings back memories of when my son was young.

Ohhh...what lovely new stash!!

Hugs and feel better soon,
Carolyn :)

Polly said...

Hope you'll feel better soon!
I like your new stash;)

Katherine said...

Oh Yuko, it is a lot of time I read your blog but never wrote a comment cause my english it's terrible. Luckly you have your mother to help you and your husband understand you need some help.
I hope you get well soon.

Ps: I want to send you something can I have your snail mail?

Caro said...

What a mess ! Your son remembers me of my 2 years old nephew...
Take care Yuko, I hope that you will be better soon.

Tammy said...

Your post made me chuckle Yuko! :) Boys can really trash a room in no time!

Rachel said...

Yuko, I hope you feel better soon! I hope the doctors can tell you whats wrong when you go to the hospital for a checkup.

Your son is so silly!!

Glad to see you back writing on your blog!!

Nina said...

Dear Yuko,

I hope you get well soon!

Amazing stash ;) I think showing our stash is a good thing, I like to see other girls' taste ;)

You son... :)) I know it is not funny but he is only a little boy... A very cute boy. And you are a wonderful mom!


Nancy said...

Your new stash is beautiful Yuko, and I hope you have a lot of pleasant stitching moments soon. Take care of yourself and sweetie too!

Doris said...

oh,if you could see the room of my doughter, is a mess! like a strong wind !...

i hate loundry too, and ironing? :(

i love your stash,look great!

Sylvie said...

Oh!, I hope you feel better soon. I like very much your new stash.



Daffycat said...

Awww, poor Yuko. I hope you feel better soon.

Great stash! The Silver Needle is my LNS, it is about a 90 minute drive. It's a beautiful shop, filled with lovely things to drool over!

Cindy said...

You really got some great mail! Hope you feel up to stitching soon :)

Your little sweetie has to be like a mini tornado tearing through the house like that. Wow...what a mess! I had to smile at the picture of him lounging in front of the TV in the midst of chaos, though :) Maybe the toys would get put back where they belong if the "mysteriously" disappear for a while the next time they are out of place. I haven't had the opportunity to try that myself, but heard it works wonders!

Hope you are feeling much better soon.


Michelle. said...

Hi! Get well soon.

Wendy said...

I hope you feel much better soon!

geeky Heather said...

Oh, dear, what a mess!! But the pretty stash at least should cheer you up, I think!

I have given you the "Your Blog is Fabulous!" award! Please visit my blog to see it:

Sharon said...

I have given you an award also, YUKO, we just all love your blog. I do hope you feel better soon, take care of yourself there will be plenty time for stitching. your little boy sounds so cute. xoxo

Pumpkin said...

You really did well with ordering from the SN :o) Awesome stash you have there!

I'm so glad that you like the scarf.

It does get frustrating when you're sick and things like that happen. Just be patient and take care of yourself. ((((HUGS))))

angelasweby said...

What wonderful stash, Yuko and lots of other lovely post too. I think I enjoy looking at my stash as much as using it...haha! But I know what you mean about itching to stitch and I hope you feel well enough to use it soon.

I had to smile when I saw the photos of the little foam pieces. Tasuku knows how to enjoy himself. He is full of energy maybe he can share some with you :>)

I hope soon, Yuko, there will not be so many tablets in your hand. Get well soon :>)
with warm affection. Angela