Friday, January 02, 2009

A New Year's Day Report!

Yesterday was the day that we had to visit PIL's home.
So I was planning to wake up earlier and before we go, I was going to visit shrine to get talisman!
But silly aren't I, I had alcohol in the midnight, so I over slept and couldn't go to shrine...

Today we went to shrine nearby to first visit of the year, and prayed for our happiness and got charms.

And I normally don't do it, but this year I really wanted to get a written fortune, and!!
I've got an Excellent Luck!!! Yeah!!
Last year, uhmmm not only the last year, I have been given much trouble for these 4 years, so this Excellent Luck meant me so much, it might sound a bit silly to you, though I felt very relieved!!

After we red written fortunes, we tie the paper to the rope or the trees like this.
I took top center of the rope and tied it very tight as praying for this year's happiness!!

As for the New year's day at PIL's house, SIL (my husband's brother's wife) and her 3 daughters didn't come, because they had cold, that changed the atmosphere so much I think, because now MIL is crazy for them!

Before then, she was crazy for my son (even she hates me!), but since I haven't been taking him to see them, she isn't interested in him now.
Is it the same "Love me, love my dog." = "Hate me, hate my son." ??? LOL

She is a bit indebted to me (actually my mum), so she seemed not want to talk with me, she also kept out of me, didn't talk to me.
I also didn't talk to her as much as possible.
So nothing trouble has happened! Thanks to everyone!!

But I was surprised when we all went to restaurant and while my son and I were having dessert, my son wanted to go to bathroom, so I took him there, but just after we were back to the table, check has finished and everyone was outside... I wanted to say, "Excuse me? we were still eating, though?" ;(

And MIL asked me about my son "Does he still love toy cars??", so I said "Yes, but recently he is getting interested in reading books", then she said "So there is Ponyo's book (Hayao Miyazaki's latest anime) at home".
So my husband said "Oh, so if he interested in it, gave it to him please".
But I didn't miss her funny face, and I realised that her face means...
When we were all back to PIL's home, she showed my son that book, but just soon after she showed him the book, she took away as saying "No, you are not interested in it, are you!, this wasn't bought for you, for Riko (2nd brother's daughter)!" and she took the book away from my son and said to 2nd brother "Here you are, it's for Riko, I thought she would be happy!"... ;(
My son even didn't open the cover yet, though! LOL
Anyway, don't care about her!!

FIL seemed still like my son, so when we were preparing to go home, he seemed a bit sad and said to my son "Tass, won't you stay over here? What do you think?"
But soon MIL said, "NO, put on your shoes immediately!!"

So my son was quite poor... But he seemed that he felt the atmosphere very much, he didn't talk to his grandpa and grandma at all, and didn't come to them.
Even though I have never told him about them bad, because I'm thinking he should judge in the future, so I don't like them but I don't tell about it to my son.
But children can feel it sensitively, my son LOVEs my mum SO much!! He kisses to my mum, hugs her, talk to her so much, always talking about my mum, but not to them!!
So you see, it's their loss!!!

MIL hates me, so she doesn't like my son anymore, isn't it strange?
I thought Grandparents love their every grandchildren...
But it was good for me, she didn't talk to me much.
I hope that my husband doesn't think it's my fault...

Anyways, I've got Excellent Luck!!!
So I will try to think positive and go forward to the right way!!

Thanks for visiting and take care!
Happy new year, everyone!

P.S. Thank you so much everyone for telling me about your Christmas stories!!
I will prepare carrots for reindeer from next year, and I won't forget to leave tooth print on the carrot! LOL (it's lovely, isn't it!)
And I spill a bit of milk on the floor!
Thanks for lovely ideas! I love to know other countries traditions or culture so much, it's so much fun!

Happy stitching!! :)


Chiloe said...

Happy new year full of wonderful stitching !!! :)

Gaynor said...

I have been married for many years and my husband and I have fought over his mother's actions more than anything else...
She is an old dont worry about your are not alone ;-)
Just ignore her..she is missing out on her grandson and it is her loss not yours.
I loved to read about your new year, I wonder what sort of luck I would have hehe..I dread to think!

Have a very happy new year, and as they say in Ireland, pass on the luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had to start your new year with your PIL, but am happy for your good luck! Here in the south United States, it's tradition to eat some kind of greens (to have money in the new year) and black eyed peas or hopping john (for good luck in the new year) on New Year's Day. I had both so I hope we both have a very good new year!

Dorothy said...

Yuko, I am glad to hear you are going to have a year with Excellent Luck.
It's too bad you had to start the year off with your in-laws, but I admire how you handled the situation. Your MIL must be a very unhappy woman!

Melissa said...

Never mind your MIL, Yuko. It's her loss. You've gotten this visit out of your way so you can start your 'Excellent Luck' year! All the best! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your lovely stitching.

Caro said...

Dear Yuko, I wish you a happy new year !!!

When I was a kid, we did put our shoes in front of the chimney on 24th evening, and on 25th morning the presents where on the shoes.

Patti said...

You know what Yuko? Melissa is right it's your MIL's loss. Mine disliked me intensely and it really was her loss because I would have made a very good DIL ane I love my DIL to pieces she is a lovely woman and I'm so glad she married my son. Don't say anything bad about your MIL to your son because trust me when he is older he will work it all out for himself. My children worked it out for themselves. I'm glad you are going to have this year with excellent Luck - you deserve it. You are one very sweet and lovely person.

Susan said...

Yay! on the Excellent Luck!

I'm sorry your MIL is a royal pain in the you-know-what. I'm sorry that she is so nasty to your son. What a piece of work she is!

Karoline said...

I'm glad to hear you are going to have Excellent Luck this year

Maria said...

Hi Yuko,
I´m sure that 2009 will be a very lucky year for you, I wish you from the heart!!.

ELISA said...

Happy new year *****

Rachel said...

I hope you have a very lucky year with your excellent luck fortune!

Sorry to hear about your crazy MIL; it's so sad that she doesn't care about your son. It's her lost though!

By the way, are you planning on making any new items for your Etsy store?! The ones I bought from you were adorable :)

Anonymous said...

How strange people can be. I'm glad you've been able to shake it off and be positive. I wish you a peaceful and wondrous year in 2009, and that your written horoscope comes true tenfold.

Carol R said...

I am glad you managed to rise above your MIL's spitefulness - she is the loser - I would be happy to have you as my DIL any day and for Mr T to be my grandson too!

I wish you and your lovely little family good fortune for 2009.


Cindy said...

I am very glad to hear that you are predicted to have good luck in 2009! Thank you for sharing your New Year's traditions with us :)

Sorry to hear that you had to spend the day with your MIL. But just think how of how strong you are for dealing with her and not giving her the satisfaction of reacting to her spitefulness!

Wishing you and your family a very happy 2009!!

Olenka's Stitches said...

I am glad to hear that your visit with PILs was alright. ;-)Your good luck is already working.
Very happy New Year to you and your family!

Nancy said...

I am so happy you received a good fortune of Excellent Luck because you deserve it Yuko! I think the tradition of tying fortunes on a rope is a nice one.

Your MIL sounds like a very mean woman. If it was me I don't think I would talk to her at all!

Mãe da Rita said...

I' m happy for your Excellent Luck!! It's a good way of starting the new year! I'm glad you survived to a visit at your MIL, lol! It's very strange to me the fact that she had both a gift for only one of her grandchildren, it's bizarre! Even if she prefers one of them, it's not fair for the others... Well, this shows her character... Hugs for you, a happy new year! MJ

Cindy F. said...

So glad for your excellent luck fortune!!
I'm proud of you for not letting MIL get you down this time. She is not a nice person.
And you are so right, if your son doesn't like her it shouldn't be because you told him not to or talked bad about her. Yes, children are very smart:)
Good for you Yuko! Just let her hateful words and ways roll right off you!